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  2. kw0573

    Mistake in References

    There will not be any severe consequences that will affect your grades.
  3. Tasostasouliss

    Mistake in References

    Okay so just to be clear, there won't be any severe consequence that I accidentally put in the wrong date? By wrong meaning that I put (2018) instead of (n.d.), as aforementioned
  4. kw0573

    Mistake in References

    Its not going to affect your grade, but you should look to use more reputable sources in your future academic career, by always using more reputable sources which always should have publication dates (eg books, original DVD for videos, journals).
  5. Tasostasouliss

    Mistake in References

    Hey! I used APA format for my EE, but I realised I made a small mistake. When you use APA format, you need to provide the year of publication. But for one source (out of the about 15 I used) I accidentally put in a wrong date. It said that the article was last modified in 2018, so I put 2018 as a date. But I found out that this is not supposed to be the date of publication, and therefore I should have put (n.d.). What's the severest consequence that may follow after this? Should I worry? Thanks!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Lord of the Pickles

    How can I prepare for IB?

    Honestly don't bother getting a head start, many people will have little to no background in what they're studying. Just enjoy your summer.
  8. Lord of the Pickles

    French AB Initio Workload?

    Pretty much all ab initio classes are at least somewhat difficult and time consuming, and it doesn't help that French ab initio has notoriously high grade boundaries because of fluent speakers managing to slither their way into the course. With that being said, it's definitely doable. French is also very similar to English, so that could make things a little easier depending on how comfortable you are with English. Chinese is well known to be extremely difficult for people who have little to no background in it, so I think you'd be better off learning French if you're looking for a lighter workload.
  9. Hi, I am currently preparing for FOA. It is about persuasive advertisements in Part II. So for my FOA, I'm comparing two advertisements that were published by the same company in the same time. I am comparing the use of language in the two advertisements which are targetting different audiences, one for men and one for women. I have written half of my script and have done a brief analysis of the two ads. But I am not sure whether I am doing it in the right way. Can you take a look at my script and comment on the things that are wrong or that can be improved?? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gD3wFXPRgIn54d_hexbYuAZzR-jgIO2NRZSFmhfPVK4/edit#heading=h.xepfohws16gv here is the link!!
  10. kw0573

    Is it possible to do better?

    Don't think about the big picture! Keep thinking about how to do better on the next quiz, test, or assignment. Start small and building your way up.
  11. kw0573

    IOC Minutes

    The IOC, for both SL and HL, is based on Part 2. At HL, there will be 10 minutes of commentary+discussion for an extract, and 10 minutes to talk about one of the other two works in Part 2.
  12. Is it possible for me to do my ee on illustration? If so, what areas of illustration should I focus my question on? I am currently thinking of doing color-related or like the techniques illustrators used to create a certain effect that sort of topics.
  13. Matteoo

    Psychology EE topic HELP

    Hi, this is my first year as a diploma. So for my extended essay, I chose psychology as my subject. And my topic is the influences of parenting style on the behavior of an ADHD child. I'm still brainstorming about which behavior might be suitable for my EE. I came to a conclusion on self-confidence, and anxiety. Any tips regarding my EE topic? Or any advice for a suitable behavior I should research on? THANKSSS~
  14. Nomenclature

    Is it possible to do better?

    Just wanted to say that a 28/29 is nothing to scoff at.
  15. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    Hi, You should try use a thesis just like you would write for any essay in your lit. class. If that's still not clear, you should talk to your teacher and/or check out some the pinned threads in the literature forum on this site. Best of luck.
  16. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    There should be a ton of sources for this topic. Finding sources just comes down to knowing where to look/how to look. I'd recommend websites with scholarly resources, if your school give you online library access you might have access to paid databases rather than just free ones. But overall, I remember at least one teacher at my school didn't seem to think that not having a large amount of lit criticism was fine.
  17. Nomenclature

    Extended Essay

    Hey. A Picture of Dorian Grey is a very funny, really good book. From reading your post, I get the impression that you're kind of stressed. That's completely normal and okay. I was an emotional wreck when I was writing mine. My first piece of advice is just to think about perspective. You'll do fine on the EE. You'll do your best and that will be that. Agonizing over it is inevitable to an extent, but just try to limit that and just be confident in your choices. I also liked the Illiad too. So I think your choices are good. My suggestion for the book that you compare to is that that book be one that you like. And decide what angle your going to play; your topic/thesis; before you get into a lot of heavy analysis work. That's not to say it won't change or evolve; it certainly can and that's great if you decide to do that later on, but just starting with something will help you to get off the ground and running. Cheers.
  18. Last week
  19. If you are truly having exams in 2020, I would suggest that you start doing practice IAs by modifying an existing procedure, one that could be found online or in your textbook. I understood neither topics (read: both topics sound interesting) but they may require knowledge beyond what is expected of a Year 1 student.
  20. Court

    Help please!

    Update: I have written and completed my EE under design technology and it went great! Thank you so much for your help.
  21. Court

    Design Technology IA Prototype

    For my IA I am building an automatic pet food dispenser. However, the problem is that the materials are unattainable for be because they're so expensive (Im talking almost $1,000, which I don't have). The prototype is a mandatory aspect of the IA. So, can I make my prototype out of different materials than I listed the actual product would be made out of? I planned for the product to be a combination of plastic and stainless steele, but for the prototype I wanted to make it out of wood. Is there a problem with that because from my understanding prototypes are functioning models, but they don't have to be made of the actual material, unless I'm wrong. Please help!
  22. Rebecca1223

    IB Entrance Exam Help!

    Congrats!! I think the lady you interview with is Ms.Baque, but I could be wrong. As you may have heard, the interview is mostly in french. Suggestion would be to see if she welcomes the idea of shaking hands. During the interview, she’ll ask very simple questions like what do you like to do in your free time, or what you will do/did during winter break. Try to talk in a relaxed manner and just look like you’re having fun, don’t be too nervous, she’s really nice! If you talk and don’t know a word, don’t be afraid to ask how to say a word, use “comment dit-on _(the word in English)__ en francais”. Good luck!
  23. kw0573

    My IB chemistry IA topic as a HL student...

    This is more of a physics concept than chemistry. You could for example try a temperature dependent reaction and perhaps either apply the Arrhenius Eq or Nerst Eq, depending on whether you look at rate of reaction or equilibrium.
  24. SteffenCarter

    Is it possible to do better?

    Ofcourse you can improve, If necessary then start taking IB tuition, It will help you to score better.
  25. Studying_hard

    IOC Minutes

    I know there is a 20-minute prep an 8-minute commentary for me on poetry. How many minute discussion on other works studied in Part 3?
  26. kw0573

    Maths SL IA

    There is no rule that the exploration MUST fit in the range 6-12 pages. Mine was 5. In addition, there are no direct penalty for going outside the range, unlike EE or some other IAs.
  27. ibsucks532

    Extended Essay

    Hey, currently suffering from ib stress. I’m having trouble finding a suitable topic thats not overdone that I’m really interested in. I know I want to do it in English. Here are my ideas so far: Comparing The painting by dorian gray to another novel (not sure what) or looking at the fairytale and Greek allusions found in the book Comparing the Iliad to another book (again, not sure) discussing fate vs free will or something Suggestions?
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