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    This is a somewhat bad chemistry topic, because you need a relatively strong grasp of physics (eg free body diagram on the marble and drag equation, consider the buoyant force, likely then use net force to find acceleration and time). Another thing is that any data you compare to are also empirically-found, rather than based on some theoretical model (ie very hard to extrapolate, can only interpolate). It does involve some thermodynamics (thermal chemistry) but it wouldn't be a strong chemistry topic, This would be an ok to good physics IA topic, though.
  3. Guest

    HL Biology Notes

    PDF scans of handwritten HL Biology notes
  4. yeah um they don't mention anywhere that you don't get your diploma if taking math studies. And you'd think schools would mention that if it were true.
  5. pineapplerain

    Biology HL IA topic ideas

    Hi there, I'm currently thinking about what type of experiment I want to do for my bio IA and I'm really stuck! I looked through a lot of past IA's and they look really complicated and so in-depth! I want to make sure that I have a fairly original and easy hands-on experiment, but the problem is that I can't find a good way to expand and analyze the topic. That's why I'm trying to think of a good question thoroughly so that I won't regret my choices before its too late! As of now, I'm interested in enzyme activity, yeast fermentation, and maybe something to do with micro-organisms in pond water? I have no idea on what to explore on these topics but I'm just brainstorming as I type this. I am also interested in maybe investigating these mutated lemons that I recently grew in my backyard. There are currently 4 of them on my tree and they are giant! I have a slight hunch that its due to cross-breeding with the kumquat tree neighboring the lemon tree, but I feel like this topic will at least give me some personal engagement points! However, I don't really know how I should experiment with this subject and I feel like I won't have the right materials in order to do an in-depth investigation on genetics for a student experiment. The picture below is of the mutant lemons for your curiosity. Any ideas on how to explore the topics listed is very much appreciated! If you don't mind, feel free to share your own experiment and your score so I can get a feel if IB also looks for complexity in an IA investigation question. Thank you guys!
  6. So for my IA i decided to look at viscosity and the effect that temperature has on the viscosity of honey. The experiment doesn't require any chemicals and i'm really worried bc i want it to be a good report. For the procedure, i was just gonna heat up different samples of honey and drop a marble in them to see how much time it takes to reach the bottom. Is my topic too simple? My teacher said that it could be the simplest experiment ever but if u do the report and stuff right then u can score really high. How can i make it more complex? I'm in SL chem btw. Research Question: How does temperature affect the viscosity of honey?
  7. Yesterday
  8. Hi, I'm doing an extended essay about a book. I did a lot of researches and I have like 15 sources (including the definitions I searched). Is it "bad" that I researched so much ? Like, it's literature and I read somewhere that it shouldn't be too much sources and there should be more thinking and analysis from the person who is writing an EE in literature. Thank you advance, I'm really nervous
  9. Jarz

    Stolen idea

    Cite it, if you get caught everything you have worked for is gone. Plagiarism is not taken easy, so just cite, no harm in doing that. Good luck with the EE!
  10. kw0573

    Stolen idea

    It is also possible to find an academic source that says what your internet source says and cite that instead.
  11. IB_taking_over

    Stolen idea

    There is always that possibility. It often ends badly for you if they find out. The safest bet is to go back and find where you got the idea from and cite it.
  12. Yeah so briefly explain what prompted you to change topic and how you came up with the new topic.
  13. Ema99

    Stolen idea

    Would it be possible for them to find out?
  14. IB_taking_over

    Stolen idea

    When in doubt, it's best to cite it. Since you are using the ideas of another person it would be best to cite. Claiming it as your own (no citation) is generally considered plagiarism.
  15. Rachel1224

    essay phrases german

    Phrases to use within German writing
  16. Phrases to begin essays
  17. I am in semester 2, year 1 of IB, what is a good daily study plan for someone aiming to get a 45/a good IB grade? Is it okay to focus on one subject per day or to divide them within each day? Can I know anyone's IB schedule?
  18. Thanks for your answer! So i need write reflection on the current topic and mention the change of topic in the firs reflection right(my teacher says it is going to increase my personal engagement grade if i mention so)? Thanks!!!
  19. Ema99

    Stolen idea

    Hi! I wanted to know your opinion about my problem: I'm writing an extended essay in literature and I wrote about smth I read on the internet. Like, I took the main idea but I didn't write the way the person wrote it. Should I still cite the source or can I keep it as it was my idea? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  20. Because the reflection determines your engagement grade, you should write it on your current topic, while mentioning how the topic change affected your research process. As the reflection is graded by the same examiner who is marking the EE, you should write it in Chinese.
  21. kw0573

    math exampler IA

    Some users have reported that this file is not accessible. You should be able to access the .pdf if you are a VIP.
  22. kw0573

    Help with Physics IA topics!!! Springs

    Both topics are ok. You could also investigate spring in series vs in parallel. The relationships are well known for both topics, which makes the experiment easy and almost trivial. You can get a good grade but you should look for a better topic if you want to get near perfect.
  23. Jaysun

    CAS Project

    How much collaboration are you doing with the charity? Your CAS project has to be "collaborative" in nature, so I think it would qualify if you are collaborating with other artists, composers, musicians as well as organizers of this event. Also, this should be a series of sequential experiences, so it has to show consistent effort over a period of time. If you demonstrate these, then it would certainly be a good CAS project. Nevertheless, regardless of the IB criteria, this is a great thing you're doing!
  24. Last week
  25. eeeeeeva

    TI 84 plus calculator

    I know this was posted years ago but I HAVE THE SOLUTION I legit made an account just to reply to this post. YOU NEED A SYSTEMS UPDATE it came with the 2.50 update I currently have a 2.30 to check which one you have click 2nd and then + click 1:About and it should say which one you have
  26. TheDoctor666

    CAS Project

    Would composing a few songs as well as playing covers of other songs for a charity concert be a good Creativity + Service CAS Project?
  27. I changed the subject of Extend Essay from math to language A in the September of 2nd IB, how to write reflection in this case. Should i write the first reflection about math, and then explain that i changed it to language A in the 2nd reflection. Or should i write explain it in the first reflection to make sure that the reflection shows how i work out the final job so don´t waste too much words on the first idea . Since my languageA is in Chinese, my math is in English. If i need to write the first reflection about math, should i use English or Chinese?
  28. Jarz

    pre-ib s t r e s s

    IB is stressful, the stress will not go away. However, there are ways you can deal with it. Firstly, disregard what your teacher says. If she says stuff like that she isn't a teacher in my eyes. She's someone who is just standing in front of you, someone you got to push out of your way and proove wrong. Just stay organized, DONT procrastinate and try and finish you EE during 11th grade next year and perhaps even an IA or two. You will be fine. You will have stressful days that you won't enjoy and perhaps even become sad about, but it's all ok. I have those myself, I just go talk to my parents about it and maybe a friend or two and I get through it. The key thing is choosing subjects you like, and do your best. If you do your best no one has the right to get mad at you for the end result. Good luck in IB!
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