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  2. You would own the book. I don't see why you couldn't do that when the IB is over.
  3. Hello, For my CAS project, I created and professionally printed a fully illustrated children's book. I understand that I am not allowed to make a profit selling them but after IB has been completed them, am I allowed to sell them to make money? Who owns the book: IB or me? Thanks!
  4. The wt1 was introduced yesterday and we have to write it on the Great Gatsby, but I’m still deciding what I should do. I want to write about the homosexual undertones in the novel. I’ve come up with a few ideas: diary entries/letter(s) written by Gatsby on his romantic feelings for Nick (I could analyze his previous actions in the novel to show both my understanding and interpretation of the scenes this way), or rewrite a chapter in the novel about/emphasizing romantic ideas between the two. However, I’m still not sold on any idea and even heard diary entries aren’t good. (Is this true?) I have also given some thought on what would happen if Daisy was shot by Wilson instead of Gatsby, so I’m open to different ideas too! I’d love to hear any opinions, ideas, or suggestions on my topic and text type (it’s due in about 1 week).
  5. This may be the most stupid question ever, but are we required to put graphs on the Chemistry Extended Essay? All my dependent variables produce data that are not appropriate for graphs. If I don't use any graphs, will that negatively impact my mark?
  6. kw0573

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    Now would be a good time to say I didn't take biology in IB. From my experience in chemistry hl, and given that you probably have five other subjects, you probably don't have time to compile notes, at least not for the entire course. You should first identify your weak points and be sure to review all of them thoroughly. Generally if you can explain the concept once you see a relevant term (eg mitosis vs meiosis), then you don't have to go over it right away and instead focus on the confusing parts. Go back and forth between reading notes/textbook and doing some medium difficulty textbook or exam questions. Your goal should be to go through the whole curriculum once in 10 days, making sure you know the easy stuff and pinpoint the confusing parts. Then spend about 2 weeks learn as much of the unfamiliar material as you can. Personally I tried compiling notes but it's just too time consuming.
  7. Ahmed101

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    Aha, do you think with 1 month to go is it okay to write notes for all the topics or read and put notes on a word document I think notes is better, but do you think its too late? Because I am trying to fit a schedule to finish all topics and have time to do past papers, do you have any advice?
  8. kw0573

    IB Physics topic 2.1projectile motion

    You should use v = s/t (velocity is displacement over time). Nothing about any acceleration is given so assume there is none. EDIT: OH I see there's gravity. So for horizontal component, the velocity is still 12 m/s, but for vertical component use u = 0 (no initial downward velocity).
  9. kw0573

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    When OP made the post in 2009, IB categorized command terms (eg Define, Explain, Construct, Show that ...) into 3 Objectives, with Objective 3 the hardest, which often needs to draw knowledge from multiple topics. IB has more or less kept the same command terms, but ceased to break them into "Objectives". EDIT: Apparently there are still Objectives. Here is the current Objective 3:
  10. hello, so I was trying to solve a question and failed :)... An object is launched horizontally with a velocity of 12ms-1. What is the vertical component of velocity after 2.0s? What are the coordinates of the object after 4.0s? I tried using t=v-u/a , but I have no idea where the 12ms-1 goes. help please
  11. Ahmed101

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    Thank you, but do you know what does she mean when she said 'I would only revise 'obj 1 and 2' points, 'obj 3' wont really come up a lot.'
  12. kw0573

    Chemistry IA Help

    @AyoKEach double bond can react with a molecule of I2; a triple bond can react with two molecules. The iodine number is the mass of iodine (I2) to fully react with 100g of the fatty acid. Set up a stoichiometry problem, equate the moles and find the mass of I2. Hope that helps!
  13. kw0573

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    Your exams will be about 60% SL and 40% HL stuff.
  14. Hi guys I have just picked my Internal Assesment topic and I was wondering if i could get everyones opinion on it. My question is "Is there a correlation between the number of appearances and the number of goals scored by a premier league forward" and i will be using the correlation coefficient test as well as regression line. Also wanted to ask what is the regression line for?
  15. Last week
  16. inriya

    Math SL/Studies

    I would recommend that you should get tutoring lessons from professional Maths teachers instead of your classmates. Even when your classmates might perform well on maths, they do not have the experience to teach you well when they are learning the content themselves too. If you can find someone who is more experienced, for example, a teacher (with less accent), or someone who has graduated with a high score in Math SL, it would be much easier. If not, keep asking your teacher. Make sure you understand everything before leaving despite the accent, or ask her to use numbers and diagrams to demonstrate how she calculated the answers. My maths was bad from Middle School. Luckily I got someone who had graduated a few years before me to teach me during my IBDP period, and I was able to score a 7/7 in my Maths SL in the end. You are definitely not alone, and I'm sure you can improve your maths.
  17. rednaxela

    Math SL/Studies

    I used to be quite good in math actually but over the last ca. 3 years my grades in math have continuously dropped with content getting more and more challenging. I know there are some of my classmates that also have similarly bad grades but none are as bad as mine. My teacher is helpful but she, unfortunately, has a pretty heavy accent and is not native in English which makes explaining a lot of things challenging for her and makes it difficult for us to understand her sometimes. I have been getting some tutoring lessons from one of my classmates but they have not been consistent enough unfortunately.
  18. AyoK

    Chemistry IA Help

    @kw0573 Hello, I'm currently struggling on my topic which has to do with the unsaturated fat in different temperatures, measured by the iodine number. I have already run my experiment and have gotten the results of the beginning and end of the unsaturated oils. So how do I find the iodine number of the unsaturated fat in order to find out how much of a difference it made in the different temperatures? Please help me, I appreciate it. Thank you!!!
  19. Ahmed101

    How to do well in HL Biology.

