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Asia and Oceania

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Notes on Asia and Oceania EXCLUDING the Korean War and the Vietnam War

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  1. Japan (1920s)

    Brief notes on Japan in the 1920s.
    Done for History SL - Move to Global War.
  2. Japan (1853-1920)

    Brief notes on Japan from 1853 (Perry's arrival) to the 1920s.
    Done for History SL - Move to Global War.
  3. Tokugawa Shogunate Overview and Weakness

    An overview of the Tokugawa Shogunate as well as it's weaknesses that would eventually lead to it's collapse
  4. Historiography for Late 19th Century China

    Historiography from Immanuel Hsü, Grasso Korin, Fairbank Reischauer Craig and Jack Gray
    Covers the Opium War, the Unequal Treaties and the Taiping Rebellion
  5. How successful was democracy in Japan

    A summary of the instance of successes and failure of democracy in Japan. Includes supplementary notes from pre-1900.
  6. Japan 1912 to 1920s Paper 3 Notes

    Notes on Japan from 1912 to 1920s.Update should be coming soon with more notes on Japan (until the American occupation).
  7. Issues in Chinese History Since 1949

    These are the four main issues evident in Chinese history since 1949, which are vital to understand when studying the Communism in Crisis, specifically China.
  8. Feudal Japan Meiji

  9. Asian History Timeline

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