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LG Phones - good or bad?

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    That random person

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Hi hi~
i was thinking of getting an LG KC910 (aka LG renoir) or a LG KU990
except then i got told by friends that LG phones suck.
so, before i jump into wasting hundreds of dollars on a useless phone, what's your opinion on LG phones?
are they reliable? do they break easily? and if anyone actually has either of the models above, can you please give me an opinion and whether you'd recommend it - why and why not?
cheers :)

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LG is not good XD.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />.

Go for Nokia, I always prefer nokia, I had an LG once and it didnt last long.

I think it depends, some people mainly think about and consider the design and the appearance of it, in which case they'd go for a Motorola or Samsung.



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I knew a lot of people who had the LG Chocolate (it was the only good looking phone for aaaages xP) and I have to say, they're pretty simple phones and not all that fast, although they look pretty alright.

I'd second Maha with Nokia, especially their new "rival to the iPhone" phone, it's absolutely amazing and so much cheaper! I also find Samsung an exceedingly reliable and high-technology phone company. Everything is very customisable and well put together ^__^


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haha I just discovered something and I had to share!

So LG [Life's Good] backwards is GL [Good Luck]

Isn't that interesting?! :)

I've never had an LG phone, so I can't talk there. But my friend's had a Verizon LG phone for a year-ish. It looks amazing and works well from what I know. Don't know what model it is though... It's blue & a slider. But then again, I am partial to sliders. hmmm

GL on the phone hunt


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I have a LG Rumor. Love the sliding keyboard (texting, yes! :P); hate how it is easy to accidentally press numbers and dial. But if I turn keylock on... then the ringer doesn't work when someone calls me, so wtf. Apparently, my friend's broke after a year though so the quality can't be that great haha.

Most Nokia phones are uglyyyyyy, Maha. :) :)


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LG phones... They aren't very good in terms of their last-a-biltiy, but their firmware is one of the best I've used. (Much better than Sony Ericsson's!) Awesome calculator, moderately okay with customisation-bility.


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I really like LG phones, like i don't understand whats wrong with them. I have an LG phone right now, but an older one, the LG keybo, however its great, and LG phones are unique and different plus i also like the name haha LG, plain and simple, just 2 letters. But i am planning to switch to a blackberry this summer :) are they any good?