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  2. Do not define basic cinematic terms! I am doing my EE on Film Studies since the IB course is offered at my school and I luckily have an incredible supervisor. He has stressed that basic film terminology should never be defined since you will be stating the obvious. My supervisor told me that instead of defining something directly, I should define it in context. For example, if I want to discuss mise en scene, rather than giving the exact definition, it would be much more effective to writ something along the lines of "The implementation of mise en scene elements within this film/scene/sequence/etc. was beneficial due to the fact that it successfully evoked...within the audience". Doing something like this would show the person reading your essay that you not only know what mise en scene is, but you're getting to the analyzing right from the start. I hope this helps someone :)
  3. I wanted to demonstrate the benefits of veganism, so I decided to create a recipe book with vegan food (basic and elaborate food). I wasn't vegan before the project, that was the difficult part of it, but it turned pretty great. Now I'm love with veganism and I love my book too!
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  5. Hey all, just hoping to get some help regarding my extended essay topic. I'm currently doing my extended essay research question on To What Extent Did the American Red Cross Impact World War One Europe? I've been ok-ed by my teachers for this topic and have been chugging along. I just got my hands on the extended essay guide course companion book and read through some parts, and looked around online for additional information. My problem is I'm starting to think my topic can't really be looked at from other angles. All my research blatantly shows they had a large impact, how would I argue against that or view it from another angle? I was thinking about maybe writing something about how they compared to other humanitarian aid organizations in that area, maybe find some information on how they did stacked up to others? I'm really not sure so I'm hoping some smart people here can give me some guidance. If possible I'd rather not overhaul my EE topic to something super different as I've already sunk 10 hours into this, and don't want it to be for nothing. Thanks!
  6. So I wanted to use derivatives for my internal in math but i dont know how to make it complex enough to be appropriate for HL math. How can I make sure that its not too easy?? Im trying to incorporate derivatives into the stock market through graphs. Any advice or help or maybe guidelines??? It would be very very much appreciated!! <333
  7. How many years does it take to finish the course? Do universities look at GCSEs?
  8. I can totally agree with you, that writing a rush essay it's not so easy as it can be look like. When i don't have enough time for writing official papers or essays, I like to ask PhD writers from company, which recommended itself for years. They can accomplish writing paper work for couple of days, and sometimes for couple of hours, I'm telling you.
  9. I heard about such stereotypes, but I haven’t seen this in my school.
  10. I actually just finished semester 1 with ITGS SL and I think, that it is hard for me to secure a good grade, now I am thinking that I should switch to Business and Management SL, but the teacher has already taught 2 units in the class.... what should I do?
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  13. Please fill this out. It shouldn't take more than a minute. Thank you guys so much! https://forms.gle/dw8EuKCY7L7UpEyY7
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    This is the textbook we are using for the Arabic ab. initio.
  15. Sadly it is. Look up some past papers to see for yourself. My school doesn't offer May sessions so I'm stuck with November too. GG IBO... But as you said, the scaling will be different, so if you find the questions hard, chances are other people will too, and this will be reflected in their final exams.
  16. Suicide will not solve your problems! IB is a bitch and we're all struggling in our own ways. Keep calm and take it easy. This is not the end for you! The world is so full of possibilities and opportunities and life brings surprises all the time Do your best when you're studying for your exams..you still have 2 months. After you've done your best you can apply for universities next year (or after summer?)...maybe take a gap year to relax and explore life? And the fact that you're good with art is amazing. Do you know how many "proper jobs" you can get with good artistic skills? Be more open-minded and the world will be more opportunistic
  17. I am looking for someone who can help me still today. I need to write an urgent essay. Due to some reasons, I could not do it in due time. And now I am terribly late. Knowing my own skills, I will not be able to complete any writing work so quickly. But I have heard a lot about writing help online. Many students say they but their works from writing services like FastEssay. Do you think this method will work in my situation?
  18. I can't believe this, it is the same concept as my physics IA! The only difference is that I'm tapping the glass instead of rubbing the top. However, I can't find ANY information or mathematical background on how density and frecuency correlate. Do you think you can help me? Any place to look?
  19. We started working on our EE's recently, and my original topic was : How can gene therapy be applied to inherited diseases and what are the ethical concerns surrounding it? I found out later that non-experimental biology essays don't score very high, so now I'm trying to make it into a philosophical question, as I still want to write about gene editing/therapy and I'm taking philosophy as a class in school. My new question was going to be something like : What are the ethical concerns surrounding the uses of CRISPR gene editing? I'm not sure how to really proceed, or how to make a good question/topic. Would this topic earn a high grade, or should I just pick another topic?
  20. I would go with HL Econ in your scenario. HL Physics isn't necessary.
  21. Hi I would like to say that you should take HL Economics. I do HL Economics and Physics and as of right now, HL Physics is very hard for me(There is a lot of math). From what I've heard, HL math is pretty hard, but if you are willing to do Economics in UNI, I would advice you to take HL math (Econ in UNI has a lot of math). HL Econ has more theory related (There is a bit of math), but it's more depending on your writing skills(BS skills). Good luck in IB, wish you all the best. (頑張ろう!) (Basically, don't choose IB physics, cuz you WILL die, unless your math concepts are very good, then go for it, but you're already planning doing Econ, Business related subjects, so don't do it)
  22. Hello! I am planning to major in economics or business in university, and am thinking of studying in the US or Canada. Should I take HL Physics with HL Math application and HL Visual Art to show my willingness to take the most challenging course out of what I can, or take HL Economics instead of HL Physics to relieve my stress with HL Physics and HL Math, and aim for higher grade overall? Thank you.
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    Biology IGCSE notes, might help for ib.
  24. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has an idea or topic to do for the chemistry EE. I have to send the proposal form due to Monday. I'm out of ideas since I've been searching for a biology research question for a long time and actually didn't have time to think of a chemistry EE topic... I would be thankful for any kind of help.
  25. I want to investigate the use of math in GPS. however, I feel like its too broad of a topic how can I make it more specific?
  26. I'm interested in doing a character analysis on a movie, but I was just wondering if this is possible to do for English?
  27. Hey! I was wondering how your IA went? This was years ago, so you must be so far removed from it. I'm currently a Year 2 IB student and was also wanting to do my IA on the Gini Coefficient
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