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  1. Business Management Notes - Chapter 1

    Consists of notes for both SL and HL: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7(HL only)
  2. General.utxt

  3. BM IA Guide Given by the Teacher

    Helps with the structure of Business Management HL Internal Assessment.
  4. Nur

    NPO, NGO and Charities
  5. Unit 4 Marketing.pptx

    Unit 4 Marketing.pptx
  6. Unit 4 Marketing

    Class Notes on Unit 4 Marketing
  7. IB Business 3.1 notes

    Notes on Sources of Finance
  8. business management Business Management Exam Prep: Need to Know

    I made this in September from a list that our teacher wrote on the board that the second year people needed to know/be able to use for their exams, I copied it down and made this. I've found it really useful and I hope you do too
  9. hrm HRM - Thug Style

    For you all folks out there, these are notes written in thug style, revising will be much more fun now  
  10. IB Business Management Subject Guide

    This is an official IBDP document with Syllabus outline and Assessment Objectives for Business Management HL & SL
  11. Psychology Cognition

    Very helpful and has all the points
  12. Business and management SL notes- Finance

    Here is a condensed version of finance unit..very helpful for SL students
  13. Business Studies Topic 1 Notes

    Condensed notes on 1.1 Business and management HL: Nature of Business activity.
  14. Business management SL notes

    Business SL notes from chapters 1-4, if anyone needs them
  15. APUSH Chapter 2 notes/outline

    APUSH Chapter 2 notes/outline
  16. Business and Management chapter 1.1 to 1.9 worksheet and chapter 2.1 to 2.5 notes

    there are practice papers and assignments for unit 1 and notes for unit 2
  17. Source of finance

    This is a full list of all sources of finance (interal and external) with a deatiled explanation of
    what thoses sources of finance are
    their advantages
    their disadvantages
  18. Auditing formulae

    This is a table of formulae of many ratios in finance with full of explanation of
    What it tells us
    Accepted ratio
    How can it be improved
  19. Notes for the Organizational Sturcture Module

    This pdf contains a summary/short explanation for all the topics in this module
  20. Notes for the Finance Module

    This pdf contains a summary/short explanation for all the topics in this module
  21. Note for the Maketing module

    This pdf contains a summary/short explanation for all the topics in this module
  22. Revision Booklet for Case Study 2012 (UWP)

    This a document containing explanation for lessons in the syllabus which are related to the 2012 case study UWP Mission to Loyka..
  23. Business & Managment SL Syllabus

    This is the subject guide (syllabus) for Business & Management SL (First examination 2007). It contains assessment criteria as well.
  24. B&M Marketing OUTLINE SL

    Just an outline I did for the chapter about management. Ofc considering the syllabus ) Hope it helps. It helped me, a loot!
  25. B&M Human resources case studies SL

    Just two case studies I did as an exercise for my B&M class. They've been checked by my teacher and said to be a 7... A bit of revising before an exam.

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