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  2. Rttyh_lucy

    IB Theatre or Design Technology

    I’m currently taking IB theatre and IB theatre wasn’t actually planned at all I was actually planned to take IB biology but because I changed school and my current school doesn’t offer IB bio anymore thus I’m left with IB art or IB theatre and I chose IB theatre and I’m not regretting it one bit. The materials and procedures are fun to learn. Well probably because I have also a passion on acting and other theatre related.
  3. Rttyh_lucy

    I feel like i won't get into college...

    Hey hey calm down first ok? I know it’s been stressful and a long ride trust me we all know how it feels but it’s not like all your efforts have gone to waste I mean you’re not a failure at all cause you’ve come so far in IB. I know the pressure it gets and the overwhelming deadlines and requirements needed but if you can’t do it then that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Everyone makes mistake and we should all learn from them so why not start on getting your hws done as well as less procrastination always remind yourself you can do it. It’s hard to procrastinate I know and I have no right to say that you need less procrastination because I’m also procrastinating a lot but seriously if you set your mind on doing it then you can avoid procrastinating and also you’re not the worst IB student no one is trust me!
  4. Kasia123

    School assessment grade 7

    Hi I am going to have my school assessment next month. Finishing grade 6 and going to grade 7. what should I expect during the assessment? Are there any test samples or list of topics on the interview etc?
  5. Yesterday
  6. BlancheIb

    BIology Notes. Topic 1 Cell Biology

    Topic 1. Cell Biology. Follows the syllabus strictly, hence, containing everything you need to know. The info was taken from Bioninja and some times from my book.
  7. HeliumYang

    IB Scheduling

    Hi, I'm a M21 Pre-IB in the US, and I am more or less set with my scheduling for the next 2 years, but I wanted to check and see if I can get any feedback/suggestions on my schedule (I am going into IB DP, so I'll be also doing CAS and EE) Y1: Literature HL 1 French B SL Seminar (first half of French B SL) US History HL (first half of History of the Americas HL) Design Tech HL 1 Math Analysis HL 1 TOK 1 AP US Government/Politics AP Macro Econ AP Computer Science A (online) AP Biology (online) Y2: Literature HL 2 French B SL (second half) History of the Americas HL (second half) Design Tech HL 2 Math Analysis HL 2 Chemistry SL Seminar (first half of Chemistry SL) Chemistry SL (second half) TOK 2 AP European History (online) My ECs: Math team (will be co-captain y1, and captain y2, and as a result of that, may have AP Calculus BC attached to y1 as an independent study sponsored by the Math Analysis HL teacher) Model UN French Club (may join) Math Tutoring (unless it disbands next year) Environmental Club (will join if I need service hours) I have no idea what to do for activity hours, might have to find an easy way out like jogging I am the type of person to work best under pressure, and like to be competitive, and I'd appreciate any words of wisdom (perhaps suggestions or feedback)! Edit: Here are all the subjects that my school offer for IB: Group 1: Literature HL Group 2: German, French, and Spanish SL (only eligible for French, due to the Pre-IB requirements for all language acquisition courses) Group 3: History of the Americas HL and Geography HL (History of the Americas HL required for graduation) Group 4: Design Tech HL and Biology HL Group 5: Math Analysis HL, Math Analysis SL, Math Applications SL (Requirements passed for all 3) Group 6: Theatre HL, Visual Arts HL, Dance HL Graduation requirements: AP US Gov/politics and AP MacroEcon OR Gov/Econ Honors Y2 only classes (must choose 1): Biology SL, Physics SL, Chemistry SL, Visual Arts SL, Theatre SL, Psychology SL, and Dance SL Online classes are offered separately by my state's virtual school system (which I am familiar with as I've taken 2 this year, one of them being AP Statistics.
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  9. Sandwich

    EE in Chemistry/Biology or better neither?

    Glad to help. Yes I was lucky and got into medical school. To be honest (in the UK at least) I think it's tough in a sense, but also somewhat random as to whether people get in or not. Most people who apply will have good grades, have done the relevant work experience, have extra-curricular activities and so on, but there's still a proportion of people who have all that stuff and are just unlucky. I know plenty of people who didn't get in the first time round but did easily on the second (annoying as it is to have to wait a year). There's a certain amount you can control - grades and so on, as I mentioned above - but a lot of it feels quite arbitrary. Also if from your response you meant you are planning on doing an EE in Philosophy, I would be a little cautious unless you actually take IB Philosophy (which I did) as without that you may not get the approach they are looking for. My EE is actually somewhere deep in the files on this website if you want to see what kind of thing they are after. Not saying it was a perfect example but should show the approach. If you don't do Philosophy but are determined to strong-arm medicine into your EE I suggest thinking about the subjects you *are* taking. Anyway, good luck!
  10. ssseva

    EE in Chemistry/Biology or better neither?

    Thanks a lot @Sandwich ! I was thinking this way, and you convinced me even more 🙂 By the way, let me ask you how did your medical prospect materialise? It should be extremely tough to get into Medicine, especially in Europe.
  11. Sandwich

    EE in Chemistry/Biology or better neither?

