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Physics EE on Projectile Motion

Hi guys i am new to this forum and am currently finishing year 1 and starting year 2.

Right now my EE research is basically about projectile motion but in the presence of air resistance.

I was thinking of a research question such as "Model of projectile motion in the presence of air resistance"

Maybe finding the behaviour of a projectile in air or the flight path and come up with an equation to determine the position or range if you only have certain information available. But all of this done with drag force taken into consideration.

I was also thinking of something similar like "The relationship between speed of projectile and drag force".

Could the second topic be like a sub topic under the first one since i have to know the relationship of the two before i can model the path of the projectile. (Btw i dont really have excess to high speed camera or video recorder or such just using photogates and motion sensors)

Just asking for some advice as i am pretty confuse at the moment. Will the error be too great causing the conclusion to be totally off ?

I have been hearing how science EE get lower marks than english ones but i think i am better at sciences and do much better at science than maths so i chose science.

Also are these research questions advisable ? Or should i try for something more specific and rare like maybe messing around with the projectile like making a projectile with non centre mass which changes constantly and find the effect on range and time of flight or something like that.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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