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Chem SL IA

Hello, I had 3 ideas for my IA in chemistry.


First was how I could use non-Newtonian fluids as body Armour, and how altering the chemical composition, can alter the physical properties. 

This was rejected due to my teacher saying that this is more so physics.


Second was how chewing certain types of chewing gum, can alter the pH of the mouth, and then prevent tooth decay by killing bacteria in the mouth, I was going to compare different types of gums, and the pH changes they produced in the mouths of many individuals.

This was rejected as it was unsafe to give people gum, as it could potentially cause harm, and I could get slammed by the IBO for this.


Third idea was to compare the energy output of different types of matches, such as magnesium, zirconium, and other wooden matches, to determine which had the greatest energy output, and in essence which one would be most reliable in a survival situation. I could compare energy realsed, and energy released when wet, or damp.

This was rejected because, and I quote my chem teacher, "I don't think its meaty enough of a topic."


So basically any idea i was passionate about has been shot down. If  anyone potentially sees a way I can salvage any of these that would be much appreciated.


Thank You


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