Dear All,

Hi guys, I am an HL Bio student and currently we are doing our Bio IA's, however, I ran out of time to complete my experiment with enough satisfactory results and have thus been assigned to conduct my IA using a simulation. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could provide tips on how to score high marks with a simulation IA and if anyone could also tell me whether investigating temperature solely on the simulation would be too basic and thus devalue my IA and give me low marks, also I would like to enquire if the investigation is too basic whether adding variation in the glucose concentrations would add complexity if I analysed the effects of temperature on respiration of yeast throughout a few varying glucose concentrations.

Simulation is on yeast respiration. Variables I can change are glucose concentration, temperature and time. Currently I am investigating the effects of temperature on yeast with a 0.5M glucose concentration. volume of air collected is measured every minute for 10 mins at temperatures of 10-60c.


Thank you for taking your time to read this post 

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