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World Wars

Notes on the world wars and the inter-war years

44 files

  1. Hitler Consolidation of Power

    These are my exam notes for Germany – Hitler based on the Authoritarian States Course Companion textbook by Oxford, as well as my history teacher's lectures. 
  2. WW1 1914-1918

    Typed up notes on World War 1 in 1914 through 1918
  3. 1. WW2 Intro.docx

    1. WW2 Intro.docx
  4. 2. Hitler Rise To Power.docx

    2. Hitler Rise To Power.docx
  5. 3. Hitler Domestic Policies.docx

    3. Hitler Domestic Policies.docx
  6. 4. Hitler Foreign Policy.docx

    4. Hitler Foreign Policy.docx
  7. 5. The Other Causes of WW2.docx

    5. The Other Causes of WW2.docx
  8. The Course of the War in Africa and Italy

    - hopefully this can help you better understand the Italian front in WWII
  9. Long Term Causes of the Second World War (Europe)

    This ranking system should be particularly helpful for Evaluate questions.
  10. History_A.docx

  11. Mussolini's Foreign Policy.docx

  12. Source_Analyzing.docx

  13. Response_Merle.docx

  14. analyzeHM.docx

  15. Japan (Pearl Harbour/1941-)

    Very brief notes on Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour, the reasons for it, and the USA's reaction to it.
  16. World War 1 Super Notes

    35 pages of bulletin points about the events leading up to World War 1 and the after math. This study note also highlights key events that took place. Used this as my exam notes and did pretty well overall.
  17. Rise of Mussolini

    Chapter 4 Notes of 'Interwar Years: Conflict and Cooperation 1919-1939'
  18. Causes of WWI

    Here is a document to help remember the causes of WWI
  19. Causes of WW2

    Causes of WW2
  20. World War 2 Supernotes

    56 Pages of bullet points and diagrams encompassing everything you need to know about WW2
    Includes historiography as well
  21. Causes of WW1

    Summary of the long term causes of WW1
  22. Practices of WW1

    Outline of long term causes of World War One.
  23. Example History Essay WW1 Causes - Full Marks

    This essay is about the causes of world war one. It is a good example if you are looking how to correctly use historiography, as well as coming up with arguments for essays that are not orthodox. My feeling with these history exams is that if you interest the examiner, they will respond better to your essay.
    This essay received full marks.
  24. Notes for WW1

    Notes for World War 1 along with model essays for Paper 2 (Causes, Practices and Effects of War)
    (PDF files)
  25. World War One Causes

    Here is a fact file on the causes of WW1, in a timeline format (detail for each event).

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