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  2. Hii My IA idea submission is due tomorrow and I have no idea what I really want to do, but came up with the idea of optimization using differential equations. I thought of reducing the surface area of packaging in different shapes like sphere and prisms, and calculate the minimum point (minima) through second order differentiation equation. I am also planning to then apply this to different real life examples like Toblerone triangle prism or something like that. Do you think this is too simple at the level of maths HL because it is just at the level of maths HL in the syllabus? I am ready to discard the idea if the maths involved is too easy for HL. Thanks xx
  3. Erika Kim

    IB Psychology 2019

    Hey guys. I found out that the syllabus changed for IB psychology today, and my class doesn’t know about it. And I don’t have an updated textbook. How do I write the essay now? And should I buy a new textbook or use my Pearson?
  4. A practice paper 2 analyzing the extent to which Hitler was an authoritarian leader
  5. So I just finished my History HL IA, and it counts for 20% of my grade. My teacher sent our IAs without informing us, and it was practically one of my first drafts. I think I'm at a middle to high 5. History is one of my stronger subjects, so I'm really worried because it was one of the subjects I was banking on for a 7. Is it possible to get a 7 if I get a 7 in the final exam? Given that for most subjects, the IA is 20%, like in math, if I score a 7 (theoretically, I know its unrealistic lol but yeah) in all my final exams (the papers), would the scores for these subjects have a chance of being at 7? Thanks.
  6. Instead of Math HL, SL, and studies the math next year is going to divided into two: 1) Analysis & Approaches 2) Applications & Interpretations. The easier of the two would be Math Applications so Applications SL is said to be similar to the current math studies. It's not really removed but they kind of changed the name.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Elise1201

    Applying to Science po!

    Hey, i am also Interested in the Havre campus of science Po. Did you manage to apply? Did you end up studying there? Thanks.
  9. Hey! So I'm starting a google docs document where students can all add analysis and important notes to the Part 3 works of English A. Reply if you want to be included in it! Please remember, if you are included, you should participate. Thank you!
  10. asher1529

    Law Career Path

    I doubt it's only your school, but some may not know of the current situation with the new syllabus so I just put in familiar terms, makes it easier to understand for everyone. I believe it's split into: Math Applications and Interpretations (SL, HL) Math Analysis and Approaches (SL, HL) I chose math applications, it's been dubbed by some of the teachers in my school as the math studies of this new syllabus. Hence why I picked it since I'm not doing so well in math.
  11. Is it really true the IB is pulling Math studies out of the curriculum? I heard from my friends but just wanna make sure
  12. Blasted21

    how many of you guys watch anime

    Man, I live in the Mecca of Anime! kudos to everybody watching anime with English subs.
  13. lillysingh


    hey, I'm doing my math standard level IA on the age height relation amongst humans and comparing it the with the age height relationship of sunflowers. for the age height relationship of humans, I used Pearson's correlation coefficient, found the line of best fit, and talked about interpolations in my data. for the age height relationship of sunflowers, I found the x and y-intercepts and made 2-word problems. word problem one talked about at which week I would get maximum height and word problem 2 was when the seeds germinated from the ground. I need help with making my IA more complex as I want to do very well. how can I do this?
  14. Last week
  15. ChallengeNumberOne

    Law Career Path

    AFAIK maths studies is not even offered anymore in the coming year, or is that just my school? They're switching up the whole maths syllabus into 4 seperate courses.
  16. InDireNeedOfAssistance

    The Last Thing You Copied Game!

    10.1016/j.parkreldis.2017.08.004 my poor ee
  17. Anmol

    Math IBO Mathematics HL Guide

    Hello Friends, Does anyone have the copy of Mathematics HL Guide as per the new syllabus?
  18. Allemande135

    "with reference to two areas of knowledge"

    @Jaysun Is it okay if my claims and counterclaims apply to both AOKs? I also give two examples for a claim, one from each AOK – I do this for all of my claims and counterclaims. Is this too much? I think it might be preventing me from developing my ideas in greater depth. But I'm worried that if I cut any of the examples out I wouldn't be fulfilling the "with reference to two AOKs" part of the title. If I was to cut some examples out, I would make the claim have an example from my first AOK and the counterclaim have an example from my second AOK. Would this fulfil the requirements?
  19. asher1529

    In a bit of a bad situation with my PP supervisor.

