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Sample Internal Assessments

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30 files

  1. Business Management IA Samples

    Samples i found online. These were not done or collected by me. 
  2. Things Very Important For You

    these files are things you will need now or later👽
  3. IA Physics

    Physics IA 2020
  4. Business Management Research Proposal sample

    I believe this is a good example of a business management HL research proposal for the IA. 
  5. business hl ia guide

    everything you need to know to make business internal assessment for ib
  6. electricity and magnetism IB physics Question bank from past papers

    IB Physics HL and SL questions from the past paper of chapter 5 ie. (Electricity and magnetism). DO comment or mail me if you want all subject questions.
  7. CAS guidlines

    Basically a guideline for those of you who didn't listen in class during CAS 
  8. B&M IA

    Hi Guys,
    This is my B&M IA for which I got pretty good grade. If any of you have any doubt, take a look at it.
    Thank you
  9. economic paper

    This is economics paper which discusses  on economical impact on enviroment
  10. SL Business IA Sample (level 7)

    22/25 SL IA Sample
  11. Business Internal Assesment

    This is a business internal assesment sample. Grade 6
  12. Business and Management Internal Assesment

    I really feel this is a good essay with sufficient scope in terms of primary and secondary research
  13. Standard Level Guide for Business and Management

    very helpful
  14. Aco Pu Supplies

    Teacher marked a 6 (forgot a bibliography), but received a 7 from moderation.
  15. BnM IA Samples

    I have uploaded the Sample IA's for BnM
  16. Business HL IA example

    i got this example from my teacher.
  17. Business & Management IA HL

    My B&M IA HL. Scored a high mark in this so thought it may be helpful!
  18. HL IA Would hiring a casual employee for administrative work be beneficial to BusinessX and Mr Smith?

    A HL IA analysing whether it would be beneficial for the small business to hire someone for administrative work using a decision tree, ratio analysis, motivational theories and a Lewin's Force Field Analysis.
    Grade: Moderated to 20/25 so a 7
    Written by Kelly Shroff
  19. Business And management SL IA

    An IB Business and management SL IA. The title is " What are the factors that lead to decrease in performance of the agents of Reap N' Rich Worldwide Sdn.Bhd (R N' R)? This got 18/20. The grade is a 7
  20. Business and management SL IA - Commentary

    Commentary on: Can Vodafone’s innovative promotional strategies further increase its market share in Qatar?
    Moderated mark: 20/25 (7)
    Session: May 2010
  21. BM Sample IA 2

    How can Tyrolit Schleifmittel Gmbh increase sales
    in a time of stagnation in the German market?
  22. Sample BM ia

    sample bm ia 1 Can Ford’s ‘Way Forward’ strategy work to
    rescue the company?
  23. SL IA Commentary--Tyrolit Schleifmittel Gmbh

    How can Tyrolit Schleifmittel Gmbh increase sales in a time of stagnation in the German market?
    B&M Teacher Support Material 2007
  24. Sample IA 2 -- Improve Sales Revenue

    How can Jaygee's Levis's store in the Plaza Singapura change its Product Line mix strategy to improve its annual sales revenue?
    HL research project—Sample 2
    Business and management teacher support material
  25. Sample IA--OIB Expand Moderator Comments

    Moderator comments for the sample IA with the file name "Sample IA--OIB Expand"
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