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Theory of Knowledge

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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Theory of Knowledge

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  1. TOK Presentation Structure

    TOK Presentation Structure
  2. TOK ways of knowing

    I am uploading ways of knowledge.Hope you all will find it useful.
  3. Introduction to TOK

    A document on the basics and a introduction TOK. For the entire guide,refer to my other file.
  4. Presentation on TOK (Basics and Fundamentals)

    A presentation on the basics of the Theory of Knowledge classes.Especially helpful for teachers.
  5. (Nov 2011/May 2012) ToK Prescribed Titles

    prescribed titles list for IB students graduating in November 2011 or May 2012
  6. Softwares and Applications for IB!

    Just running you through apps and software that can make you're life easier, and we know that with IB, you need that!
  7. TOK Presentation Structure

    Helps you with what you presentation should consist of.
  8. TOK help presentations and sample topics

    These files have introduction to TOK presentations and has a word file containing some sample topics for presentations.
  9. TOK Oral Directions

    This is the IB document detailing what to do and some hints for the IB TOK Oral
  10. Ideas for TOK papers and Orals

    This is a long list of possible topics for the TOK stuff. Yippee. Fun.
  11. TOK Subject Guide

    The syllabus from the TOK course. Updated in 2008. I'm sure nobody is tired of syllabuses (syllabi?)by now...
  12. Theory of Knowledge Subject Reports (AKA high marks and how to get them)

    I'm sure you, being an astute IB student, can read the title. Yeah this is cerca 2010 so it's accurate.
  13. TOK essay 2010

    I received either an A or a B in this essay (can't remember)
  14. November 2012 ToK prescribed titles

    November 2012 ToK prescribed titles, unsure if they're the same for May 2013.
  15. tok presentation guide

    TOK presentation guide
  16. Linking Questions Essay

    This is a short essay I wrote in TOK early in the year getting used to the concepts of knowledge issues/questions and so on
  17. ToK Essay Tips

    10 tips on writing your ToK essays.
  18. How to write a TOK Essay

    Pointers on how to write a TOK Essay
  19. tok happiness final.pdf

    This essay tries to look at happiness from different areas of knowledges and talks about its perspective from different ways of knowing. It can be a good sample tok essay. I have used harvard referencing in the essay. It is marked internally and I got really high marks using tok essay criteria. Hope it will help you.
  20. TOK presentation structure

    me and my partner did a TOK presentation on religious beliefs, heres a sample for the structure
  21. 9 Useful Tips on TOK Presentation

    9 Useful Tips on TOK Presentation for guidance and inputs.
  22. TOK Prescribed Title (November 2010/May 2011)

    Official TOK Prescribed Title for examinations in November 2010/May 2011.
  23. TOK Prescribed Title May 2013

    TOK Prescribed Title May 2013
  24. TOK titles in Spanish May 2013

    Tok Titles in Spanish for March 2013 examination.

    TOK Sample Essays

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