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Sample essays for IB English A1, some are past paper responses done under exam conditions. The files include essays for both Paper 1 (Unseen Commentary) and Paper 2 (Detailed Studies work).

63 files

  1. English A1 sample Paper 1

    This is a sample English Language and Literature SL/HL response to a set of two texts. While the extracts used for the Paper 1 is a past exam for English A2, Paper 1 for A2 and A1 Language and Literature the same. This was a sample response given to be by my English Language and Literature teacher. Does not include marks, but I am assuming it is a pretty good response when she is handing it out as a sample response.
    Now: time for random emoticons.
    :sam: :sam:
  2. English A1 Lit HL Essay - 20/20

    This is my first 20/20 in an English A Lit HL Paper 1 exam and as lots of people asked, I thought I might as well just upload it here!
    Good luck everyone!
  3. Commentary on "Winter Syntax" by Billy Collins (N06 HL)

    A commentary on the poem "Winter Syntax" by Billy Collins from November 2006 (HL). This commentary was awarded a 6.
  4. Poetry Commentary on "The Hawk", by Harold Witt

    This is an IB Poetry Commentary Paper, which was graded a 6 by IBO.
    It is on The Hawk, by Harold Witt.
  5. English Lit HL Paper 2 Exemplar 23/25

    English Literature HL Paper 2 that scored 23/25 in the May 2013 Exam
    Works used: Death of a Salesman and Glen Gary Glen Ross
  6. Commentary: Two Hands by Jon Stallworthy

    A commentary of the poem 'Two Hands' by Jon Stallworthy (English A1SL)
  7. Child and Insect Paper 1 commentary

    Type: Paper 1 commentary
    Grade: Level 7 at HL
    Marked: internally
  8. Commentary on an extract from "Life of Pi" (M04 HL)

    A commentary on an extract from Yann Martel's "Life of Pi" from May 2004 (HL). This commentary was awarded a 7.
  9. Commentary HL M03

    Unseen Commentary – 'Night Wind' HL M03
    Handwritten under timed conditions and then typed up.
    Marks: 25/25
  10. Commentary on "Night Wind" by Christopher Dewdney (M03 HL)

    A commentary on Christopher Dewdney's "Night Wind" from HL May 2003.
  11. English Literature HL Paper 2 Essay that scored 18/25

    English Literature HL Paper 2 Essay that scored 18/25 in the May 2013 Exam
    Works used: Death of a Salesman and The Importance of Being Earnest
  12. Sample Paper 2

    This essay is my sample response to an in-class practice activity for Paper 2 and mirrors an exam response using the two novels: As I Lay Dying and Ethan Frome. My teacher graded it a 22 out of 25 mark. The following is the prompt I responded to:

    "The art of the storyteller is to hold the attention of the reader."

    With reference to two works you have studied, discuss ways in which the writers have employed techniques that hold you attention.

  13. Commentary on an extract from "The Book of Saladin" by Tariq Ali (N04 SL)

    A commentary on an extract from "The Book of Saladin" by Tariq Ali from November 2004 (SL). This commentary was awarded a 7.
  14. The Great Gatsby Paper 2 Exam: Passage Analysis

    Written on the question: Choose a passage rich in symbol, metaphor, or imagery and analyze what Fitzgerald accomplishes.
    This essay received a 19/25 (6)
    A: 4 B: 4 C: 4 3 E: 4
  15. Unseen - The Visitor

    Sample Commentary: The Visitor by Patricia Cresswell
    Grade: 7
  16. Commentary on Snakes in September (Poem)

    This was one of the last essays I wrote in the IB before the exams. So this represents my commentary writing skills at their very best.
    This is a commentary written on Stanley Kunitz's Snakes in September. I don't have the poem attached to this document, so look it up online and read it a few times before reading the commentary.
    Lastly, I had a 24/25 raw IB score for this essay, so I like to think that it is well-written.
    Hope it helps you,
  17. "The Second Coming" poem commentary

    A poetry commentary on "The Second Coming" - I think it got a 6.
  18. Raymond Carver: Literary Comparison of 'Fever' and 'Cathedral'

    This essay attempts to answer the question: "In what ways and for what purposes does Carver make use of the extraordinary or the unusual in his stories Fever and Cathedral?"
  19. Commentary on Ted Hughes' "Jaguar"

    Commentary on Ted Hughes' poem, "Jaguar".
  20. Essay on Madam Bovary and The Bluest Eye

    Discuss the interplay between setting and action as part of the meaning of the novels you have read.
    Novels--Madam Bovary and The Bluest Eye
  21. Big Daddy's rationale

    Sample of an analysis
    Big Daddy's Will.docx
  22. Unseen - Things Fall Apart extract

    Extract from Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
    Sample Unseen Commentary
    Grade: 7
  23. Paper 2 Sample- Kite Runner

    I recieved a 5 on this Paper Two, but it was one of my first ones. Maybe some comments would help? I also thought it would be useful to those who are extremely stuck on how to format!
  24. paper-1-advice-and-examples.pdf

  25. HL November 2002 P2 no.1b

    English A1 HL November 2002 Paper 2, Question 1.b.
    A ‘love’ story is often present in drama. Compare and evaluate the manner in which a ‘love’ story, broadly interpreted, either sits at the centre of the plays you have studied or intrudes its concern into the central issues.
    Grade: 7
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