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  2. Hey guys, So I have received feedback on my final IA grade, however my teacher says that they need to review it with other teachers... Is there a possibility it could go up? because I believe my teacher is a harsh marker and that it should be at least 1 point higher.. Thank you
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  4. It's no problem! If you need any more information or have any other questions about applying for Graphic Design, send me a message anytime. Also, thanks for the explanation, I'm not familiar with that system! And thank you, I'm trying to improve so I get better final grades
  5. I chose to do Physics EE and I am thinking of doing something in mechanics. Fluid Coupling is a device used to transmit rotational mechanical power. Is this a good idea and can I use several Independent Variables for my essay? Thanks a lot for helping
  6. So I am looking at past questions for History (I take HL). In general, I'm super confused about how to structure an essay. My teacher says to incorporate historical perspectives, but what exactly does 'historical perspective' include, and how do I put them in my essay? I found other forums on this but they're based on the old history syllabus, which puts a lot more emphasis on using historian's names and their school of thought. Are there any general structures I could follow for my essays? For example, I'm looking at the question: Assess the importance of the use of force and economic policies in the establishment and maintenance of power of one authoritarian or single-party ruler. [15] 1. What are the IB definitions of establishment of power and maintenance of power? I read somewhere that 'establishment' doesn't refer to the 'rise to power'. 2. What possible structure could I use to write this? I was planning on 'use of force in the establishment of power', 'use of force in the maintenance of power', 'economic policies in the establishment of power', and 'economic policies in the maintenance of power'.
  7. So I will be starting the full diploma next year and I would potentially like to get into the medical field and become a doctor. so far, this is my schedule for the next 2 yrs of highschool. I want opinions on my schedule and advice on what to do to become a doctor Junior year of highschool: -Bio HL (yr 1) -English HL.(yr 1) -20th century world history HL -math studies sl - Chinese AB initio SL. -visual arts SL Senior year of highschool: -bio HL (yr 2) -English HL (yr 2). - history of the americas HL. -AP Calculus AB (my school is a little wierd and only offers one year of math studies so after math studies, you get placed in calc AB). -visual arts SL (yr 2) -chinese AB initio (year 2).
  8. I agree with @jacquattack. If ESS satisfies the entry requirements, I certainly think it is viable. If you can average 6-7 in every subject (around 40+), I do not think most American universities can reject you on basis of grades. I think 36-37/45 in any combination can get at least some offers as an international student in US and 40+ can be a very very solid grade. I do of course encourage you to take biology if you are interested in it or going to a bio-related field, but otherwise ESS is fine. Scores are not the only criteria in admission and you should also worry about showcasing your passions and leadership skills. Then again as international students, if you only apply to Ivy Leagues or Stanford then it's a completely different story. Academic accomplishments alone are not nearly enough for these schools.
  9. The thing is that in our school teachers are experienced with ESS. We get 6-7. And now even I get 6-7, I am thinking of switching to biology, because ESS is a soft subject... and I already have geography HL (which is not a very difficult subject) + ESS... idk. I am afraid that I am not going to be accepted to USA universities even if I would get a good SAT score because of my subject combination. What do you think?
  10. Objectively your combination is likely not the most challenging combination, but don't let that deter you from doing your best and scoring a very good score. Admission-wise, if all prerequisites have been met, post-secondary admission offices want higher scores rather than difficult course combinations. For example if you get 40+ in this combination, they would not say that you have an easy course load but rather that you are a very good student. On another note, always strive for better, and not look down upon yourself if you were to get the occasionally bad test result. I cannot say much regarding difficulty between ESS and Biology, but ESS has fewer very experienced teachers and as a result have very low percentages of 7s every year in comparison to biology.
  11. I will try to be collaborative despite the fact that I'm pretty bad at collaboration. Thank you Amina13 Ari
  12. Thank you, will do, especially the research.
  13. Thanks Richard, I'm taking HL art and Studies so your post helped me a lot, Ill try and present myself well to uni's, and hopefully I'll interest them. And your IB results on you signature preferences are good, congrats. Thank you so much!!!
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  15. Thank you so much, and about the 2016 November exams, it was for year 11, on screen exam. There's this thing where half of the IB schools in the world seat their test around March or June, and the other half seats their's on November. Thanks again, much appreciated. Congrats on you IB results, its pretty good.
  16. Can anyone please help me with this For my Extended Essay, I plan to do research on the business/economic aspect of football. As football is becoming more of a business in the modern day, and many decisions are business motivated it is what i plan to research. However, the issue is that along with checking in with my supervisor we realized that the Business Management EE is more an analysis of an organization making a decision or activities of the firm and that business tools would need to be used. Also, we could not find how we would apply this topic to the Economics IB syllabus. Examples of what I would wish to study are analyzing China’s recent activity in the football market and their 50 point development plan for football in China or the expansion of the world cup to 48 teams. There is nothing specific under this topic I wish to do my EE in and any thing that I can find suitable to do my EE related to this topic will be great.
