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IA Topic Suggestions

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I need help picking a study for my IA. Does anyone have any suggestions??

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair
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I'm just going to give you some suggestions that my teacher gave our class (beware they are not all good ones necessarily and this list is not exhaustive-keep searching if necessary) :P

Stroop effect, Interference on recall, schemas, attractiveness, familiarity and liking, music and memory, time of day and recall, group size and helping behaviour, visual search, perceptual set, emotion and memory (physical arousal), levels of processing, reconstructive memory & facial recognition

Hope that gives you some topics to look into. Don't forget that if your HL you'll need to make some changes to the experiment




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Generally, we refrain from giving you topics for IAs/EEs because you need to pick something you are interested in. The criteria are generally very flexible and you will benefit most if you select a topic that you like on your own.

We will be glad to help you narrow down your topic once you have a broad idea. Don't hesitate to ask about the format of the Internal Assessment either. We are here to help, but we can't come up with everything.

I hope Matthew's suggestions were helpful. Good luck on your IA, and welcome to IBS.