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Language B and Ab Initio

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Notes and sample essays of IB Language B and Ab Initio subjects, for students studying second languages. When uploading, please indicate clearly in the title which language.

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  1. German AB

    a very good resource for IB
  2. essay phrases german

    Phrases to begin essays
  3. Japanese B Kanji Booklet

    A useful collection of all the Kanji for Japanese B- with practice squares
  4. Spanish B - Tipos y Descripciones de Textos Escritos

    This breaks down what each type of texto escrito requires you to do. This was created by my teacher, an IB grader with a Masters in Spanish.
  5. Spanish B Sample Essays

  6. English B Sample Letter of complaint

    My teacher graded this with a 7.
  7. English B SL Exam Practice Question (Monday 15 November 2004)

    You are worried about something that is going on at your school (such as bullying or an environmental issue) and you feel strongly that you should do something about it. Write an article about the issue for your school newspaper, trying to persuade the other students of your point of view.
  8. English B HL Exam Practice Question (Friday 4 May 2007)

    You have been asked to interview a fellow student who designed an unusual summer camp experience for young people that took place last year. This camp was very successful. Write an article for your school newspaper based on this interview describing the camp and which aspects made it a success.
  9. English B SL Exam Practice Question (Friday 9 May 2003)

    In an e-mail to a new friend whom you met last summer, you mention some of the activities in which you have been involved recently. You are particularly enthusiastic about a new sport or hobby. In this correspondence you wish to provide information, as well as to convey your enthusiasm, about this sport or hobby. Write your e-mail.
  10. Mandarin B - 3 written productions

    - 3 Written productions (three different questions)
    - Total of 1,447 words
    - No mark (homework)
  11. Mandarin B written production on 'Do middle school students need mobile phones?'

    Topic: 中学生需要用手机吗?
    Type: Written Production
    Word count: 561
    Mark: None
  12. Mandarin B Written Production on Tourism in Beijing and Auckland

    Two written productions that I did for my Mandarin B holiday homework. The articles are on tourism in Beijing and Auckland. They are both 250+ words, as this was the criteria. We weren't given any marks, but I got great feedback from my Chinese teacher.
  13. Mandarin B (Some useful words)

    Some useful words with pinyin, chinese simp and english translation for Mandarin B, by my Teacher.
    "Would be excellent if you included them in your writing".
  14. Spanish Verbs, Tenses and Explanations

    This is a huge project I did containing explanations of how to conjugate all types of verbs in all different forms (regular, stem-changing and irregular) in about six different tenses.
  15. Vital Vocabulary for Spanish Ab initio

    This is a document with all of the vocabulary from my first year in IB Spanish ab inicio. It is categorized according to topics.
  16. Spanish Foods and Drinks Vocabulary

    This is vocabulary for various foods and drinks, and the verbs related to this topic for Spanish ab inicio
  17. Spanish Sports and Tourism Vocabulary

    This is vocabulary for Spanish ab initio concerning different sports, types of tourism, vital information for the unit "toursim" (example, vocabulary such as "ticket", "trip", "adventure", "brochure", etc.)
  18. Chinese vocab

    This is for students who take mandarin B SL and mandarin B ab initio to refresh your vocabulary and learn some new vocabulary to score a minimum 5 in IB mandarin B.
  19. Spanish - Uses of the Subjunctive

    A sheet using the acronym WEDDING to practice the uses of the subjunctive tense.
  20. German Ab Initio Oral: house, home and daily routine

    German Ab Initio Oral: HOUSE, HOME AND DAILY ROUTINE.
    (oral questions and possible open answers)
  21. German Ab Initio Oral : Social Activities, Fitness and Health

    German Ab Initio Oral : Social Activities, Fitness and Health.
    possible oral questions and open ended answers
  22. IB Standard Level Spanish B vocabulary

    Content is up to Year 12/IB1. I'm currently predicted a Level 7 and this is the list of vocabulary I have been studying from.
    Included with each piece of vocab is the type of vocab (noun, verb, etc.) For verbs, the verb type is also included (AR, ER, IR, reflexive).
  23. Spanish: Prepositional Pronouns and Preposition List

    Notes about prepositional pronouns and a list of common Spanish prepositions.
  24. ventajes y desventajes del Internet

    Useful for IB course Spanish B HL ,
    I needed to present this in front of the class, and got a 7 (1-7), my predicted grade for the course is also a 7.
  25. Inmigración y emigración

    Useful for the IB course Spanish B HL
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