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Other A languages Post-2013

Notes and samples for other IB A Language and Literature according to the syllabus from 2013 onward.

16 files

  1. CAS project Reflection and process journal

    Beijing travel advisor CAS project full process journal and reflection


  2. Resumo de A Metamorfose por Franz Kakfa

    Eu tive que ler esse livro para o Paper 2 de Português A: Linguagem e Literatura. Fiz esse resumo com a prova em mente, então coloquei citações, cenas, e fatos sobre o autor e o contexto. 
    Uma coisa que é importante lembrar é que como o livro foi escrito em alemão, as traduções sofrem modificações do significado original. Dependendo da pergunta do Paper 2, isso é uma coisa interessante de abordar. 
    Boa sorte nas provas pessoal!


  3. Bahasa homework

    Bahasa homeowork 


  4. Literary essay, Äidinkieli HL

    Tappeluiden, vai tappelijoiden kerho.pdf


  5. Runokommentti - Meriluoto, Grade 6

    Runokommentti - Meriluoto.pdf


  6. Submitted

  7. Submitted

  8. German A HL

    Written task type 1 about Chronik eines angekündigten Todes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 


  9. Hebrew Lit A - poems

    I take self thought Hebrew, there aren't that many study materials for it so I though I would share mine


  10. Spanish IA



  11. Polish A Literature Extended Essay

    This is my Polish A Literature HL Extended Essay. The topic is Wpływ pamięci o życiowych doświadczeniach na konstrukcję psychiki bohaterek „Cudzoziemki” Marii Kuncewiczowej i „Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi. The result was 32/36 and an A grade. Enjoy!


  12. Trabalho Escrito- Casa de Bonecas

    Written Task 1 on Doll's House for Portuguese A Language and Literature


  13. Spanish A: Literatura medieval (notes)

    Brief notes and info about spanish medieval literature


  14. Polish A: Literature (post 2013) - Paper 1 interpretary commentary

    This is an interpretary commentary on a piece of Witold Gomolicki's Wydarzenie (a novel). Unfortunately I cannot provide this piece but I guess a commentary itself may be a little help. It's graded like Paper 1 so in fact it's just Paper 1 written by me at home. I ended with a score of 14/20. It's for Polish A: Literature course (I'm doing HL but I don't think it matters in this particular case).


  15. Spanish A notes

    Compilation of definitions, notes and guidance for Spanish A students.


  16. Polish A: Literature (Written Assignment) - "Jądro Ciemności" Josepha Conrada

    It's my final Written Assignment in Polish A: Literature in May sessions 2013. I received 16/25, which constitued a 5.


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