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Math SL topics you would like to see as Youtube videos?

As you may have seen, I have done some Youtube videos geared specifically towards IB Math SL and IB Physics. I had been going through past exam questions, showing exactly how to solve them step by step. However, I was notified by the IB that I must take them down, and so I had to comply. My intention was to help you all out in any way I could. I’ve been an IB teacher for many years, and enjoy helping out more than just my own students.

With this in mind, I am willing to do a series of Youtube videos about specific topics within the IB Math SL curriculum. So if there are specific topics that you’d like to see done in detail with lots of examples, just post it in this thread. I’ll take a look and see if there is any overwhelming consensus on any topics, and then start doing videos on those ones. I can go over an entire topic or just focus on a specific area within a topic.

Just post your request and I’ll see what I can do. Keep in mind there’s only one of me, so I will do topics that have overwhelming request for them. I am working as well as studying for my M.Sc. in Astrophysics, and so extra time is quite limited. If I don’t get to your request right away, just be patient. I’ll get to as many as I can. :P


Math SL topics:

Topic 1 – Algebra

Sequences and series

Exponents and logarithms

Binomial Expansion

Topic 2 – Functions and Equations

Function notation

Domain, range

Transformations of functions

Reciprocal function


Quadratic functions (vertex form, axis of symmetry, intercepts, solving algebraically and by factoring, quadratic equation, discriminant)

Solving exponential and logarithmic equations

Topic 3 – Circular functions and trigonometry

Circle: radians, arc length, sector area

Sin, Cos, Tan, Pythagorean identity

Double angle formulae

Graphing Sin, Cos, Tan (using transformations)

Solving Trigonometric equations

Triangles: sine rule, cosine rule, area of any triangle

Topic 4 – Matrices

Element, row, column, order

Algebra with matrices: adding, subtracting, multiplying by a scalar

Multiplying matrices

Identity and zero matrices

Determinant of a 2x2 and 3x3 matrix

Inverse of a 2x2 matrix

Solving a system of linear equations using matrices

Topic 5 – Vectors

General definitions, components

Adding and subtracting vectors, zero vector, significance of the minus sign

Multiplying by a scalar

Magnitude (length) of a vector

Unit vectors (i, j, k notation)

Position vectors

Scalar product (also called ‘dot product’) of two vectors: angle between vectors

Perpendicular and parallel vectors

Vector representation of a line, angle between two lines

Finding intersection points

Topic 6 – Statistics and probability

Population, sample, random sample, frequency distribution of discrete and continuous data

Frequency tables and diagrams, box and whisker plots, intervals

Mean, median, mode, quartile, percentile, range

Standard deviation and variance

Cumulative frequency graphs to find median, quartile, percentile

Trial, outcomes, sample space, events

Probability of events occurring, complementary events

Combined events (using ‘and’, ‘or’)

Mutually exclusive events

Conditional Probability

Independent events

Venn diagrams, tree diagrams, tables of outcomes

Discrete random variable, probability distributions

Expected value, E(x) for discrete data

Binomial distributions

Normal distributions

Standard normal variables (includes Z-values)

Topic 7 – Calculus

Limit, convergence

General definition of a derivative

Derivative of simple functions, as well as sin, cos, tan, ln, e

Derivative as a rate of change

Differentiation of a sum and multiples of functions

Chain rule, product rule, quotient rule for derivatives

Second derivative

Local max, min, using derivatives for optimization

Integrals (indefinite integral, anti-derivative)

More complicated integrals: for example – sin(3x-2)

Definite integrals, boundary conditions, constant term

Areas under curves, areas between curves

Volumes of revolution

Kinematics problems (physics questions) using displacement, velocity, acceleration

Graphing functions using calculus (asymptotes, using inflection points and max and min points)

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too bad they had to be taken down, I saved them on my favourites to study for exams. vectors and applications of differential calculus would be very helpful.


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I agree, vectors and applications of calculus would be great.

And is there anyway we can see these videos now?

Thanks :D

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Unfortunately IB saw these videos as copyright infringement so they were taken down.

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Can i see video on you-tube?  What is id?   Can you please upload Circular functions  please 




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Can i see video on you-tube?  What is id?   Can you please upload Circular functions  please 




Hi Meena,

Luckily he has a website called

It's all in there :D

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For me, anything to do with graph sketching (using calculus AND sin/cos/tan), applications of calculus, and statistical distribution would be of great help!!

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