    When is your project due? If there is still some time for you before the deadline, I suggest finding your supervisor during either break time or lunch time. If you have tried this and it still hasn't worked, an email to request for a meeting would do. If that STILL doesn't work, then I honestly am not sure what other advice I can offer you.
  20. asher1529

    Law Career Path

    Hi. Hello. You may be wondering when in the ever loving god am I going to start posting my problems, and I promise you I'll be starting soon. First, I'd just like to say I will be going into the IBDP programme this upcoming August. Woo-hoo. Much enthusiasm. Anyways moving on, if you've read the forum title then I guess I'd skip the part where I'd start ranting about how I've always wanted to pursue law because of those criminal justice and injustice documentaries I've been watching as of most recently. Well, just last month myself and many others have started selecting the courses we'd be taking in the diploma programme and I would just like your input on what I've chosen so far. The courses I plan to take at a higher level include geography, history and English literature while the courses I plan to take at a standard level include environmental sciences, math studies and Chinese (because it's my best second language out of all the options). I've been wandering another help forum, and have also asked for suggestions on there as well. Some have said that economics at a higher level and maths at a standard level, instead of math studies, would be more helpful in my pursuit for a career in law while others have stated that subject choices don't particularly matter as long as there is a subject involving analytical essay writing, for example, history or English literature. Since I'm here and still asking, then you may have already guessed it. That's right. I need some more input on what I should do. Are the courses I picked relevant to law? Should I swap my courses for the suggested courses? P.S - I forgot to mention this earlier but I chose math studies because I am a complete idiot when it comes to math.
  21. Explains the content of the IB psychology program as well as provides the schedule being used by the Brent International School teachers
  22. If your predictions are higher and if meets your Uni requirement, you should apply for it, if Uni registrations are open. Hope you have your personal statements and recommendations are ready. Good luck!!!
  23. fantom

    MYP Science practice

    I have no clue for the MYP e-assessment exams, May 2019. How do I get my notes and sample question bank for practice?
  24. juu

    What was your IOP topic?

    Mine was on Oryx and Crake and "does the presence of religion in the society of orxy and crake affect characters relationships and perception of the crakers?"
  25. To anyone interested, I am from the United States and am looking for someone from another English-speaking country to collaborate with for my CAS project. I am interested in doing a pen-pal network through two elementary schools. If you are interested or want to know more information, please email me @[email protected] 😀 Julia
  26. I'm having a small dillema and can't find my answer on the university websites. I'm predicted a quite average score of 32 but, with a little bit of luck and a fair amount of effort, I could potentially bring that up to a 35. I'm applying to 4 universities in Australia (16 courses in total) to start in March 2020. The initial plan was to apply as soon as the results come out (July 6th) but a lot of the universities say that some people apply far in advance (Monash - "some courses may close a few months or a year before the start of the course, while others have quotas. Aim to have your online application submitted as early as possible"). Does anyone know whether it would be possible to do both, apply relatively soon with my predicted grades and, if rejected, then apply again on July 6th for the same semester (March 2020)? If anyone has any other experiences with applying to Australian universities (specifically Queensland, Melbourne, Monash and UNSW) any advice would always be helpful!
  27. If i recall correctly it has been implemented for your cohort where we just fulfill the 7-8 "aims". Until 2018 they said "approximately 150 hours" but now the wording has changed to avoid any notion that 150 hours is a requirement and there are more required journal components. But technically the 150 hours stopped being a thing since 2010.
  28. Jessie227

    Should I do IB Dance HL or SL?

    HI, I'm currently in 10th Grade and I will be doing full IB next year. I'm having problems choosing between IB Dance HL or SL, or none and go with double science since I'm medical-oriented. I'm actually really really love dancing and would be fine if my teacher place me in either, but I don't know if it would be too heavy for me to take HL because of all the writings that I heard of, plus, if it's worth it or not. Please help !
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