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  2. My school uses Managebac like for everything. However like I don't really like it though... But there are many opinions about it 😅
  3. Chem Option B - textbook chapter
  4. Efren

    Thesis Development

    "him" is the monster. So to specify in the thesis should I write The implications of the townsfolk treating Frankenstein's Monster differently due to his looks drives the Creation to praise the townspeople.
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  6. Hey, I would like some advice and suggestion on what subjects I should select for DP, as the title indicates I want to specialize in the Econ/B&M area. These are my choices: Math HL, Econ HL, B&M HL/Bio HL, lang lit sl, spanish sl, bio/b&m sl. My first concern is that is B&m needed for my area and is it seen as a soft subject. Also is Math HL necessary for Econ or B&m area.
  7. I am resitting Maths SL this November and very much lacking motivation at the moment. I have a tutor once a week but otherwise very much revising on my own. Anyone else in a similar position? Any ideas for ways to keep motivation up? Thanks!
  8. My teacher's refusing to teach us paper 2 because she's mad at us but I really need help, I've never written a paper 2 before and the books we've chosen are 'Death and the maiden' and 'The Visit'. Can anyone PLEASE help with how to write a paper 2 essay.
  9. Hi, sorry to hear about the adverse circumstances. Also, I've never heard about any of the Lanterna stuff but that seems cool. Good luck. (side note: Don't worry if things don't go to plan. Ironically, I missed getting six uni credits for TOK because my essay was one point below what I needed. Anyways, not getting those six credits is going to let me spend the whole of next year on exchange! So you never know and different opportunities arise) Regarding TOK, my teacher never really used the book anyway. He disliked it. Most teachers are pretty vague as the want students to explore the subject for themselves. One thing that you can certainly do is ask your current teacher what he's looking for from presentations. He probably won't tell you much but it never hurts to ask. I only went into my presentation having watched a few videos and was able to score decently. I think the trick is to practice presentation and also try to make everything that isn't actual content as sharp as it can be. Even if that isn't the main focus of grading, it will certainly help your score. Here's IB's rubric. Also, I believe that you start with a real-world example and work to a knowledge question in the presentation (the opposite of the essay) but I may have that backwards as I can't remember so check that. And remember to incorporate secondary knowledge questions.
  10. Who is "him" in this?
  11. Some options for narrowing it down: Examine Nazi control of radio, periodicals, art, etc.
  12. What do you need help with specifically? If you would like some general advice, I'd recommend looking here and here.
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  14. My chosen topic is how Nazi propaganda and media contributed to the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler, and my research question was “To what extent did Nazi control of the media and propaganda enable the creation of a totalitarian state under Hitler?” However, my teacher has told me that the scope is was too large and it is too broad, hence I need help trying to narrow this down. Any tips or help is appreciated Tysm
  15. BEST Workbook EVER
  16. Please help me with the structure and development of ENG A LITERATURE PAPER2 comparative essay.
  17. Last week
  18. Right. I took it as OP asking whether the teacher is allowed to practice the IOC on the same extract right before the recording. The way your teacher did it is perfectly reasonable and I don't see why a teacher would not want to do some practice so that the students know what to expect on the day of recording.
  19. Hi, I really want to study medicine at university. It's been my dream since forever, and I'm not interested in anything else. But, I'm terrible at Chemistry. I'm just managing with SL, and HL would be horrible for me. I wouldn't be able to do it, and I'm not very interested in it either. I also have Bio, Eng and Psychology at HL, and Math and Lang B at SL. I have two options now: 1. Continue in Chem SL and do a foundation year in med schools in the UK, guaranteeing a better overall IB score. 2. Struggle in Chem HL and probably lower my grades in other subjects, and affect my health negatively. (I also have to struggle to get into HL first of all) What would you recommend? If I do option 1, what are my chances at getting accepted to do the foundation year? Thank you
  20. I have chose article about china increasing interest and wrote introduction but I don't know what diagram to use. SOMEONE, HELP ME
  21. While I think this particular case seems to be worthy of examination, I just wanted to give my opinion regarding the OP's original question of whether a teacher is allowed to practice the IOC, I think that they are definitely allowed. I don't know of any rule against it. My teacher volunteered his free time to do it and it was very professional about it while also making us feel comfortable and supported. After the practice, the feedback he gave us was not what to say but rather he would comment on what we did well, what we didn't do well, strategies (i.e. just moving on if you spend too much time on something), and so forth. I think that's great. It's also worth mentioning that the chances that we would hit the same extract were small and that for the other work he never really gave us specific advice he just got us thinking in the right terms. The issue here is a different one.
  22. Hello everyone, I was wondering which universities in Europe (apart from the Netherlands and Germany) could potentially accept me with an IB predicted score of 32-35 points (I want to study Business & Management). I was looking for a university in the top 300 (according to the QS world university rankings) to be precise. Cheers, Rxsmc
  23. Greetings! I was wondering: does anyone know where to find a copy of Oxford’s Spanish B Course Companion online? I’ve tried searching myself but have only found answer keys. My teacher gave us hard copies but wants us to bring them to class every day and even though it’s not a huge book, I’d still prefer to minimize how much I have to bring to school on the daily. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi So my TOK teacher took a major sick leave in the middle of DP1 and has not returned to teach since. Because the school had to find a substitute for most of DP1 we didn't have much choice but to self-study TOK- also I had the old TOK book, so I was in a tough shape. My teacher this year wants us to start with TOK presentations in two weeks. So, I'm terribly stressed and need a couple words on how to do this and not just survive - like I want to thrive!!! Any tips please- like ib resources, youtube channels, websites, words of encouragement are all welcome here. My goal is to get 40+ in IB so that I can join Lanterna- and be a tutor and travel the world. It sounds weird that I want to do this to do more IB stuff but I'm actually really interested
  25. I am currently doing my economics extended essay on the following topic: How will the new steal tariffs affect the steel industry in the province of Quebec? I just need some advice on what exactly I should focus on analyzing.
  26. To the best of my knowledge, there's nothing that says you cannot put a picture on the title page. Although, generally, paper title pages don't have pictures on them. Can I ask why you want to put a picture on it?
  27. This is my thesis, If you could tell me if it is good, or if i need to be more specific. Please critique me. The implications of the townsfolk treating Frankenstein's Monster differently due to his looks drives him to praise the townspeople.
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