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  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently doing my psychology EE and I am investigating to what extend personality influences academic success. A counter argument that i am writing about is intelligence influencing academic success. Is it considered not answering the question? If anyone would like to give me advices on what i should include i would be glad. Thank u
  3. Hello everyone, I am writing the extended essay (on psychology) but i am not sure of something. If, for example, I read a journal and decide do write a similar sentence in my ee but with different words, is that considered plagiarism?
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  5. For film HL, the film my group is planning to do has a possibility of exceeding 7 minutes. We're not really sure as to what the consequences of exceeding are, so does someone have an idea? My teacher is guessing that the film won't be assessed if it exceeds 7 minutes.
  6. My class has just gone over this today and I have some ideas that I wouldn't use myself simply because they were given to the whole class however, you may be able to use them: - foreign intervention and its influence on the outcome of the spanish civil war (america-centered I believe) - treaty of versailles: who motivated it, ( two people actually proved and made amazing grades on Germany being deserving of the harsh war reparations) I realize now that my area of study is different, however, if you have studied american influence, you can look into the influence of yellow journalism on the desire of america going to war over Cuba. And one topic I had once on a test was the influence of the home front vs. the war front on the outcome of the war. Like in America (sorry if I'm being a bit nationalistic or America-centered) there was wartime production and gardens and women taking over, and I believe that without things like this, the war front had more of a difficult time. I hope this helps in any way
  7. Instead of that writing to the essay is better to order for professionals that quickly and qualitatively all will do for you, I already not first time use such services.
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  9. Hi everyone, I would like to know if anybody can tell me about the IB and the American Universities. Does anybody know how many points do you need in order to get to top American universities like Harvard, Yale, UCLA, Berkeley,etc. Is IB therefore considered as priority for admission officers with regards to other high school diplomas? And is AP worth more for US Uni than IB? Thanks
  10. I am currently in 10th grade and I have to decide between Physics and Chemistry or Biology and Chemistry for the this year. I Chose Physics and Chemistry however I'm not sure If I chose the right subject, due to the fact I'm okay in Math and I usually get a 5 or a 6 in Math in the MYP. I have to decide in a week or so if I want to stay in Physics or move to Biology before the class is too full. The physics in 10th grade is apparently really easy, however I know from my brother that Physics HL is very difficult. I'm stuck between them and have no idea which one to chose, I don't want to waste this year learning something I won't do in the IB, as I will miss out on everything they have learnt the year before. I really need help decided which to chose. My intelligence is average like any other person, my grade currently in the MYP from the last report was 6.44. I could really use help on deciding what I should do. I am a very hardworking student and I will try my best, but will my best get me a good grade in physics HL or do I have to be natural brighter than every other student. I could really use some help.
  11. IGCSE in my opinion are quite useless compared to A-levels and IB. However, you school manages its own admission. Usually if you are stern about taking HL that's all the school needs to keep you in.
  12. Hey everyone My topic for Math IA is applying Fourier Transform in signal equations. I've narrowed down my search to digital, even, odd signals. i've given a small introduction about Fourier, explained the signals and their formulas and how they work. I've explained the Fourier Transform and it's properties, BUT I am not planning to include anything about graphs or frequencies since I would run out of pages. So later I will add personal engagement and all that crap, all I have left is to actually apply it, which is my problem. Should I describe how it is applied or solve equations and explain how I solved them, I am not planning to make them IB style, more like SAT style.
  13. Hello, I'm new here I have a question about my IGCSE math results and IB math HL. I got a B on my IGCSEs and I'd like to do math HL this year. The thing is: are there any requirements for IB math? If I got a lower grade than my school would require, can they kick me out of HL math? I should also mention that I was predicted a higher grade for my IGCSEs and HL math teacher was also my IGCSE teacher, could this help somehow? If it is necessary, I'd be able retake my exams.
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    As far as I know you can not be doing CAS while getting wages. You should also directly identify which learning outcomes you fulfill. You don't want to have IB rules that coffee shop skills/strengths are not strong enough and have your diploma voided.
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    Would it count towards CAS if I get a job at a coffee shop, and all the money I earn goes towards a Gap Medics internship abroad? Because I will develop new skills and find new strengths. There will also be commitment as it will be a part time job but over the course of several months.
