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Other Languages A1 Pre-2013

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Notes and sample essays for other IB Languages A1.These are still useful for you to learn how to write and structure literature analysis, however they are not relevant to the current syllabus criteria.

When uploading, please indicate clearly in the title which language.

34 files

  1. Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon (Chapter 15 Notes)

    This file contains detailed notes about Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon (Chapter 15)
  2. part_1_language_argumentative_essay_task_sheet_.pages

  3. english paper 1

  4. Korean M10 Paper 1 answer

    This is my work on  M10/1/A1KOR/HP1/KOR/TZ0/XX – 제일과 제일장.
    It was internally marked by my teacher and got
    A  - 4
    B - 4
    C - 4
    D- 4
    hence 16 out of 20 possible marks.
    Hope this helps! There seemed to be a lack of files on Korean A1 and I thought this might help some people
  5. Şiir Çözümleme

    Notes on poetry analysis both for written and oral commentary. (It's Turkish)
  6. Notes on Kalbu by Soseke Natsume

    Notes on Kalbu by Soseke Natsume. For reference only.
  7. Spanish HL - Paper 1 "El patinador"

    Score: 20/20
    Teacher comments: Balanced analysis of technique and style. Language is precise and effective.
  8. Spanish Literature HL Written Commentary "Final" - Paper 1 style analysis

    Essay obtained a 16/20. Criterion A: 4, Criterion B: 3, Criterion C: 4 and Criterion D : 5. Characters should've been analysed more deeply.
  9. HL Spanish A Literature - Paper 2 Style essay: Perfume, Like Water for Chocolate & The house of the spirits

    I got a 21/25 for this essay in my Spanish Literature HL class. It talks about how some books are constructued through jumps in time or in a chronological order.
  10. RealismusGermanLit

    summary of the literature epoch of realism in Germany
  11. The analysis of Solitude by desire and dissatisfaction in The Metamorphosis, Madame Bovary, and Bartleby

    El análisis de la Soledad mediante el deseo y la insatisfacción en La Metamorfosis, Madame Bovary, y Bartleby
    This is a work from 2009 in Spanish as a first language (Lengua A1)
  12. Messages and warnings of a bourgeois society in the works Madame Bovary, Bartleby and The Metamorphosis.

    Messages and warnings of a bourgeois society in the works Madame Bovary, Bartleby and The Metamorphosis.
    Spanish as a first language (Lengua A1)
  13. Alternate Version of “El Principito”

    Spanish as a First language (Lengua A1)
  14. Self Taught Farsi Great Gatsby Comparison with Jane Eyre

    This is an essay which I compared the two books Jane Eyre and Great Gatsby. It was a practice that I had to do as homework. I got 17 out of 20. So it's a good short essay!
  15. Lord of flies in arabic

    this is a copy of the novel Lord of flies in arabic A1, i use it for my arabic exms! thought some of you guys could use it!
  16. Arabic World Lit

    Comparing the image of women in: Miss Julie, Antigoine and Wild Duck. Got a grade 6 by the IBO.
  17. Indonesian A1 - Gaya Bahasa

    this is a list of gaya bahasa's with their definitions and examples. very useful in Indonesian A1 course
  18. Analysis of the books of "La tregua" Mario Benedetti, "La Familia de Pascual Duarte" de Jose Camilo Cela and "El Túnel" de Ernesto Sábato

    Analaysis of the books mentioned in the File name, it only includes the analysis, is approximately 25,000 words and very useful for the Spanish A1 syllabus
  19. REFERENCE FOR NOVEL: Chapters Summary in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

    Chapter summary for Things Fall Apart from chapter 14 to chapter 25. The notes are in Malay.
  20. REFERENCE FOR NOVEL: Language Style in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

    This is a presentation notes about the language style in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. The notes are in Malay.
  21. Mario und der Zauberer von Thomas Mann

    Nützliche Zusammenfassungen und untersuchungen von stilistischen Mitteln wie Raumgestaltung etc.
  22. German - Past Paper May 2007 - Poem Commentary

    "Die Gaststätte"
  23. German A1 - Very detailed description of all literature aspects

    literary terms + explanation for poems, dramas and narrative literature as well as some basics to interpreting literature
  24. German A1 - Gedichtinterpretation Tipps

    A very well written essay explaining different methods of approaching a commentary, explaining some of the errors people make, and providing advice for improvement (Ein sehr guter Aufsatz, der verschiedene Methoden einer Interpretation erläutert. Darüber hinaus erklärt dieser häufig gemachte Fehler mit Raschlägen zur Verbesserung).
  25. Turkish A1 HL - A Commentary on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "Chronicle of a Death Foretold"

    Bu kompozisyon, Gabriel Garcia Marquez'in "Kırmızı Pazartesi" adlı eserindeki imge ve simgelerin kahramanların karakter özelliklerini yansıtmadaki rolünü incelemektedir.
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