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  1. ECON micro note SL&HK

    Economic SL&HL note, maybe useful
  2. common access to resources and threat to sustainiability.pages

    cit has detailed notes on common access resources
  3. Economic Growth

    Notes about Economic Growth 
  4. Ch17 Econ notes

    Domestic Factors and their influence on economic growth and development
  5. Demand Notes

  6. Supply notes

    notes about supply, intro to microeconomics. 
  7. English Language and Literature Paper 2 score 5

    I got score 5 on the paper 2 assignment for lang and literature, hope it helps!
  8. Taxation and Subsidies Notes

    Some notes that I took about taxation and subsidies implemented by the government. 
  9. Market failure notes

    This is market failure notes that I made by myself. I got a 7 in econs HL for my school paper and my school is notorious for setting difficult papers so these notes should be good enough.
  10. some notes for economics

    There some definitions of microeconomics and some points.
  11. development economics

    notes on topic 4 development economics
  12. IB Economics notes

    There are two files: PDF and Pages. 
  13. IB Economics Revision Workbook

    Best revision
  14. IB Economics Revision Workbook

    BEST Workbook EVER
  15. ACDC Economics notes

    I had purchased some notes from the popular IB economics youtuber, ACDCEcon. These bunch of notes & exclusive videos were quiet helpful at some extent. I sincerely hope it helps you as well.
  16. Unemployment Notes

    This file talks about the basic definitions involve in Unemployment chapter and the shortcomings of using the unemployment rate as an indicator of unemployment status. 
  17. Eco Required Definitions

    This is every definition that is required in IB Eco as far as I know. 
  18. ib econs notes in a nutshell

    compresensive notes for ppl who take hl econs!! 
  19. worksheets

    this file will give you a better understanding of macroeconomics
  20. Chapter 1-3 notes IB Econ

    Chapter 1-3 summary of IB Econ SL 
  21. Fiscal Policies

    Notes for fiscal policies, Econ SL
  22. Monetary policy notes

    These are some notes for the monetary policy objectives in the syllabus of economics sl.
  23. Microeconomics Notes

    This is my notes that I compiled, and typed out myself to prepare myself for my finals in 2014.
    I am rather proud of this compilation as I have tried my best to make everything neat and easy to read.
    I also included formulas and definitions in my notes.
    Do note that I have left some space in between paragraphs for you to draw the graphs.
    Reason being:
    1. Drawing graphs on Word is too time consuming
    2. I think that drawing the graphs yourself will enable you to develop a better understanding of the different economic theories.
    I hope my notes will help you the way it helped me.
    I will submit my notes on macroeconomics when I have fully compiled everything.
    Have a great day!
  24. IB economics definitions list . AMAZING

    Really nice IB definitions list, with clear explanation.
  25. Econ Market failure powerpoint

    A very useful ppt talking about market failure with diagrams and explanations!

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