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  2. You are definitely right in saying that history HL is really hard to get good grades in (I'm a history major right now and the history courses I'm taking at university are easier than history HL though still difficult to do really well in). It's going to really depend on the university honestly. What universities are you interested in? Because if you know what schools you want to apply to, it could help you make your decision. History HL would probably be an excellent choice for law because you develop some really valuable critical thinking and argumentative skills in history. I can't really speak for business, but if you choose to go that route, I think Econ would be more beneficial? Another thing you should consider is your own interests. Do you like history more or econ more? History HL is especially tough to get through if you despise the subject. I can't really speak for Econ because I've never taken it. Hope this is at least somewhat helpful!
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  4. Hi, so I'm not sure whether I should take history hl or economics hl. I'm not sure what I want to study yet but it probably will be something with law or maybe business. I don't know. I'm interested in history but it's hard to get good grades in history hl so I'm not sure what I should do. Do universities (good ones) like history hl or economics hl more? I'm also going to take maths hl, english b hl, history hl/sl, physics sl, literature sl and economy hl/sl. Thanks!!
  5. Hi, I did my English language literature paper 1 in SL today, and I feel like it went horrible. Will I still be able to get at least a 4-5 if I fail my paper 1?
  6. All facts and formulaes you need for the SAT Subject Test Physics! Happy Reading!
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to know if it is possible to take 5 HLs instead of the 4 I have been taking for the past school year. Keep in mind that mocks are in less than a month. The class I want to bring up to HL is Economics, as I think the Paper 3 will benefit me a lot as I'm a very mathematically-inclined student. So far, Paper 1s have really been giving me trouble and all my classmates say Paper 3s are much easier than Paper 1s. Thoughts? These are my classes currently: HL Math, HL Physics, HL Chem, HL Arabic B SL English LAL, Economics
  8. Hello all, I am currently looking to subscribe to the IB question bank for exam revision, I submitted my order request on Follet and they said the customer service will contact me via email shortly. However, I've been waiting for several days now and I still haven't received any emails from follet in how to proceed in payments and subcribing to the questionbank. Does anyone here have experience in subscribing to IB questionbank? How long does it take for follet to contact you to proceed with the subscription? My exams are forthcoming and I am hoping to be able to have access to the questionbank as soon as possible. (ps: I know IB documents have questionbank questions, but I really needed the filter customizations to randomize questions for me based on selected topics, which is really helpful)
  9. I made a similar post here, You can read through the official guides or syllabus to understand the program and the course content better. Then you can selectively improve upon your weak points in prior learning skills in writing, math, Mandarin. In general it's better to work on weak points than to make strong points stronger. There are no special supplies other than what you have been using for school.
  10. Hello, I'm kinda freaking out as I am a perfectionist who wishes to find the best way to organize my way through IB (I'm starting it in August). My HL's (Math, Physics, Psych) and my SL's (Lang & Lit, Mandarin, Econ). What supplies should I buy to best prepare for these such as binders and notebooks. (I'm already buying an accordion folder btw) Also advice for any of these topics is very much appreciated. (ex. homework load, amount of worksheets handed out, how hard the class is in general) + general tips on CAS and my EE would be amazing Thanks in advance !
  11. You can also consider colour or other appearance features. Even with same amount of reactants, the snake may turn out differently. So you have to know a range of what the control group looks like (through multiple trials), then compared to repeated measurement of your test group. Unless this is your official IA, having mostly qualitative data is acceptable.
  12. do you want to do the volume of makeup or the measurement that's already in the products (grams and millilitres)?
  13. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-10-least-densely-populated-places-in-the-world-2015.html List of cities by population density - Wikipedia Hope these help!
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  15. UPDATE: I've made a little progress and have sent out forms so I can start my experiment
  16. hey guys, for a planning lab in chemistry, I was planning to do was the carbon sugar snake experiment but keeping the sugar the same and altering the baking soda, what would be an effective way to measure an aspect of the experiment, my idea was the length of the snake.
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    I just wanted to say this I am in 9th grade and I don't necessarily like the system but I don't hate it either. I would prefer to move back to my old school but my parents don't allow me and that might be the case for the other people in this discussion. And I have one question how do you convert IB grades to letter grades?
  18. My teacher told me the biology ia has to involve the variables. i.e. the investigation must be about the effect of sth on sth. That doesn't sound right to me. Isn't it supposed to be an exploration related to ANYTHING we've covered in the course? I want to do an identification of lactobacilli in yogurt by DNA profiling. Is it possible that my teacher is mistaken? What about other restrictions on the choice of topic? DNA profiling tech is unavailable in my school lab. Is it ok to use more advanced equipment in outside labs? Or would it be considered beyond our level or even academically dishonest? Or, does it have to be a lab experiment at all? I heard about someone doing polygenic traits with computer simulations. Is that also acceptable? Could it be disadvantaged compared with a lab experiment and receive a lower score? P.S. How much time should I spend on my IA in all? I know the guide says 10 hrs but does it take longer in practice if I'm looking to achieve higher scores?
  19. I just found out today that apparently we have to write our first formal reflection for our EE tomorrow! I don't have a specific RQ, but I do have a specific area of study (how the arrival of Uber impacted Sydney's taxi industry). I've gone through the marking criteria for Criterion E. In particular, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on nailing the "demonstrating a high degree of intellectual initiative, authenticity and a creative approach" part of the criteria. I know that the reflections are supposed to be relatively painless and stress-free, but it's the first thing I'm doing that actually counts towards my final mark, so I'm very nervous!
  20. Hello, I urgently need a digital copy of the "Spanish A: Literature" Student book. Thanks to anyone, who can help. Hola, Necesito urgente una copia digital del libro "Español A: Literatura" Muchas gracias al que pueda ayudar
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  22. hello I'm new here okay basically I'm writing my EE in physics I have 1334 words written experiment down but since I'm stuck on analyzing my experiment 1 want to break down my question and I was wondering if someone could help me with that thank you
  23. If I didn't take maths or a science at HL, does that mean my diploma is not recognized?
  24. Hello everyone, For my group 4 project, I am doing a comparison of my school's heating energy source to other schools around the world. I'm interested in: Fossil fuels Hydroelectric Solar Nuclear Geothermal If your school uses one of these methods to heat the building, please tell me a little about it. Thank you!
  25. I have decided to use A Clockwork Orange as my main source for my Extended Essay. However, i am not sure how to formulate a good research question based n this book. I was thinking about talking about the use of nadsat and its influence on our opinions of the characters. I dont know how i could formulate that into a good research question.
  26. Lord of The Flies Analysis on the nature of Good and Evil
  27. There ya go. Nicked the pics off google 😛
  28. Grade 10 bio notes for beginners.
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