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  2. No, he is a tewacher, and he is uploading for moderation, but I always hear that 5-10 have to be uploaded. But he had to upload only 1.
  3. Are you implying that he had to do that while he was an IB student? All IB classes require an IA, so that doesn't really make sense
  4. To add to this, another tip is to choose something in which you are passionate about and have knowledge in. Thus, when you're writing your essay, it won't be a constant struggle and you're more likely to do better. Remember, part of the Extended Essay is justification -- don't just choose something because you think you'll get a good grade on it. Good luck!
  5. My subjects are: - HL: Chemistry, Physics, Language A - SL: English A, geography, math i really enjoy chemistry and math so is there any course with a combination of both? I was also initially interested in surgery and medicine but didn’t take bio in IGCSE and therefore couldn’t take it in IB. Would I stand a chance in any university in the UK (and which ones) for medicine and surgery without IB biology?
  6. As IB_taking_over said, this website is not a scam. If you happen to like what you see from the titles, you can purchase the 30 dollar voucher. However, if you answer questions on the site and engage with the community, once you reach approximately 100 posts (that are not spam), you will be able to gain access to these files. Best of luck!
  7. Does anyone know the component percentages of (IA, p1, p2 and p3) for Biology HL?
  8. Oh okay, thank you! If so, then I’ll see closer to the date whether my school allows me to do 4 HLs- that would be amazing. But I suppose if ultimately I can only do 3 HL, and so as to not close any doors for either medicine or economics, I suppose I’d do HL Bio, HL Chem & HL Maths as HL economics isn’t really required, right?
  9. I can assure you it's not a scam. With a paid membership, you can access/download the files. Currently, you can look at the titles of the files. I would encourage you to look at the titles and see if there are any of potential interest to you.
  10. please someone answer me so i can decide whether or not i should spend 30 dollars investing in this website, is it worth it? is it a good website? or am i being scammed?
  11. Is there a chance that IB will ask for more as time moves on to moderate? cause i feel like my teacher gave me a good mark, so i wanna keep it that way.
  12. Definitely agree. Stay mentally prepared for the work coming ahead of you and you'll feel better. In terms of teachers treating you differently, that's mainly a problem for students who don't turn in anything: IA's, EE, TOK etc. At my school, the CAS coordinator got so tired of people waiting to even start turning in CAS forms until the end of year 2, so he made it a rule saying that you couldn't go to prom if you didn't have them in by February of year 2. As long as you don't annoy your teachers like that, however, teachers shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  13. Europe is pretty damn big. I think you want to hit google, and do some research mate. Maybe narrow it down a bit
  14. Hello, Do any of you have any suggestions for Universities offering Game Design and Programming? I'm looking to apply to Europe. Thanks
  15. Discovering new chemistry in a high school lab report is a bit far-fetched. Biggest issue I have is that the lab is basically if you can do regeneration properly, everything is good, but otherwise you have poor data. You can also consider other ways water is absorbed and avoid doing labs where a very demanding techniques may be involved. I am not sure what form of silica you will be using. If using powdered form, be sure to wear a mask as silica powders can get into airways.
  16. I'm not very sure how silica gel itself is related to chemistry? Sorry, I don't know much about it but I just searched it up and I think you might want to consider how this relates to the course. In terms of your question itself, I think it might be a bit basic, since judging by what you've said, it is already known that silica gel can be reused, but testing the effectiveness might work. But if you aren't happy with that question, you might want to brainstorm the question by thinking what it is exactly you'd like to test in relation to silica gel - what your independent variable and dependent variable will be. Something my chemistry teacher told me to think about in relation to my IA was "how will your IA create new knowledge in the field?" This answer is kind of all over the place, but I hope it helps somehow!
  17. First 40 questions or so of AAPT PhysicsBowl provide some quick multiple choice questions close to IB syllabus. These cannot replace IB past papers. There are many topics unique to IB and not found in AP so just be aware. I assume you have some background in physics because it's not feasible to learn everything in SL or HL in one year if you have other demanding courses. Finally be sure to go over the official course guide/syllabus as you study and review.
