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  2. I'm going to start off by saying that I'm terrible at math, in any shape or form. It has been this way since elementary school, and I've taken standard math courses ever since those became an option. I haven't actually started the IB program yet, I'm still in the MYP, but already, my math teachers are recommending I enter studies next year. I'd be all for doing the easier course, but I've heard that universities all over the world frown on Math Studies, especially in the U.S., where I plan to attend college. Is this true?
  3. Lmao I had those exact same books for Part 3, along with Metamorphosis - even more despairing if you ask me. Tie that down with Macbeth, The Great Gatsby, and Atonement for Part 4 and you got yourself the most depressing set of literature to read But in all honesty I don't really like the books that much, and so I don't really get into them. I enjoyed analyzing them, but it almost felt mechanic. There are books I really enjoy reading and getting into, but not the ones given in class. All literature, as other forms of art, have the means of evoking emotion in their audiences. Whilst it may undoubtedly cause some harm to society, the real question Imo is whether it causes net harm. I'm sure many more people have felt inspired or awed from literature than there are people that got depressed. Hence, I would not say literature is a harm to society.
  4. Abbreviations are fine if they are used correctly. The first time you mention the word you want to abbreviate it should be in parentheses e.g. participants (P's) which communicates it properly. I would suggest making the abbreviations capital so they stand out a bit more. If your abbreviations affect the readability for the examiner then it could cost you marks.
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  6. Hi everyone, I was just wondering whether it is actually allowed and acceptable to use abbreviations such as p's / pp's (participants) and indv vs coll (individualistic vs collectivist, idk if this is the right abbreviation for it but ya) for the exams? If so, does anyone have like a list of abbreviations that we could use for the psych papers? Also i tend to use "&" instead of "and" for all my subjects, does anyone know if this will affect my grades?? Thank you!
  7. Reading The Handmaid's Tale and especially The Road, I must admit, I was overpowered by the despair and hopelessness depicted in them. It kind of got to me as well. Has a book ever gotten to you so much that you feel hopeless? So, is literature, and its power, a harm to society if it will inflict/drive you to take detrimental actions (like, depression or suicide for example?) What do you think?
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  9. I'm not too sure, but I don't think the examiners want students inventing their own principles. I think the ones mentioned are the only principles in the BLOA. Maybe ask your psychology teacher
  10. Apparently I've already taken this survey from another source you posted on - haha! Best of luck, once again
  11. I mean if you can't sustain the bare minimum requirement to obtain the IB diploma with less harsh conditions, what's to say you will meet them in hasher ones? I do not agree with schools preventing kids from taking the exams but I'd rather take it as advice on not to waste any further time unless you are VERY determined to bring about change before the exams.
  12. I feel your happiness in IB is very much contingent on your own desire to do it. To go into it, you obviously should have generally good grades, as that shows you're willing to work in school and would do well with an academic challenge. But I think it far more important, that you want to do it while knowing of its rigour. Because of that, I think IB might be ideal for you–and your grades aren't that bad. And yes, you can improve quite a bit at anything. You just need to change behaviours. But that's easier said than done.
  13. As a proud self-taught statistician, I'd say we can split this into four cases. OP is right and teacher is wrong, teacher is right and OP is wrong, OP and teacher are both wrong in some respects, or OP is right and teacher is an evil sociopath whose marking OP down out of spite. I haven't had any formal training; but to me, three possibilities seem likely and the fourth seems very unlikely. In general I recommend going beyond your teachers advice and doing additional research. This is because it's difficult for one person to be completely aligned and knowledgeable of IB's preferences (in reality, IB is a group of individual markers, so it's literally impossible) So yes, it's good to read up beyond your teachers advice on the TOK presentation but not asking for advice in the first place for fear of him misleading you is a bit far-fetched.
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  15. Hello, in a few weeks, my math I.A. is due and for it to be completed I need candidates to fill out a google form. It will take no less than 5 minutes and your completion of the form is necessary for my I.A. If you guys have any feedback afterwards feel free to reply to this post. Below is the link to the google form: Your help is greatly appreciated by a fellow IB student that is in a rush, thank you
  16. If you still have a chance, do some research on how to structure a TOK Presentation. I'm assuming that your teacher doesn't like you, which means he'll give you false advise and a lower grade. So what I would do, is look at the criteria as well.
  17. Depends on how you do it. What I've learned about the CAS project so far is that it needs to have at least two of the three elements of CAS, and it needs to be worked on for at least a month continuously. So, if you practice playing your instrument for at least 30 days continuously, and possibly schedule an event where you perform a song for the community and raise money that is donated, then it is a CAS project (Creativity and Service). You could even create a music video in which your song is playing and you are doing a dance routine that you have learned (Creativity and Activity). However, if you simply play your piano for 30 continuous days, then it is a CAS experience, not a CAS project. Hope this helps
  18. Hi, I'm just looking for a topic for my exploration and would like to do something to do with Eulers identity but I'm not quite sure what, maybe some applications , but I dont want to make it just look like a textbook explanation of it. It has to be suitable for the HL curriculum, does anyone have any ideas? Is investigating Eulers identity even a suitable topic?
