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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB subjects. When uploading please indicate clearly what subject the file belongs to.

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  1. Andrew Heywood- Global Politics for the IBDP

    This is the PDF of a Global Politics Coursebook that my teacher reccomended. I am not sure if it is officially affiliated with the IB, but it proves as an excellent reference guide and resource for information beyond what other coursebooks offer. I highly reccommend it for other Global Politics SL or HL students. 
  2. Judith Butler

    A brief summary into Judith Butler's Gender Theory focusing on her argument on gender being culturally and socially determined, not anatomically or biologically.
  3. Anthropological Concept of Morality

    A brief contrast between Durkheim's structure-centred perspective on morality and Foucault's agency-centred perspective on morality.
  4. HL Anthropology Paper 1 Section B

    HL Anthropology Paper 1 Section B essay on ethics
  5. HL Anthropology Ethics Paper 1 Section B

    HL Anthropology sample essay on Paper 1 Section B on ethics in anthropologyInsert other media
  6. Filming Comparative Essay

    This is a filming comparative essay portraying the use of power in a movie 'V for Vendetta' and how it is similar to the use of power in a book, '1984'.
  7. Some Computer Science notes

  8. Musical Investigation

  9. ITGS Social Ethical Issues - Transportation Navigation

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  10. ITGS Social Ethical Issues - Podcasting

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  11. ITGS Social Ethical Issues - Security

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  12. ITGS Social Ethical Issues - Reliability

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  13. ITGS Social Ethical Issues - Privacy

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  14. ITGS TSM

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  15. Computer Science IA TSM

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  16. Comp Sci Case Study

    Computer Science Case Study: Computers and Disability
    For use in May 2007, November 2007, May 2008 and November 2008
  17. Comp Sci Guide 2006

    Computer Science Guide
    First examinations 2006
  18. Comp Sci Case Study on MIDI

    Computer Science Case Study on MIDI -- Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
    For use in May 2006 and November 2006
  19. Comp Sci Specimen Papers SL and HL

    Computer science Higher level and standard level
    Specimen paper 1s and paper 2s
    First Exam in 2006
  20. Comp Sci DP assessment

    Diploma Programme assessment
    Principles and practice
  21. Steph's IB notes

    Comprehensive notes for Economics, Chemistry HL Option D (Environmental Chemistry) and Option F (Fuels and Energy), Physics SL Option A (Mechanics) and Option H (Optics), English (Death of a Salesman) (Dancing at Lughnasa) (Death and the Maiden) (Sizwe Bansi is Dead).
  22. Korean: Speeches

    Korean: The specifics of a speech: 연설문들의 특성
  23. ITGS Portfolio Checklist

    Useful checklist for ITGS Portfolios.
  24. Notes on CS

    i have the notes on Variables , how to convert decimal to binary and binary to decimal...
  25. Very Useful CAS forms

    These CAS forms were created by my CAS coordinator. Basically, we can mix and match the forms according to how important we feel the activity was. If it was very important, we fill out more forms; if it was a small, one day fling, we fill out one form only. It really depends on the person and how much they want to reflect. These forms are specifically for the American International School of Zagreb, they have the emblem at the top of each page, but people can feel free to use the reflection questions and set-up of the forms. Also, the forms are open to the public at: http://www.aisz.hr/CASforms.html
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