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Other A languages Post-2013

Notes and samples for other IB A Language and Literature according to the syllabus from 2013 onward.

13 files

  1. Literary essay, Äidinkieli HL

    Tappeluiden, vai tappelijoiden kerho.pdf
  2. Runokommentti - Meriluoto, Grade 6

    Runokommentti - Meriluoto.pdf
  3. Pohtiva essee, grade: 7

    Pohtiva essee.pdf
  4. Argumentaatioanalyysi, grade: 6

    Ei hauskaa - hauskasti.pdf
  5. German A HL

    Written task type 1 about Chronik eines angekündigten Todes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
  6. Hebrew Lit A - poems

    I take self thought Hebrew, there aren't that many study materials for it so I though I would share mine
  7. Spanish IA

  8. Polish A Literature Extended Essay

    This is my Polish A Literature HL Extended Essay. The topic is Wpływ pamięci o życiowych doświadczeniach na konstrukcję psychiki bohaterek „Cudzoziemki” Marii Kuncewiczowej i „Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi. The result was 32/36 and an A grade. Enjoy!
  9. Trabalho Escrito- Casa de Bonecas

    Written Task 1 on Doll's House for Portuguese A Language and Literature
  10. Spanish A: Literatura medieval (notes)

    Brief notes and info about spanish medieval literature
  11. Polish A: Literature (post 2013) - Paper 1 interpretary commentary

    This is an interpretary commentary on a piece of Witold Gomolicki's Wydarzenie (a novel). Unfortunately I cannot provide this piece but I guess a commentary itself may be a little help. It's graded like Paper 1 so in fact it's just Paper 1 written by me at home. I ended with a score of 14/20. It's for Polish A: Literature course (I'm doing HL but I don't think it matters in this particular case).
  12. Spanish A notes

    Compilation of definitions, notes and guidance for Spanish A students.
  13. Polish A: Literature (Written Assignment) - "Jądro Ciemności" Josepha Conrada

    It's my final Written Assignment in Polish A: Literature in May sessions 2013. I received 16/25, which constitued a 5.

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