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  2. 20/20 English lang lit SL paper 1 textual analysis. November 2016 Minoli Salgado Interview.
  3. ashleyclark

    Psychology EE

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could offer any help/advice with my EE, I came up with the question and everything. I'm basing my EE on the participation in sports and how it helps develop social skills. What I really need help with is the case studies, I was hoping someone would know of any resources or studies used that involved this topic. Also what parts of psychology would fit best in this topic -developmental, sociocultural, human relations, cognitive, etc...
  4. Yesterday
  5. Nujra

    Math IA Overbooking

    Hi I was planning on doing my exploration on airline overbooking. My only difficulty is im not sure where to obtain data of number of overbooked seats on a certain sector since airlines are obviously not willing to share the same. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Hajsjw


    Yeah it sounds like it could be good but I think you should make your question more detailed so that the reader could get a deeper sense of the theme of the novel.
  7. Last week
  8. Hello everyone, For my EE, I decided to do it under the History subject, and my topic is the Nuremberg trials after WWII, with my current question being "To what extent were the Nuremberg trials a successful undertaking?" However, I am unsure of whether or not this is too broad, and it also seems like a topic that many have touched on. My questions are: does my question have to be narrowed down, and how can I make it narrow if so? And do y'all have other ideas for a Nuremberg EE I could do? Thanks!
  9. kw0573

    Math EE (help!)

    Yes. This is the very mechanism that IB and academia discourage people from simply restating others. Alternatively you can use block quotes and reference once. You can also take from a variety of sources so you are not keep citing the same source.
  10. Faisal3399

    Math EE (help!)

    If I took a whole paragraph from the video for example, do I have to cite the source more than once????
  11. Dsa18947

    Astrobiology EE topic !!!

    Hi everyove, its the middle of the summer and iM SUPOSED TO WRITE MY EXTENDED ESSAY and submit the draft on august 26th. Originaly my research question was Effect of changes of the pH on photosynthesis of aquatic and terrestrial plants or How are terrestrial and aquatic plants impacted by changes of pH, measured by oxygen release during respiration, something in this manner. But as I started writung it, there is really not much to write about for 4000 words! Any ideas? I am already demotivated by this topic... My advisor is no help and she just said "yeah, ok you can do that' withour even discussing the topic and experiment. Now I want to write it on astrobiology and emergence of life, this was always interesting for me, but the supervisor said its not a good topic. But now I really need help with finding and doing an experiment that would fit under emergence of life and its possibilities on other planets. An easy experiment that could maybe show how life can emerge in different conditions. Please help as soon as possible!!! I apreciate any help and suggestions!
  12. Romain_Amza

    Data needed for Math/Physics EE?

    Hello, I'm starting the DP in September and one week into it, I have to announce what I'll be doing the EE on. I've already started thinking about it, and I'd either do it on the feasabiliy of interstellar travel within our lifetime (Physics) or on something about mathematical philosophy (not sure exactly what yet but it would be theoretical for sure. However, both subjects would mean I have no data. Does it matter whether I have data or not and are these, more generally, good subjects for an EE? Thank you very much!
  13. kw0573

    Math EE (help!)

    Then every time you reference material from the video, you need to cite it.
  14. Faisal3399

    Math EE (help!)

    For example, there is a youtube video which explains the history of pi, I took many information from that video, so how can I fix that?
  15. Faisal3399


    I’m using information from youtube videos for my EE, does it count as plagiarism even if I cited the videos?? Or it’s completely fine.
  16. kw0573

    Math EE (help!)

    If you properly cite your sources then it does not constitute plagiarism. In addition, the general consensus is to cite every sentence that you quoted or paraphrased. So it's probably not a good idea to heavily use external sources as examiners will notice that you are just paraphrasing someone else and may be inclined to give a lower mark.
  17. Faisal3399

    Math EE (help!)

    Thanks, I will try to find some way to connect the methods or compare and contrast as you said, thanks again. If I take informations from youtube videos and used them in my EE and cited them, does it count as plagiarism?
  18. kw0573

    Math EE (help!)