  17. I have heard that Business is considered to be a soft subject, while geography is academic
  18. Hey not sure if this is good enough but take a look at this
  19. Hiya! I know the struggle of trying to find a unique CAS activity. As much as I'd love playing video games to count for CAS, I highly doubt they'll allow you to.
  20. Hi there I noticed you put your exams as being in Nov 2016, is that a mistake? Lucky for you, I've been applying to Graphic Design courses so I know the exact answer to your question. If you're applying to the UK, as I am, then you can definitely take Math Studies SL. I don't have experience with unis outside the UK though but I'd imagine they really don't care about what maths course their applicants took in the IB, because Graphic Design is the opposite of Math. I wish you the best of luck with the IB and with applying. I hope I helped!
  21. Looks good, instead of Geography, perhaps you could have business.
  22. Hey, I am not in the know of the area of Graphic Design, but it might depend on what institution you are applying for. I know a guy who is studying in Greenwich (UK) and had Math. Studies, so I would probably take my chances and say maths isn't really the crux of the course, instead your creativity and visual sensibility. Are you taking Visual Arts? Higher Level? It would be good as it is specific for that area, but if you are not dont worry it wont matter much. Try to show yourself different and imaginative, really. The way you are able to present yourself to universities is the most important criterion. Cheers! Richard
  23. You are allowed to do partial replications of experiments, as long as you have an IV and a DV. I believe if you removed the corneal reflection device, then you would still have two variables. The IV - the weapon, DV - whether the man was identified or not. It seems like it would be hard to replicate this study as you would have to employ confederates that your participant didn't know. I think you could do well with it, but you probably could have an easier time with some other studies from the CLOA, i.e Loftus and Palmer in 1974, Brewer and Treyens in 1981 or even some concrete/abstract words and memory studies.
  24. I have mixed feelings about these protests, mainly stemming from personal experiences. Sure, protests and strikes are a much more peaceful alternative to voice displeasure against the government than other methods some employ. However, I've found them to be mostly ineffective in creating any substantial change in modern times. For every successful protest in Egypt, Tunisia and Ukraine, there are countless other protests against the government that produced little to no change (or even made the government tighten their hold) Another aspect about protests and strikes is how it impacts the common citizen of the country. Depending on the scale and nature of the protest, there are chances that the country may start becoming unattractive to investors, causing the economy to take a hit. Protests and strikes may cause the city to go under a "lockdown" of sorts and close businesses/impact transportation for the duration of the protest, harming the citizen who wishes to just go on with their day to day life rather than get involved with their country's political climate. I also know of certain protests where the government seized shipping containers from traders in order to create a barrier around government buildings- this particular protest went on for almost half a year, while the trader had to deal with the loss. Again, an example of how people can be negatively affected by this. The last issue I have with these protests in how I sometimes feel that the leaders of some protests, sometimes using the crowd as a sort of human shield. They'll encourage the people to charge ahead and clash with police, while they themselves are staying in the back.
  25. In my school we were given similar choices, so we had some selected poems, Shakespeare's Macbeth and The Handmaid's Tale by Atwood (so poems, play, and book). Poems was definitely the more popular choice, as it doesn't require that much close reading, and you have abundant options (like studying literary features of the poem as well as what it meant in that time setting and stuff like that). I personally did Macbeth, and chose a pretty broad and slightly cliché topic, but it ended up ok I guess. I think it would be good to focus on one work, and while you can make references to the other work in your presentation, you should shape your IOP around both because I think a sustained focus would be better (I'm not entirely sure if focusing two works for your IOP is even allowed), and the workload would probably be really massive. Hope that helped. Good luck!
  26. If you want to do the full DP, then it is better to challenge yourself and do grade 9 IB, because your grades would not matter if you got the IB diploma. In my opinion, grade 9 is not hard and it would be a good practice for going into DP. My average grade for grade 9 is between a 6 and a 7, everything is doable.
  27. I am studying math hl with pamoja and I noticed that its final exam is scheduled way earlier than what I thought, which is at the beginning of May. The subjects that we would be done in this year are: Algebra, Functions and equations, Trigonometry and Circular functions, and Calculus. I wonder how hard the exam is going to be, and it would be great if any of you could give me some "unfamiliar" questions to help me practice.
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    A thing that he influenced is probably the best way to go about making this question more specific.
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