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Cold War

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Notes on the Cold War INCLUDING the Vietnam and Korean Wars

18 files

  1. Japanese Expansionism PP

    hello! here is a very detailed power point to guide you in japanese expansionism 
  2. Cold War Notes

    Cold War Notes and Review
  3. Steps to Cold War : Study Notes

    6 main reasons for cold war with summary (in point form). Enjoy!
  4. Cuadro Guerra Fria + Presidentes

    Guerra Fria, un cuadro de las fases
  5. Causes of the Cold War evidence and quotes

    A collection of dates, evidence, quotes and historiography on the causes of the Cold War. This kind of stuff is vital to any essay in order to get a 6/7.
  6. The Cold War Notes

    Here are some notes I made about The Cold War!
  7. Origins of The Cold War

    Notes on the origins of the Cold War.
  8. Sample Origins of CW Essay Paragraph

    Just a sample of a history essay paragraphs
  9. Cold War Summary & Essay Approach

    A summary of origins, development (on KW and CMC), end of CW and the effects of the end of CW.
    Discussed methods and essay skills in addressing some of the question types.
  10. Paper 2 Notes, Single Party States (mao & stalin) & the Cold War

    Hopefully this helps someone out there. I made these whilst studying this week to review for the Paper two test. Covers exactly what the file name says.
  11. The Cold War - Schools of Thought Notes

  12. Cold War Timeline

  13. Early CW and Korean War

  14. the German Question

  15. Korean War

  16. Yalta and Potsdam as CW Causes

  17. Vietnam War

  18. The Cold War

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