  19. It's a relief it's not graded by my teacher. I'm definitely going to ask him but if i get a significantly higher grade on my essay, I'll know if my teacher really hates me. Thank you for the reply; while I'm not completely over it, it did help a bit thank you.
  20. Hi So we received our mid-terms on Friday, my first report card I ever received in the MYP program. Everyone who entered the program knew that their grades were going to drop either subtly or significantly. I knew mine were going to drop too, and they did when compared to last year's final Grade 8 marks. I went from a 94% average (as of last year) to an 87% average (as of this year). The reason why I am not satisfied with this is because the only course I actually got a high 90% in was my selected arts course (music). My other 3 academic course marks were all in the mid-high 80's. Some Grade 10's told me that Grade 9 math is the worst, and that it gets way better in Grade 10 math (next semester). A lot of teachers and students in the IB program told the new MYP's that marks don't matter in Grade 9 and that the Grade 9 teachers will generally give you a little lower than what you actually deserve in order to 1) show improvement throughout the semester and 2) because "there's always room for improvement". The problem is that my parents think that if I don't start with a 90 and above in every course, then the MYP/IB program is not right for me. They believe that if I start with 90's, I will be able to eventually improve (by the end of the semester) and receive marks in the mid to upper 90's. If I start with 80's, I will not be able to improve so quickly and end up finishing the semester with low 90's, which is obviously not where they want me to be by the end of the semester. I know this sounds pretty mainstream and kind of cheesy but there really are no limits to how much you can improve and get better at something, so I don't believe my parents are right thinking like that. My questions are, do you really think the whole "if you don't start with 90's then IB isn't right for you" thing is true? Have any of you experienced this and managed to overcome it? I really don't want to think about dropping out because I really enjoy the school I'm enrolled in and the people in the program too. Any advice, personal experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated
  21. i've just switched from maths hl to sl (not because it was too hard, because my school wouldn't let me continue with 4 hls and i liked three other subjs more), and i reckon it would be doable for you. the stuff we'd done in hl so far wasn't all that difficult (since its the beginning of hl most of it you'd do in sl at some point anyways), and there was definitely some overlap with what the sl class had done. if you're willing to put in a bit of extra work catching up i think you'll be absolutely fine! but i do think that you should aim to switch as soon as possible, bc hl does move at a super fast pace and although the first two months weren't crazily difficult, i know it steps up a LOT soon.
  22. As nomenclature said, each school has their own rules. However, I do have to disagree with him about the students taking the exams. If a student fails to get 24 in his midterm/end of term tests during IB 2, he's probably screwed. The exams get harder every year, especially physics and biology. So if you can't get at least 24 in these tests, you'll probably get way less in this year's exams. So you either step up your game or quit while you still have the chance.
  23. I am doing a language B EE. I know that we can use a movie as "cultural artifact" for category 2(b). However, I am analyzing it from more of a literature point of view. The EE book says: "Category 3: An analysis of a literary type, based on a specific work of literature exclusively written in the target language?" So, Does a movie fit in category 3? Thanks.
  24. Schools set their own rules. Official "IB points" aren't actually awarded until you have taken your exams and they have been marked, but some schools don't let students take them if they feel the student won't do well. (Personally, I find it ridiculous and offensive that schools do this. It's really only to make themselves look better. They should let kids pass or fail on their own merits.)
  25. I have experience doing the history EE. It's not that hard for those unfamiliar with the syllabus to do. My recommendations are to learn OPVL and apply them to your sources (once you read up more on it, you'll get a feel for something that you should do a lot of OPVL on versus just a quick introduction and jumping right to analyzing the source directly–during which you can still use OPVL). My other recommendation is analysis. Lots of it. That's what scores well with IB. Like it or hate it, they do not like reading summaries of events. Finally, be sure to read as many exemplary EE's as you can and marker comments in general, as those will really help you get a feel of what your trying to do. Good luck.
  26. Yes. This is definitely disheartening. It's something that I definitely experienced, and that we all experience at some point or another. If you step back though it's a pretty good lesson: In the real world hard work correlates with success; it's a good predictor of success, but it doesn't guarantee success. The difficult thing now is just maintaining your self-efficacy and doing what you can to work smart and work hard. Ask your teacher why you got the grade you got (you can even say your worked really hard if you want), and most importantly, what you could do to improve in the future. In the end, this sucks, but you just got to understand that sometimes you do your best and things don't turn out. You can't be naturally good at everything. The good news for you, my friend, is that you will be able to find out if your teacher "just downright hates" you or if you "just really suck at TOK" with your essay, because your teacher does not grade that. The essay gets sent to an external marker. Your teacher has no input. (the essay is worth twice the presentation, so I guess that's also good for you). P.S. My problem was the reverse. My teacher liked my presentation, but I got an essay marker who hung me out to dry. Twice–actually–because I paid for a remark. You win some, you lose some. Just keep working hard and you should have a win percentage over .500, and try to ask for tips on improvement so future outcomes are more favourable.
  27. Hi. Welcome to IB Survival. I've read the book. It's a good book. All I can say about it is that is what you should be able to find with a Google Search. I can't write your question for you. What are the books motif? First one that come to mind are religion, control, and the self as seen internally versus the version presented to society. Pick something that resonated with you and that you feel you can talk about for a lot.
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