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  2. My first artwork that would be going towards the exhibition and the IB is inspired/influenced by another artwork. I basically did copy it but the concept behind it would be slightly different and I'll be adding some objects (maybe a different colour) to the background of the portrait. Of course, I would be referencing everything and mentioning that I copied it but my only concern is, am I actually allowed to do this? I spoke to my VA teacher about the artwork and she said it's a great idea (I even informed her that the artwork has previously been completed by another artist), so I'm assuming that I am allowed. But I just want to make sure if it's really fine or I should just avoid copying it, even though I'm citing everything and just come up with another artwork idea?
  3. I think biology is much harder than computer science, else its depend upon your interest. If you have interest in biology then you must go for that, otherwise computer science is not a bad subject. In fact it is very much interesting.
  4. sooo, have a question concerning IB retakes, what happens if you don't show up? does it affect anything? like does it ruin the diploma that you might already have?..
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  6. Hi, welcome to IB Survival. In general I'm kind of hesitant to tell students do x topic. Part of the process is choosing a topic, and that's your work. I am happy to offer opinions on topics if I have something that I think is valuable. I think you're current question is very interesting and original. Also, with the History IA, talk to your teacher. They will be the one grading it (barring moderation), so it makes sense to use the their help and feedback.
  7. In that case your current topic would not be viable as IB only really allows analysis of the work without much anthropological (cultural) consideration. You cannot analyze readers reactions. You also should not consider changing societal views beyond the minimum amount that they need to be addressed. You can analyze why he is a sympathetic character (using lit. devices), just without the extra stuff. With IB for better ow worse you consider the work in a vacuum.
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  9. kw0573

    Physics Help

    @ginnieI disagree with your value of normal force. Consider the angle. Normal force is perpendicular to the surface. @Enterbot3 I recommend watching some physics videos on youtube. The KhanAcademy ones aren't of very high quality but they did some remakes and they were helpful when I was learning physics. I stutter too, especially in certain st, sp, str, and other sibilant sounds. It helps to prepare in front of a mirror or an audience so you won't be as nervous. If you are allowed to make notes, make them legible. Talk slower and don't worry if you do stutter.
  10. Hey, so ive just sat some November exams which i didnt do well on in may, im wondering if anyone has some good experience from retaking their exams so i can find some motivation in waiting until January for the results.. thank you
  11. Enterbot3

    Physics Help

    Thank you. A bit unrelated. But I have a stammer and I screwed up my FOA and got a grade 5-. Not to brag or anything but I am a grade 7 student but my stammer frustrates me as it makes me come across as overly shy and lacking confidence when really it is my stammer. And since these FOA/ICOs count for so much of our grades, does that mean I won't get a grade 7 just because of my stutter?
  12. Yeah, now I'm thinking Bezier curves aren't a good idea as we won't be learning about it in class whatsoever. I do like the idea of doing calculus, the question is what about it though. I've been looking into calculus and photography, any suggestions with that would be highly appreciated. I know you're not allowed to spoon-feed me topics so anything you can do would be extremely helpful.
  13. ginnie

    Physics Help

    hello! dont know if you still need this but, - first of all you need to find the resultant force acting on the mass. this means force due to the inclined place minus the force of friction. - force due to inclined plane can be calculated by mgsin30 = 245N - force of friction can be calculated by F=µN (µ is the coefficient of dynamic/static friction) = 98N - resultant force = 147N now we can use F=ma to find acceleration: - acceleration = resultant force/mass = 147/50 = 2.94ms^-2
  14. Here are questions about basic energy transformations. Good for anyone starting physics SL/HL. Answers also included!
  15. This file includes good questions regarding kinematics and motion. Good for any student just starting physics at a high level!
  16. As much as time and organisation skills play a role in developing better grades, another significant factor is that you study productively. You could be studying for an hour a day and still obtain more knowledge than someone who studies five hours a day. I had someone tell me a story of their friend who literally isolated themselves from their social life for his final year in the IB. He cancelled his soccer, broke up with his girlfriend, literally put a timer on for 30 mins whenever his best friends would have a birthday party and leave once the alarm goes off (mind you, those would be the only times he would hang out with his friends) and studied more than two hours a day. Oh, he didn't do the IB but did the HSC instead. Anyways, he scored pretty good but some of his friends received higher grades than him, even though they had their soccer practice, girlfriends, hung out with friends on the weekend and whatnot. My point is, it's not about how much you study but how well you study. As for your subjects, I take the complete opposite so I can't really assure you on that but best of luck!
  17. I'm going to take IB next year and I want to know what to do in preparation for the course. I am going to take HL maths, physics and economics. SL chemistry, english and AB spanish. I am scared I am not going to have time to play games and do sports. I mostly rely on video games as a source of happiness so I don't know what to do and will I have time to hang out with friends outside of school.
  18. I_need_help_

    HI topic??

    Hi, This is my first time using this site, so, hi! I need help thinking of a question for my HI topic. I want to do something like "What was the extent of ________ invention/innovation on ________ event?" I'm having some difficulty filling in the blanks. Does anyone have any insight or ideas? I was thinking of "...extent of the invention of the steam engine in 1698 the most important invention of the Industrial revolution?" or something similar. Any ideas? Thank you so much!!
  19. Is this a language and lit. essay or just a lit essay?
  20. I like calculus topics better than analyzing data from a survey. But those could be mechanically and/or conceptually challenging so be sure choose carefully. Bezier curve is probably along medium-hard difficulty but entirely workable if you know what you are doing.
  21. HL BIO CH 5 study guide.pdf
  23. Proposal is due in a few days. We haven't received much guidance from our teacher though and many of my classmates still haven't picked a topic yet either. I started looking as soon as we were introduced to the IA (about 2 weeks ago) but still haven't found anything I'm dead set on. Today, I've been looking into calculus and optimization. Generally, do you think something in this field could be good? Thanks again.
  24. I would like to do my IB Extended Essay on something in musical theatre, and i would like to talk about themes of a show, however that easily spills into politics? will i get a lower score? does ib not like politics? Thank you!
  25. If you don't want to do physics, you should take bio instead. Not a lot of teachers know how to teach ESS and therefore not many students know how to study the subject. Most of physics questions that require math involve rearranging an algebraic equation and plug in known values to solve. Most of the calculations involve some theoretical understanding and are one or two steps long.
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