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Calculation Guide?

Im writing the may 2016 exam, not a lot of time.  I need to know: What do I need to know to do with my calculator. ( I use the Ti-nspire CX) 


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I hope you realize this is by no means a complete list of the things you ought to know, but it should help. You need to know:

  • how to find linear regressions from a table
  • how to find probabilities for both the binomial and the normal distributions; also how to use the standardized normal distribution (z-distribution)
  • how to use your graph menu; i.e be able to graph pretty much any function, but specially polynomials, exponential, and rational functions 
  • this also means finding intersections of graphs, roots, y-ints, points when you have either the x or the y value, etc.
  • how to calculate binomial coefficients (nCr) and factorials 
  • how to find the area under a curve for defined bounds / the integral from a to b of f(x) 
  • how to find the derivative of f(x) at a point
  • how to solve systems of equations (for sure two variables, I don't know if you need three at SL) 

Those are all the things I could think of, but look at your syllabus (you can find it online -- it's the 2014 onwards version) to check that you know everything. And remember, in Paper 2 USE your calculator for EVERYTHING you can. Doing the algebra in problems you can easily solve with your calculator in paper 2 is wasting valuable time, as the exam is planned assuming you will use your calculator. 

Good luck! and I hope this helped

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