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  3. Check out for some insight into the title.
  4. Hi guys! I really need an IA topic. I can make sure I have personal engagement with it. My only problem is that I don't know which one involves a lot of maths and not only statistics, but it still is doable at the same time for an SL student. I have tried two other topics but I can't find the right one for myself. Please do you have any suggestions(from the list of topics on the internet) that is actually doable. I know you think that any one can be done if you know how, but please can you tell me which would really score well with enough effort and commitment. I'm running out of time and I'm panicking a bit.
  5. Those 2 extra HLs are most likely certificate courses that doesn't count in final DP points.
  6. Hi I was wondering if there is anyone out here studying medicine in the UK and if you could tell me what grades (predicted and achieved) you got and what school did you get offerd from. Thank you!
  7. Maybe this will help:
  8. If you took repeat trials in your lab, then you should average the change in mass between the pure Mg and the compound MgO.
  9. Hello, I was wondering why IB would have a maximum amount of HL's one can take in order to get a diploma (i.e. 4 HLs)? If the worry is about workload, I don't understand why people are allowed to do 4 HLs and 2 SLs plus 2 extra HL classes (amounting to 6HLs and 2SLs) but a person isn't allowed to do 5HLs + 1 SL and 1 extra HL class amounting to (6HLs and 1 SL) which is less work? Thank you!
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  11. I haven't looked at the different categories, but from first glance this looks like an IB Film EE
  12. Im having a lot of difficulty trying to find the right IA topic and Ive tried multiple topics and I honestly have no clue how to choose the right one for me. I dont understand how i can make an IA that can stand out in some sort of way from the usual topics on the internet and i honestly find it more interesting to do something that relates to me, something that interests me. the problem is even after i decide on a topic i dont know how to go one with the mathematical procedure. ive thought about two things so far: modelling population growth (of cpurse i will specify more) or modelling diseases. but im still so confused right now and honestly a bit worried. Someone please help!!!!
  13. I come home from school at 4:30, and then I do some homework/revision, eat and go to bed at 7PM. However, I wake up at 3:30AM to workout, take a shower, clean, drink my coffee and of course, do school work. All that until 7:00AM when I need to catch my train, and of course there I either do IA's or some reading ahead. I have my entire schedule organised to make sure I don't fall behind. I do give up socialising though I catch up on that during CAS hours. Weekends are for IA's, EE and TOK, and revision, as I do my homework as soon as I get it (in class, sometimes) I learned the hard way that I study insufficiently after 9PM.
  14. Art constitutes of three different art: Literature(poetry, stories, novels etc.), Performing arts(dance, music, theatre), and Visual Arts(sculpture, paintings etc). Literature is also called a liberal art, but definitely not a Visual Art. ART is at large talked about in the context of art work, so it depends what context you are intending to use.
  15. Working on my presentation topic and I'm interested in working within art. I'd like to discuss the function of language and art within poetry, but when I brought it up to my teacher, he seemed iffy about whether literature falls under art as an AOK. In class, we discussed art mostly in context of visuals -- paintings, sculptures, dance, etc., so I'm just honestly not sure if lit counts. What topic our presentations fall under dictates the week that we present in my class, so I'd prefer to know sooner rather than later what direction I'm going in here. Thanks!
  16. Yes I think you're right. I'll look at the other factors! Thanks
  17. How much did this score? Thanksss
  18. Hello, I hope things are going well! I'm resitting since I had serious medical problems in May. However, the results will come out on January 5th and most of the universities I'm applying to through the Common App have January 1st as their deadline. Therefore, I found out that the transcripts will be just sent to one university in the US for free once these are released and that I need to pay for the others. Is this actually how it works? How are you going to do? Is there another way? Because it would be so much money afterwards! Thank you!
  19. Thank you!!!
  20. Yes, if you're looking in Canada. I got in with SL Chem, SL Math ad summer school physics. That's like the bare minimum for consideration
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  22. Maybe these videos will help:
  23. I am a bit unsure about my Math IA topic. I was searching for good ones and I found one about lottery. But the discription for it was just to calculate the probability of winning the lottery. Is there another reason/point to analyse and write about within the topic of lottery (not only probability)? Is it a good topic to write? (since it should have between 6-12 pages) Does anyone have any suggestion for other topics as well?
  24. Do you think I can get into an engineering program with SL Math, SL Physics, and HL Chem?
  25. In Canada, the difficulty of the courses you take are not part of the admission decision. As long as you take the right courses and get high enough marks, you can get admitted. However, it's a very smart idea to take HL subjects in the prerequisite courses you need since you'll know more coming into university
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