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Is "grams solute" in normality equation literature or experiment?

I know I've already posted a normality question but this thing's really got me confused (doens't help that apparenlty it's obsolete too). 


From this site, the second equation, I have the following data ready:


mass of potassium permanganate : 158.034 gmol-1

equivalent mass of the permanganate: 31.6068 gmol-1 (molar mass divived by 5)


Now I'm not sure which volume value to use. I thought I'd use the titration volume (my titration reached end point at 3.60mL)

, but that results in a ridiculously high normality. Then maybe it's the volume of the entire batch I made up, but that doesn't make sense because what's forcing me to react it all in the same way? 

Then the only option left that I can see is the "mass of solute" is the actual mass I put in to make the solution, which again can be either just what I used up in the titration or what I put into the whole batch.


(I used about 15g of KMnO4 with 1000mL water for a 0.1M solution


Which one is it...? So confusing


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