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IB 1- 20th Century European History

Hello everyone.

Next year I will be doing IB 1, world history.

Now I originally thought I'd be doing something different in IB 1 world history, but it turns out that we are going to focus on the last 100 years of European history- basically 20th century European history.

If anyone has taken this or has knowledge of this area of study, could you tell me what to expect?

I mean, of course WWI and WWII will be a big part, but maybe some overall themes they try and teach you?

Or maybe stuff about the cold war?

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It really does depend on the teacher and the school.

What we've done so far this year (I'm year 1 HL, though we're not just focusing on the last 100 years) is: the French revolution, Italian and German unification, the causes and consequences of WWI (not the war itself though), the Weimar Republic and the lead up to WWII (growth of the Nazi party).

I know some schools choose to go really in depth for WWI by studying different tactics and battles but we just skipped all that because it will pertain to very few questions.

I know next year my class will be studying Stalin.

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