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  2. https://sites.google.com/site/ibchemistryellesmerecollege/home/topic-15---energetics-thermochemistry-ahl/15-3-past-paper-questions It is on your website, question 12
  3. Hello, Thanks so much! I just followed you on instagram, so happy to have someone else as support other than my teacher 😊. Thanks for athe advice, i really appreciate it! -idontknowanymore
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  5. I'm possibly going to study law in the UK and I'm currently going into the first year of DP. My current subjects are: HL - Bio, English A & Psych. SL - Chem, Maths AI, Spanish AB. I'm worried that if I don't want to do law, I won't have any uni majors and careers left. My backup plans are molecular biology/genetics etc and possible psychology. I most likely can't change my subjects unless i take bio SL and Chem HL which I wouldn't prefer. Please advise on what to do.
  6. Hello! I'm also a Pre-IB kid and I take Psych and Biology! I do agree that Psych is heavily content-based and does require you to regurgitate information like an encyclopedia. You must know your content as for exams, you will have to answer questions through an essay form. I don't find it particularly difficult as a subject since it's mostly just learning content, however, the most difficult aspect is remembering the key studies for specific points in the content that you're currently studying. Don't let this deter you though! I honestly do enjoy the subject (though it did take me a little while to warm up to it 😅). Hopefully, this helps!
  7. Hi there! I can't give you any specific ideas as I'm not sure if that is allowed here. However, I happen to have a few high-scoring (A-grade) student-written Economics EE samples. If you would like some reference/structure, you can check it out here.
  8. Hi Guys, I am just wondering if I should take Econ or Psych. I wanna go into med and my current subjects (MYP) are Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry and Spanish. I think most my subjects are content based especially Biology and I wanna choose between Econ and Psych and which ever one i can get a higher score in. Saying that, i am in interested in Psych, however do find it heavily content based and then i have biology(i am thinking of going with bio HL). While, econ is okay but i guess it's more logic. So now, i am really confused which one to take cause both have their pros and cons and I needa get a 7 😬. Thank You a lot guys!
  9. If you found any could you pls share it with me, I also am doing a ee in hindi, could you please share yours or any resources my email is [email protected]
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  11. Heyy, I noticed you are from the may 2020 batch. If you don't mind, I cant find any ee exemplars online or anywhere for hindi, could you please share one of maybe yours with me, I rlly have nothing to go off of. please help a brother out my mail is [email protected] thank you
  12. kii

    ib psychology

    hi, can someone whos taken ib psych tell me a little about how it is, is it difficult?
  13. kii

    ib help

    hi, I am still very unsure of what subjects I want to do in ib, and what I wanna do in the future, if you have any tips to pick subjects pls let me know
  14. Hello everyone, it is urgent. I need to submit my biology lab report on next Monday, if someone is willing to correct it by giving me your Gmail account, it would be so helpful. The lab report is about the yeast respiration (2.8 Cell respiration). Could you please leave comments on my doc? I will share it with you. Thanks for your advance! Yours sincerely
  15. I recommend you to visit this dissertation methodology writing help online service. They are really good and I often use their articles and free essays to compose my own essays. You will find all the necessary information about the essay format, chapters and what to include in them. Good luck!
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    Syllabus and sample question
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    Economics syllabus and sample questions
  18. Hey, I'm thinking of similar topic for my physics EE and I wonder if you'd like to share some thoughts on how this topic worked for you. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi, I think it's good to see what works best for you. But in my opinion, bioninja is great, it's not a textbook, tho. When it comes to textbooks, I would say that Pearson is very nice.
  20. Hi there! I'm not sure if I am allowed to give you ideas here. However, I happen to have quite a few high-scoring (A-grade) student-written Chemistry EE samples. If you would like some reference/structure, you can check it out here.
  21. MountEETOKIA

    History IA

    Hi there! I didn't do History at IB so I can't help you specifically. However, I happen to have a high-scoring (Grade 7) student-written History IA. If you would like some reference/structure, you can check them out here.
  22. paulae

    History IA

    Hi, I want to do my history IA on the Vietnam war, I'm still figuring out a good research question, got any ideas? And please, if you got any ebooks, pdfs or whatever document I can rely on, please let me know...now with corona every library is closed and I can't go to the one at my school!!!
  23. Homework is harmful to health Everyone is talking about this. Constantly growing academic load and stress testing hit the health of students. Due to the high load, students sleepless. They sit up over textbooks until late and worry about grades; as a result, sleep problems appear. Guys, pay attention to services such as essay writing service. After all, you can order an essay on the Internet and relax a bit. How do you like this idea?
  24. Hey everyone! I have decided chemistry as my extended essay subject. It is the subject of my personal interest. But I am facing difficulties in choosing the topic for the essay. Interested areas include thermochemistry, chemical kinetics, and equilibrium. What is the chemical difference to our bodies in choosing organic foods over foods treated with pesticides? suggestions on the above mentioned topic are also appreciated and also want some new ideas.
  25. If you do not have enough information, contact the specialists, they will write an essay for you on any topic.
  26. My biggest win is $ 300, but I just started playing recently. More will come next, I hope!
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