    Check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-o3eB9sfls&list=PLZHQObOWTQDMVQcT3414TcPMeEYf_VtPM If you discuss some of the more advanced methods, then it's probably fine. But it's difficult to string together your various examples in a cohesive EE with a central thesis/argument. At some point, you have to go beyond listing different methods. You probably have to connect the different methods in some way or provide some compare and contrast.
  19. Faisal3399

    Math EE (help!)

    I am doing my EE in math, and I choose what are the different ways in calculating pi as my topic.I am planning to choose several ways and compare them to each other. Is it enough? Do you have any ideas how I can link this topic to a real-life application? Is it possible to link the topic to statistics some how?
  20. kw0573

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    @Kshady Sounds like you are now more confident that you indeed wrote a math EE. By the way, your school does not have to offer CS for you to write a CS EE, so if you ever have second thoughts you can still change the subject.
  21. Kshady

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    Ya I did all that, except Euler's Totient. Discussed the mathematics for both cryptosystems. Maybe I am just doubting myself. Thanks for the suggestion man!
  22. Kshady

    I am unsure of my Math EE (HL)

    Appreciate your suggestion but the thing is our school does not offer CS. Moreover, I have not discussed much computer related information in the essay at all. So I doubt it'll make the cut for a good CS EE. To give you an overview. I talk about the cryptosystems, the mathematics involved, ways to solve them, etc. On the basis of this research, I then conclude which is more suitable. Maybe it is just the anxiety idk. Thanks for your suggestions much appreciated!
  23. This is from litcharts
  24. Hello guys, I'm planning to shift from math HL to SL and right now I'm moving into D2. Therefore, I just want to know if my previous grades will increase or decrease or would remain the same after I shift.
  25. UnderRocks

    EE English Lit

    Hey Everyone. I m doing my EE on " The Scarlet Letter". MY exact question is "How does Nathanial Hawthorne's potrayal of the Puritan society expose religious hypocrisy?" I feel like I should change this question or tweak it quite a bit. Also now I'm confused on what exactly I should be writing about too. Is this question okay or should I change it?
  26. kw0573

    History EE (Nuremberg)

    EE should not be completely original: instead it should combine (existing) research and critical thinking to produce an original piece of writing. Academic research is based on what predecessors have found, which is somewhat what you should attempt to do. IB is only concerned by too many people picking the same topic then academic honesty becomes an issue and students are not as able to demonstrate critical thinking. With that said, you need to find quite a number of sources to support your claims. You definitely need more than two sources and there are more available in databases, libraries, and universities. As for the question itself, you should define "success" in the RQ. Also consider simpler phrasing, such as "Nuremberg Trials" as opposed to "trials conducted by the Nuremberg IMT".
  27. bikram9256

    History EE (Nuremberg)

    Hello everyone, From what I understand, our topic and question for the EE have to be completely original and not done before. However, I am unsure if mine has been done before. My topic is the Nuremberg trials following WWII, and my research question is: "To what extent were the trials conducted by the Nuremberg IMT a successful undertaking?" When I searched it up, I did not find a flood of articles on the success of the trials, which was a good sign, but I did find an article that mentions successes and failures (#1) and one talking about fairness (#2), which are indeed very similar to what I want to do. My questions are: would I still be able to do this question since there appear to be articles on it already? If not, how could I change it? What research questions come to your mind when you think of Nuremberg? Thanks! (sorry for the dumb questions) #1: https://phdn.org/negation/gravediggers/gom-1996-the_nuremberg_trials.html #2: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1946/04/nuremberg-a-fair-trial-a-dangerous-precedent/306492/
  28. kw0573

    Physics EE Simple Question

    There are simple and complex ways to approach this topic. The more advanced approaches will attempt to find an equation that takes two inputs and predict the third property. One advanced way to find correlation between 3+ variables is to introduce dimensionless quantities (eg Reynold's number). They are kind of like percentages but between a group of variables. Important to use physics theories to support your claims rather than to turn this into a purely statistical project.
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