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Sample Internal Assessments

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  2. Sample Microeconomics IA

    This is one of the microeconomics IA I wrote a few years ago. Received a 18 out of 20.
  3. Macroeconomics Commentary: Unemployment

    First IA written. Scores Received from first draft.
    A-Diagrams: 3/3
    B-Terminology: 2/2
    C-Application: 2/2
    D-Analysis: 2/3
    E-Evaluation: 0/4
    Relatively good, excluding the evaluation.
  4. 4 Economics commentaries (All 19/20)

    Four commentaries, each covering a different syllabus topic of Economics course. All have received 19 out of 20. Student's name and school has been changed.
  5. Economics IA Macroeconomics: French tax cuts

    An Economics Internal Assessment in Macroeconomics discussing tax cuts in France and their likely effects on the French economy, unemployment and inflation. Contains teacher comments. Enjoy!
  6. Macroeconomics Commentary

    Macroeconomics commentary on the monetary policy employed by the Bank of England. Article is attached to file.
  7. Economics HL Portfolio - Grade 7

    Marks: 40/45
    Grade: 7
  8. Student A Sample International Economics IA

    An International Economics internal assessment which scored full marks.
  9. 3 commentaries - level 7

    My friend's commentaries, I have permission to upload. Received 38/45, which gave her level 7.
  10. Complete Econ HL Portfolio

    A complete Economics HL Portfolio
  11. HL Econ IA Micro

    This is a good essay about the tax raise in fuel and the effect on drivers in Greece
  12. Economics Portfolio - May 2011 Candidate

    Moderated Grade: 19/20
  13. 3 Sample Commentaries

    A collection of sample economics commentaries
  14. Economics IA Macroeconomics: Interest rates

    An Economics Internal Assessment that discusses interest rates in the United Kingdom.
  15. Economics HL Portfolio - 33/45 (6)

    My Economics HL Portfolio of Internal Assessments. Marks awarded in total: 33/45 resulting in a 6 (yay!).
  16. International Trade Commentary (Econ HL)

    An Economics HL Commentary done by me. Article is also attached (South Korean Won tumbling and its effect on neighbouring countries).
    I believe I got a high 6 on the Commentary.
  17. Economics IA Macroeconomics: South Korea interest rates

    A Macroeconomics commentary on the lowering of South Korea's interest rates. Contains teacher comments. Enjoy!
  18. Economics SL IA

    Grade: 7 (17/20)
    Commentary #1
    Section: Microeconomics
    Topic: Supply and demand
    Commentary #2
    Section : Microeconomics
    Topic: Price ceilings
    Commentary #3
    Section: Macroeconomics
    Topic: Unemployment
    Commentary #4
    Section: International Economics
    Topic: Trade barriers
    Commentary #5
    Section: International Economics
    Topic: Exchange rates
    Please note that Commentary #5 was not used for my IA. It is an extra commentary.

    this is a sample commentary i found on net which i think is precise
  20. Economics SL Internal Assessment Commentary Portfolio

    Hello, all! This is my complete Economics Internal Assessment Commentary Portfolio for the May 2011 Exam Session as a Junior in the first IB class at my school. Even though I didn't know completely what I supposed to produce, these came out pretty well and although I don't know exactly what score these received out of the 20 possible marks, I made a 5 in Economics SL course overall so they can't be that bad but as soon as I find out I'll report the exact score here. Since I'm the only IB Economics student who remained in the Diploma Programme in my Senior year, I assist the lower IB students this year prepare their IAs and I would have killed for more sample IAs last year; so in order to help all those in need of another sample IA, I offer mine.
    Good luck!
  21. Economics IA Commentary

    This got 17/20.
  22. Econ IA Guide

    Economics Internal Assessment Guide
    First Exams in 2005

    this is a sample commentary i found on net which i think is precise

    this is a sample commentary i found on net which i think is precise
  25. IA unit 2 macroeconomics

    Newspaper from Wall Street Journal
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