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World Literature!

I have decided to do my world lit on the books perfume by patrick süskind and The Sailor Who Fell From Grace WithThe Sea by Yukio Mishima.

I am analysing the first two chapters of both books and talking about the authors use of narrative techniques.

However, I do not know exactly what to include as narrative techniques.

One thing I am going to talk about the use of olfactory description in perfume, yet my problem isn't finding things to talk about in the books, more explaining what effect the technique creates for the audience or for the novel in general.

Isn't it always like emphasis or for better understanding? and things along those lines.

Also, of course authors use similar narrative techniques but they are all different in many ways. How could I say authors manage to make their narrative techniques similar yet completely different at the same time? :P

sorry if this sounds really stupid.

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So about narrative technique. Are they describing characters and plot objectively or subjectively? If the author chooses to narrate objectively he will only describe what can be seen, what the author can conclude, so more information about the plot is being accumulated. Subjective narration involves a narrator or the author being omniscient ( all knowing ) so he weaves in his opinion and thought. You could also refer to the reliability of the narrator or author's narration. In some books there are more than 2 narrators so the view point is shared, thus making the reader more weary of what's going on. Different ways of narrating are used to cause to different effects when the audience reads the Literature piece.

You have to remember that every part of the book was intended to be mentioned by the author. I strongly advise against story-telling but think of individual events as supposed a series of events. The use of particular imagery or familiar lines which may be used to prepare the reader somehow. I recently did a Literature exam and one of the questions was 'How does Steinbeck create sympathy for Lennie in 'Of Mice And Men' and the thing was I referred to particular sections or events which determined a kind of feeling or perception which the reader is able to pick up on. I'm not going to detail about my exam but the thing is you have to think of ways particular events play a part in the way the book is being narrated.

One final tip is that you should think of a book in terms of themes. Not what the actual plot is about but what it represents. For instance does the novel allow you to understand more about loving relationships, does it make you more aware of the reasons for revenge? ANYTHING!

Hope I didn't babble too much :D . I hope I helped to some extent in carving more specific ideas you wish to include in your work.

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