  18. You can take 4 HLs. In fact, if you are taking Math HL you encouraged to take 4 HL (for us it was a requirement). And as for the subject choices, it depends on the University. Bio HL and Chem HL are requirements in almost all Universities, so that would be a good choice.
  19. In my Economics IA on Microeconomics, I mixed labeled the Supply curve as the Demand Curve and vice versa (I actually analyzed the diagram the way I drew it, so it shouldn't have affected my explanations). Should I be worried?
  20. 1. You need an IB Physics textbook. In my school we use the Oxford textbook. You can also purchase the study guide which summarizes the points. If you can't burn information into your head then good luck - you are not trying to memorize everything, you are trying to understand the logic. Videos and sites are good and all but only a teacher can tell you how much you don't know. This brings me to my next point: 2. Rub your face in exam questions. We use past exam questions for practice. If you're not doing at least 20 for each subtopic, you are not doing enough. You climb a quarter of the mountain with the textbook, and the remainder three-quarters with exam questions. Remember that you get most of the equations that you need in the Physics data-booklet <- you need to familiarize yourself extremely well with it - like use it for every question you do. 3. Once you finish the chapters, you need to do a truckload of exam papers. These can be pirated but you need to find the source. I recommend against doing HL unless you love Physics, and you cannot be lax about Physics because it will take you time to understand how to approach it. HL students need to do an extra option (Paper 3). You need to research the IBO website and find yourself someone who is experienced with the subject - in real life. The toughest thing is finding the exam questions - you really don't want to waste your time searching for them all the time. You should have a school which provides them.
  21. Hey guys! I have a general idea on the topic I'm about to do, but I'm unsure of how to construct the question. Basically, silica gel can be dried and reused once it has maxed out its adsorption of moisture, but I'm not sure how I can phrase that into a question. So far, I've thought of something along the lines of 'does the effectiveness of moisture adsorption of silica gel decrease after complete regeneration of the gel?' Thank you!!
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. It's just that I'm using it for the first time, so I din't know. I'll keep remember next time. Thanks for the help:))
  23. Hello everyone, I am planning on taking the IB Physics Exam next year, the only trouble is that there is only AP physics in my school. I have already talked with my IB coordinator and we have figured out how the Internal Assessment will be graded next school year. I have some sites and channels that might be able to teach me most of the content, yet I doubt that I will be able to find all I need. Can any of you recommend me what should I do, and sites and/or videos to learn and hopefully pass the exams next year?
  24. tok presentation

    I agree with @yara560 that ethics as main AoK should be avoided because ethics is often treated separate from theory of knowledge, in the broader discipline of philosophy. Consider using some personal examples, including when you personally have to make certain ethical decisions. You should look for claims arising out of your RLS, then apply them to other contexts. You can start just by listing related statements or inferences, then modify them to sound TOK-like. For example, net neutrality could be imposed as an emotional desire to maintain a sense of freedom. Another example of using emotion to upheld a sense of righteousness could be jury giving a guilty verdict even though evidence not strong. Then, should jurors be follow a strictly rational or evidence-based reasoning, or be allowed to make judgments otherwise? That was an example of exploring both emotion and reason from the original RLS. You can continue this exercise to find additional examples and claims or counterclaims. Basically you just write down everything you can think of and pick top handful to use in your presentation.
  25. Thanks, I’ll remember that!!
  26. Thank you! Wow, I never knew a HL in biology was required for medicine- I thought it was just HL chemistry needed. My issue is my school makes you do 3 HL, and 3SL (just like any other school). But in order to not shut any doors for either medicine or economics, then I’d have to do 4HLs- chemistry, biology, economics and maths. And I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that. So my main question atm is: do you think HL Chem, Maths & economics with SL biology, English & another language would work for medicine?
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