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Math Extended Essay Format

I have written all of my extended essay, which is in math, but now I have to print it out and turn it in. It pretty much abuses my printer since I need to print out three copies, so I want to make sure that I get the format right before I click print.

I think that the format for Math is not as strict when it comes to EEs as it is in other subjects, but is there any suggested format? If not, are there any general guidelines, such as name and candidate number on the top right and page numbers in the bottom right, or what? I found this website, but its insturctions seem a little off.

[post="0"]Extended Essay Criteria?[/post]

Any help?

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Page numbers are a must. Bottom right is the norm.

On your cover page, you need to have:

-"Extended Essay Mathematics" or something like that.
-Your question or what you're researching. I repeated the title again after my abstract as well, before I started the essay.
-Your name (first and last)
-Your candidate number (e.g. 1054-001)
-The session you are entered for (e.g. May 2009)
-Your school's name and it's center number (e.g The School of America 1054)
-Your supervisor's name
-Word count

I did it this way, with the information on the left side of the page, in the corner:

Candidate name: Jane Doe
Candidate number: 1054-001
Session: May 2009
School: The School of America 1054
Supervisor: Ms. Amy Weiss
Word count: 3994

Don't put a picture on the cover, it doesn't look professional.

And your candidate number is ESSENTIAL to put in the top right hand corner of each page. Put it as a header. My teacher told me to imagine that they lose a page of your essay. They wouldn't know whose it was. Don't bother putting your name in the corner, IB identifies people by number, not name (impersonal organization ^_^ ). I also put my subject area in the header, e.g. Extended Essay Mathematics, but you don't have to.

Other things:

-Make sure your table of contents looks nice. If it's not centered or aligned, it gives a bad appearance to the rest of your essay.
-Make sure your footnotes are in the correct format. And that your bibliography is too. It should be in one of the four styles of citation (Chicago, MLA, APA, Turabian).
-The abstract goes before the table of contents, between the cover page and the table of contents. Make sure you put word count at the end of your abstract.

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I have one question, its about the Candidate number, in sample essays i have always seen a 00 being put before the number is it compulsary? Thanks a lot

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