  16. CAS

    1. If you are teaching people a dance choreography/style on YouTube then it counts for creativity/action. 2. Unpaid internship does not work if it's at a for-profit organization. It counts if it's a non-for-profit organization. Also a cashier is unlikely to fulfill any of the 7 learning outcomes.
  17. the only way to know is if you go and try it. try it for a month maybe...see if you can stand
  18. Hey guys, so I am doing my Chemistry IA on enthalpy changes of alcohol.. and so I was like half done my experiment (collected data) when I came across an IA topic researching exactly what I am researching, like my introduction, background info are different but our methodology to carry out the experiment is the same and data processing method is the same.... I was wondering is it okay to carry on? I still have my own original data, original background information, original introduction...its just our method to carry out the experiment and the way to find out the calculations is the same....... shall I carry on with my IA? please do let me know if you have any input on this, thanks.
  19. Hey guys, any one of you know where I can find a complete (or mostly complete) collection of IB past papers? There used to be one called iboreddit or something but it has been taken down recently.
  20. I would also rule out German, it is one of the hardest (if not the hardest) European language. As a French teacher, I will be biased, but I would go with French over Spanish, simply because both languages have an equal share in the difficulty department. I speak both French and Spanish, and both are beautiful and elegant languages; but really, they have similar issues with conjugation, vocabulary, grammar (gender, accents, agreements, etc.). In addition, French is the official language of many international organisations (English and French are required languages in UN organisations, and I think it is important in ICAO, IATA).
  21. Hi Paperboat, As a French teacher, I know of only one non-native French who took French HL, it was in Singapore, and she had a lot of native French friends with whom she was speaking regularly, watched francophone tv/movies, etc. She truly was immersed in francophonie. French HL is really hard, it not only requires a lot of proficiency in grammar, vocabulary, and conjugation but also critical skills. I would not say it is impossible, but it will require a lot of work: - Paper 1: texts are long, the vocabulary is complex, and questions focus mainly on comprehension (not so much grammar). This section requires a regular reading of newspaper (Geo Ado, Le Monde, Le Figaro, French blogs, B1-B2 short novels), as well as a regular practice of past papers. - Paper 2: for a non-native, this is the hardest part in my opinion. This is where you need to show off all of your grammar and conjugation skills. - Oral: good luck, for you will need to practice. You can either have private tuition with a native tutor who is familiar with IB, or you can register to some free time-share website (they practice French with you, and in exchange, you practice English with them). Another aspect that is often overlooked is the role of watching movies/series in French: as you hear French, your brain will pick up a lot of things (pronunciation, sentence structure, confidence). Good luck.
  22. CAS

    Hi, I was wondering if these two would count as CAS. C/A: Covering dances on Youtube S: Unpaid internship as a cashier or something like that
  23. Im currently thinking about doing the bombing of Hiroshima but I think that it is too common so im trying to think of a new topic
  24. Hey thanks for the reply!! really appreciate it! Very reassuring to hear it is recognised by the IB!! Thanks for the tip btw on the fact checker - it's a great source!! Just out of interest what exactly was your question? If you know of any good sources I could use, that'd be extremely helpful!! Anyway thanks again, I fell a lot better about it now. Good luck with your IB!! I know as much as you do - it's hard as hell!!
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  26. Thanks! I was thinking of looking at a) history of the criminalisation of art, alongside graffiti, and b) different schools of ethics thoughts
  27. You can refer to some theory/theories on ethics, so you can say by XYZ theory, it's unethical. Overall it looks good.
  28. Here is a revised answer: “It may be ethical and even necessary to criminalise art under certain circumstances, e.g., when civilian safety come under threat; however, on the whole, it should be deemed unethical" For the question, I wrote: "What does art as an area of knowledge tell us about the ethics of criminalising expression of creativity? And so, for the answer, is it necessary to remain unbiased, because it would be odd to write an essay/make a presentation only to end it with, "I'm still on the fence"
  29. It's fine for just a practice. On the actual presentation you may want to mention AOKs or WOKs. Also on the presentation you may want to use at least 1 other AOK other than ethics because ethics is often studied as its own branch of philosophy, outside of epistemology (the study of knowledge). You should not put too much emphasis on value judgment and instead include more TOK concepts. Your one-sentence answer should be improved by explicitly giving an example of the "certain circumstances". Another reason why you want to avoid exclusively discuss ethics is that "it should be deemed unethical" and other rephrasing of the sentence cannot remove a sense of personal bias, and thus possibly undermining your whole argument.
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