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  1. Personal Project 2019

    MY final report for personal project.
    Internal grade: 6
  2. MYP_Personal_Project_Assessment_Criteria.pdf

    This is a rubric with the Personal Project assessment criteria in it. Could be helpful if you are doing the Personal Project or projects in IB.
  3. IB MYP Business Management Notes

    The following document is a 65-page comprehensive document that covers all aspects that one needs for IB Business Management especially the MYP course. It covers all business management concepts required at this level thoroughly and is organized neatly to ensure an amazing reading experience.
  4. Personal project final report on marine biology

    This will help you create a personal project report
  5. LOTF Pathetic Fallacy

    Analytical Essay 
  6. Personal Project Final Report - Adjusting Biased View on Hashima Island (6)

    This personal project final report was written by me during my final year of MYP  2017-18. My topic was Koreans' forced labour in Hashima Island during Japanese Colonization Period. The goal of my personal project was to rewrite and redesign a biased Hashima Island brochure and website created by the Japanese government, which doesn't include any information on forced labour. Also, I aimed to promote my outcomes to the foreign public through an online petition and off-line speech. It was internally marked by my Korean history teacher & I got a final grade of 6.
  7. LOTF Essay Anlysis

    Lord of The Flies Analysis on the nature of Good and Evil 
  8. Grade 10 Science ~~ Biology Notes

    Grade 10 bio notes for beginners. 
  9. Significant figures exercise

    This is what we had to do in pre ibdp
  10. Year 10 Mathematics Part A Review

    An overview and review designed for the Math 10 Common course in Alberta, but useful to any IB Mathematics student looking to review pre-IB material. Covers right-angle trigonometry, polynomials and factoring, and a few other topics. Created by myself. Intended for personal use - please don't redistribute!
  11. IB MYP Coordinator's Notes (2011)

    IB MYP Coordinator's Notes (May 2011)
  12. IB MYP Perspectives 2011-2014

    IB MYP Perspectives 2011-2014
  13. IB MYP Review (2011)

    Review of current and future developments in the MYP (July 2011)
  14. IB MYP curriculum octagon

    High-resolution file of the IB MYP curriculum octagon.
  15. IB MYP Statistical Bulletin (2011)

    IB MYP Statistical Bulletin (Nov 2011)
  16. IB MYP Humanities Guide (2012)

    IB MYP Humanities Guide (Feb 2012)
  17. IB MYP Technology Guide (2008)

    IB MYP Technology Guide (August 2008)
  18. IB MYP Arts Guide (2010)

    IB MYP Arts Guide (Feb 2010)
  19. IB MYP PE Guide (2010)

    IB MYP Physical Education Guide (February 2010)
  20. IB MYP Sciences Guide (2010)

    IB MYP Sciences Guide (May 2010)
  21. IB MYP Maths TSM (2008)

    IB MYP Maths Teacher Support Material (2008)
  22. IB MYP Language B TSM (2008)

    IB MYP Language B Teacher Support Material (2008)
  23. IB MYP Language A TSM (2009)

    IB MYP Language A Teacher Support Material (2009)
  24. IB MYP HumanitiesTSM (2008)

    IB MYP Humanities Teacher Support Material (2008)
  25. IB MYP Technology TSM (2008)

    IB MYP Technology Teacher Support Material (2008)

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