    For Paper 1, I would only revise 'obj 1 and 2' points, 'obj 3' wont really come up a lot. For Paper 2, you should still be remembering the 'obj 1 and 2' from Paper 1, so concentrate on 'obj 3' points, they are the 6-8 mark questions you get in some questions in section B. What do you mean by obj 1 and 2 etc. Also, my exams are in May and I just started taking notes will I be fine? I'm HL so I am trying to not waste time as much as possible, so does the content include mostly SL content than HL? Should I give SL content more importance?
  20. I need to soon come up with some ee topic and question and i have none. If you could give me any cool and iteresting ideas, i would really apreciate it.
  21. kw0573

    Math SL/Studies

    Not all of studies content is covered in SL, so there's a chance that you need to learn new content. What is your experience thus far in your academic career? Did you always performed poorly in math? How are your classmates doing? What does your teacher offer in terms of extra help outside of class time / is the teacher generally willing to answer questions?
  22. rednaxela

    Math SL/Studies

    I am in grade 11 right now and am taking math SL. I am really struggling. In the winter mock exams we had, I got a 2/7 for P1 and a 2/7 for P2. My recent in-class test was not that much better either (3 but 1 point from a 2). I am worried that I might not pass with SL math at all. Should I move down or is it too late? Do you guys think I will get better grades if I work more / get more tutoring?
  23. Rttyh_lucy

    IB Theatre or Design Technology

    I’m currently taking IB theatre and IB theatre wasn’t actually planned at all I was actually planned to take IB biology but because I changed school and my current school doesn’t offer IB bio anymore thus I’m left with IB art or IB theatre and I chose IB theatre and I’m not regretting it one bit. The materials and procedures are fun to learn. Well probably because I have also a passion on acting and other theatre related.
  24. Rttyh_lucy

    I feel like i won't get into college...

    Hey hey calm down first ok? I know it’s been stressful and a long ride trust me we all know how it feels but it’s not like all your efforts have gone to waste I mean you’re not a failure at all cause you’ve come so far in IB. I know the pressure it gets and the overwhelming deadlines and requirements needed but if you can’t do it then that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Everyone makes mistake and we should all learn from them so why not start on getting your hws done as well as less procrastination always remind yourself you can do it. It’s hard to procrastinate I know and I have no right to say that you need less procrastination because I’m also procrastinating a lot but seriously if you set your mind on doing it then you can avoid procrastinating and also you’re not the worst IB student no one is trust me!
  25. Kasia123

    School assessment grade 7

    Hi I am going to have my school assessment next month. Finishing grade 6 and going to grade 7. what should I expect during the assessment? Are there any test samples or list of topics on the interview etc?
  26. BlancheIb

    BIology Notes. Topic 1 Cell Biology

    Topic 1. Cell Biology. Follows the syllabus strictly, hence, containing everything you need to know. The info was taken from Bioninja and some times from my book.
  27. HeliumYang

    IB Scheduling

    Hi, I'm a M21 Pre-IB in the US, and I am more or less set with my scheduling for the next 2 years, but I wanted to check and see if I can get any feedback/suggestions on my schedule (I am going into IB DP, so I'll be also doing CAS and EE) Y1: Literature HL 1 French B SL Seminar (first half of French B SL) US History HL (first half of History of the Americas HL) Design Tech HL 1 Math Analysis HL 1 TOK 1 AP US Government/Politics AP Macro Econ AP Computer Science A (online) AP Biology (online) Y2: Literature HL 2 French B SL (second half) History of the Americas HL (second half) Design Tech HL 2 Math Analysis HL 2 Chemistry SL Seminar (first half of Chemistry SL) Chemistry SL (second half) TOK 2 AP European History (online) My ECs: Math team (will be co-captain y1, and captain y2, and as a result of that, may have AP Calculus BC attached to y1 as an independent study sponsored by the Math Analysis HL teacher) Model UN French Club (may join) Math Tutoring (unless it disbands next year) Environmental Club (will join if I need service hours) I have no idea what to do for activity hours, might have to find an easy way out like jogging I am the type of person to work best under pressure, and like to be competitive, and I'd appreciate any words of wisdom (perhaps suggestions or feedback)! Edit: Here are all the subjects that my school offer for IB: Group 1: Literature HL Group 2: German, French, and Spanish SL (only eligible for French, due to the Pre-IB requirements for all language acquisition courses) Group 3: History of the Americas HL and Geography HL (History of the Americas HL required for graduation) Group 4: Design Tech HL and Biology HL Group 5: Math Analysis HL, Math Analysis SL, Math Applications SL (Requirements passed for all 3) Group 6: Theatre HL, Visual Arts HL, Dance HL Graduation requirements: AP US Gov/politics and AP MacroEcon OR Gov/Econ Honors Y2 only classes (must choose 1): Biology SL, Physics SL, Chemistry SL, Visual Arts SL, Theatre SL, Psychology SL, and Dance SL Online classes are offered separately by my state's virtual school system (which I am familiar with as I've taken 2 this year, one of them being AP Statistics.
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