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  2. Hi, I'm on the fence about a few of my IB courses. I want to major in Psychology and attend an Ivy League Law school after I graduate. I wanted to do History but our school, unfortunately, doesn't offer it. I'm currently in grade 10 Chemistry and have an A-plus; moreover, I'll be doing grade 10 Biology next semester. Apart from the fact that I like Biology, I believe that taking that course will make me appear to be a more well-rounded student who is good at both sciences and social sciences. I've never taken Psychology or Business classes before; however, I'm interested in them, especially Psychology. Option 1: HL: English, Psychology, Biology SL: French, Math, Business and Management Option 2: HL: English, Psychology, Business and Management SL: French, Math, Environmental Systems and Societies Option 3: HL: English, Psychology, Business and Management SL: French, Math, Biology
  3. Looks like a fine combination to me. You don't need IELTS, I got into Law with English B HL. You can stick with Lang and Lit if you prefer it.
  4. Hello. I am currently in 10th grade and will be starting IB soon. I am willing to study law in Oxford. Would the subject choice be appropriate? HL: Lang&Lit, History, Economics SL: Math, Korean, Chemistry Would it be better to take Lit or Lang&Lit? Also since I'm international student would it be good idea to take IELTS?
  5. I take Mandarin B and honestly, as a non-native speaker, it's very challenging for me. I don't think our MYP course did a good job in preparing us for Chinese B SL, as our assessments were easy and the classes were such that as long as you paid attention in class, you would do fine. However, in DP it's much harder, so it really depends on how well you can navigate around the language. Reading comprehensions are a joke compared to Paper 1 and it's come to the point where I can vaguely understand the passage, but the questions are so ridiculous that I can't score. I used to find Chinese pretty okay prior to DP, but now I have a different opinion:/ Honestly, it really depends on your language ability so I can't really tell you how it's like, but based on my opinion it's a pretty challenging course. Like Gaby, I would suggest trying some past papers and see how you fare on them to really gauge your ability. Hope this helps!
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  7. idk if this is too late but i do..... i'll leave a link to my myanimelist profile bc im a loser
  8. My school has Global Politics. It's pretty interesting, I was predicted a 6
  9. There are better ways to approach Newton's law of Cooling then using modelling. After learning core calculus you hould have enough skills to derive the curve Generally i only recommend regression at HL if you at least partially derive the formula (using calculus). As long as you can clearly explain your process you will be ok. The IA does not have to be super complex.
  10. Hey Guys, this is my Business and Management Case study can you please help me knowing which past paper it belongs to? Regional Secondary School(RSS) Marc had always wanted to put something back into the community. He had become very wealthy owning a safari business in East Africa. For full case study ( file:///C:/Users/chaitanya%20shree/Desktop/Case%20study%20-%20Mock%201%20-%20DP2.pdf )
  11. Hey all, The above topic is one that I came up with for my EE(Due in 2019). When I consulted my teacher, she said that this kind of topic which would require a narrative format should be avoided. What do you guys think? Could it work as an EE? If not, are there any changes I could make to it to make it viable or should I just scrap it? Thanks in advance!
  12. Try something with Taylor or MacLaurin Series
  13. Hi I do the IB certificate and I have the option whether I want to do it or not. Can somebody give me pros and cons about the ee. If I'm gonna do an EE I was thinking to do either fashion or culinary arts. Can somebody give ideas for those topics fashion or culinary arts. Thank you
  14. Thank you so much
  15. Hmm, I think you just gave me editing permissions. Here, I can just post my answers right now: How old are you? 17 How tall are you? 167 cm How many hours do you do physical exercise weekly? 0 (so <1) yeah i gotta get on that Hope that works!
  16. Shoot Can u check it again if it works now? Thankssss
  17. It says that I need permission to open it.
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  19. hi, im only in ib visual arts and i was wondering if i wont be allowed to graduate if i don't pass the exam, regardless of my course grade. my grades were fine last semester (average in the 90s) but im almost sure ill fail the exam because of my vaj pages. my studies in college will have nothing to do with art, so that's not a problem either.
  20. I have been trying to find any idea at all, I want to do it on Calculus. I have tried looking online for ideas but I never really know how to go about doing it on that topic. For example, I saw something on e but I could not think of what to do, the site mentioned that its infinite series contained both sine and cosine, but I couldn't see where I could take that. I appreciate any input or ideas, thank you.
  21. Hey guys! So I had an idea about my math IA and discussed it with my teacher who seemed to like it but I still have some concerns. My idea is essentially modelling newtons cooling curve and then use calculus to turn that curve into a linear equation and use linear regression and squares to find the line of best fit however I feel that the idea is not complex enough and does not go "beyond" the HL syllabus as I have seen with some other IAs
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    So ok I finally found an actual client. They are this punk band I'm a fan of (they actually noticed my email OMGOMGOMG ahem anyways). They are a Turkish band but they are not popular in Turkey so their website doesn't have a "Turkish" option but they want one just in case. So I will be editing a website by translating it will that be ok for the ITGS IA? Or should I start from scratch and make a "TURKISH FANSITE"? Also does the website has to be online because I really don't want to buy a domain...
  23. Guysssssss This is really urgent cuz my math IA is due on Friday and I ain't got any dataaaaaaaa :((((((((( So please just spend like 30 seconds doing my survey. Lots and lots of love
  24. Thank you so much for the reply it means a lot
  25. It seems you have a tenuous grasp of basic statistical tools, so I suggest first brushing up through various sources e.g. websites or your Math textbook I have no idea about how to predict share prices, but typically in statistics, values are predicted through extrapolated trend-lines, or projected lines of best fit. You will need gradient and intercept values, as well as a plot of data spreads to construct a best-fit line, which can probably be searched for online. My own maths ability is pretty shaky at best, so I don't know how normal distribution comes into this. Best of luck.
  26. The basis of the question is good and it's an interesting topic. I think you have a potentially effective essay here, but–like you say–I don't think it's a bad idea to slightly adjust the question here and you might even decide to fine-tune the question as your write your essay. My minor worry would be that in simply saying, "hey, the U.S. wasn't so altruistic" is a generally consensus historical opinion, so try to dig deeper than that. It's not a bad essay; it could score quite highly if written well, but it's not a 36/36 essay in my opinion. There's going to be true-believers who really do want to free other territories, and there's going to be cynical opportunists as well. Some possible ways to take that extra step (there are many, I'm only giving you examples here to give you an idea) would be to answer some more nuanced questions such as "Did the most U.S. politicians go into the Spanish-American War cynically or were they more opportunistic", "Did the U.S. involvement in the Spanish-American War deliver any humanitarian benefits it promised", etc. You can even mix these into your main question and answer both. You'll want to analyze primary speeches, addresses to Congress, private letters of prominent figures, and newspapers as the war broke out. Then examine the U.S.'s not so admirable actions (with the aforementioned sources) as the war concluded.
  27. Okay so basically, I am doing an I.A on predicting the price of Ethereum, a crytocurrency, in 2018. It is very much like predicting a share price of a stock market, and I am having trouble with what to do with my data. I don't know how to use standard deviation and other things to draw conclusions, or even know how to make a normal distribution out of this. Please help
  28. This is great, and I am also doing an I.A very similar to this. Please help me
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