History IA

Hi, guys!

I am starting my IA today, and I want to do it about Queen Elizabeth 1st.

I really want to investigate about like how Queen Elizabeth being not married to anyone affected the English people.

I would like to discuss these things in my IA, however, I am not sure about how to form my research question;

How did Queen Elizabeth being not married affected the people?

I think this question is too broad and I need to make this more specific and narrow but I can't ...

please help me with it....

Thank you

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In order to make it less broad you might consider looking into how her lack of marriage affected a certain aspect of life for the English people. 

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I don't really know about Elizabeth but when I was researching I found out that Elizabeth had a relationship with Thomas Seymour. There are many controversies about this and also this particular thing changes Elizabeth in future how to have a relationship with others.

Should I talk about this?

Also when Elizabeth 1 became the queen, because Mary 1 was called a bloody queen and as a failure, they thought that Elizabeth 1 will be good and it changed how people thought about the queen.

Should I write about this?

I don't know what I should write about, please help me!!!!!!! 


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