    It is of course possible to get a high mark in a science essay although I would agree it's probably harder than other subjects. In all honesty if I were you, I would pick a subject you know you're going to score a high mark in and do that for your EE. The University doesn't actually care if you do an EE based on medicine or not - but they will care if you have a low IB score. Of course if you do an EE based on medicine you can use it in your application, where I guess it's helpful as something to show interest, but honestly unlikely to make a massive difference. Especially in the UK if you are considering applying here, most people do A Levels and there is no EE equivalent, so not only may they not fully understand what the EE is, they won't be looking for it. You can do a subject you know you'll score well in AND also try to desperately get medicine in there. I did that myself, I did a Philosophy EE and purposely chose a topic within medical ethics. I don't know if it made any difference as nobody ever asked me about it at my interviews or any other time. You could equally do an essay in History relating to History of Medicine, in English using novels that relate to Medicine... I mean you can get creative with it. But like I said, I have no idea if it counts for anything much. TL;DR do your essay in whatever will get you the best marks as that matters most. If you got an offer for medical school predicated on 40 IB points (or whatever) and you had forced yourself to do an EE in Chemistry but scored low marks for it and so that lost you the point which would have made it 40 instead of 39 and you missed your offer, how would you feel.... think of it that way!
  12. strawberry

    Tips for History EE

    Does anyone have any tips for finding a good history EE topic? I just started HL History a month ago so I'm not familiar with what good topics would be. As such, I would greatly appreciate it if someone can guide me, and let me know what are some things/topics to strictly avoid, etc. Thanks a lot!
  13. Guest

    Gene and Behaviour

    This is an answer for gene and bahaviour ques.
  14. Dear associates, I need your help. My Extended Essay subjects & topic are due soon, but I am struggling with the choice. I am determined to study medicine after graduating, and thus I want my EE to be relevant. However, when it comes to related sciences, Biology and Chemistry, teachers in my school strongly advise against them, claiming that students get the lowest grades for these subjects. I am interested in them but not much competent in either Bio or Chem, as I picked them only a month ago (this is another story 😂). Those of you who are experienced in the sciences or anyone willing to help, please give me your advice! Is it true that it is nearly impossible to get a high mark (A or B) in EE in experimental sciences? Do I better choose an interdisciplinary subject? Could you probably share some thoughts about medicine-related topics in EE? I would be genuinely grateful for any reply 😊
  15. JaySmith2101

    Global Politics

    Hi, guys! With my mock exams coming up soon, and my grades not getting where I'd like them to be, it's really made me realise how the lack of training my teacher has is affecting the class itself. She's an excellent history teacher, but I'm afraid I can't say the same for Global Politics, and even the best in our class agrees with me. So I was wondering if anyone had a teacher trained in the subject whom I could contact for marking of the past papers I'm practicing and some additional tips. Thanks!
  16. This file summarises all of Alexander II's reforms, why he made them and their consequences. It has a list of references for further research
  17. Emertens410


    a rough draft for my IA is due in a week and my teacher still does not like my question. I want to do something based around the valentines day massacre. I need help i have no clue what im doing
  18. Hey everyone, I'm currently writing my economics commentary and have to hand in the draft after this weekend, and I just feel very lost with the structure and connecting things to each other, like the diagrams. If anyone could give me some tips I would be extremely grateful.
  19. Sheepsie

    EE turnitin percentage

    What my EE supervisor told us: You'll only fail the extended essay if you don't cite your sources/quotes. She further explained that % similarity doesn't matter, it's just used as a tool to help you check for uncited sources. Turnitin highlights any "similarity" that it finds, even when it's a cited source, so that usually bumps up the % similarity even if there is zero plagiarism - and the plagiarism part is what IB sees as problematic. tl;dr: Just cite everything you use in your essay that isn't original, and there won't be a problem.
  20. kw0573

    Can a retake be cnacelled?

    Hey glad to hear it's working out. I think the subject fee can be refunded. I am not sure. I thought Jan 15 is deadline for NEW STUDENTS not retake students. Again, my info is outdated by a few years but that's the info i have. EDIT: I say this because Jan 29 is deadline for RETAKE students to register but Jan 15 is for new students only.
  21. duarte

    Tips and tricks

    Hi guys I'm starting IB in September and I would like to know your tips and tricks related to IB: your time management fox instance ( how do you do it - any app?). I am not so used to speaking english and it will be a challenge, I guess... Any websites where I can look for notes and start looking at the contents? Really grateful, duarte
  22. VoxContinental

    Can a retake be cnacelled?

    I post this if someone would be interested in the issue in the future. I've spoken with my coordinator again, this time one-to-one and I have new info. kw0573 You were right - one can still withdraw one or all of the subjects if the process is completed before May 1st the session of the May exams. But I think that no money will be returned to them (at least not the full refund). To withdraw a subject and get the money back it can be done only before 15th of January. https://www.cottonwoodclassical.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1015045&type=d&pREC_ID=1340189
  23. goldenchimmie

    Option D : Nutrition

    Note for D1 - Nutrition!
  24. What is maths IA and what do you need to do on it? can anybody advise me what do you have to do, requirements and examples please. Thanks
  25. ImFine

    extended essay

    I did a history EE myself so I can give you some advice. An EE question is supposed to be specific so you can specify on the following: - timeframe: this is always recommended as long as it is longer than 10 years ago - historical figures or historians: this would include analyzing different perspectives from the time itself or in reflection - specific events: how factors contributed or led to a certain consequence/ story point These are just a few ideas that are applicable to all topics so I hope this was helpful Good luck!
  26. rachelsch

    Subject Area?

    I have a question, is animal populations included under the environmental systems and societies subject area?
  27. pathetic09

    Math Analysis or Application

    I believe there was a post on Reddit by a teacher who stated that neither was easier than the other (as even Applications had components of previous year HL math), but A&I (Applications and Interpretations) was for those who wanted to apply math to real life. I agree with kw0573 that you should do Applications.
  28. mui

    extended essay

    I am trying to do my extended essay on the history dominance of English language in African (Nigerian)indigenous language but i am struggling to come up with a specific topic and question
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