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Exam Discussions - IMPORTANT

This announcement is no longer active


Hi all! 

It's exam time, and I am sure many of you are eager to discuss the exams soon after you have finished them! We do have some special rules for exam discussions, though, which are as follows:

1. Writing a post about the exams? Post it in the Exam Discussions section! If you post anything about the exams anywhere else, we will treat it as a severe violation of the rules, and you may be subjected to a ban from the forums, and the posts will be deleted. Please keep in mind that we have a manual approval mechanism in place in this section, so your posts might not appear immediately.

2. Adhere to the Exam Discussions Schedule! We do have a 24 hour rule at this forum, much like the official IBO rules, meaning that we do not allow posts about specific exams before 24 hours after the latest possible sitting of that particular exam. 

We consider violations of these rules strictly, and you may be banned and subject to other penalties should you violate these rules. 


Good luck with your remaining exams! 

Best regards,

The IB Survival Team