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Language and Literature

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  1. Written Task for Streetcar named desire - Extra scene

    My grade for the WT is 16/20 since my rationale was not well explained
    but the point is that I used Teneessee William's linguistic style properly.
    Even though English is my second Language :3
  2. Ode to the West Wind Commentary

    A commentary based on the first canto of Ode to the West Wind by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  3. English A LL FOA

    My FOA for English A Lang Lit to give you ideas. I got a 7 on it with 1point from full marks.
  4. FOA: Sexual Assault and Honor Killings (7/7 IB scale, 97%)

    This is my FOA about sexual assault and honor killings. I got a 7 on the IB scale and a 97%. Enjoy!
  5. English Syllabus (Language and Literature)

    English syllabus 2016.
  6. Purple Hibiscus notes

    These notes may help for anyone who has Purple Hibiscus as a prescribed novel for Paper 2.
  7. Persepolis notes

    These notes may help for anyone who has Persepolis as a prescribed novel for Paper 2.
  8. John Keats notes

    Notes on a few of John Keats' poems for the Individual Oral Commentary.
  9. Written Task HL English Language and Literature 20/20

    some spelling mistakes were corrected in a later version, however, nothing else was changed.
  10. Dog in IB LITERATURe

    This is a dog in IB literature
  11. Streetcar - How does Tennessee Williams present Blanche in the opening scenes of the play?

    hi!! so this was just a practice essay we did (no time limit or anything). it's supposed to be like a paper 2 for Eng Langlit (I take HL), but its not quite the kind of question you'd get in the exam (you have to compare at least 2 of the texts studied). so, I guess its just a revision essay. our teacher still graded it as if it were an exam answer, though.
    this gets just about a level 7, however my teacher noted that "there are several key points missing here, e.g. how Blanche tells lots of small lies, and why; how she tells the truth about deep issues; her past pain - watching relatives die, choosing desire; about Allan's death" ... and that I should "refer more to individual scenes to anchor your quotes" (I didn't quote the page / scene number for each quote). 
  12. English A Language and Literature Help Guide by students

    This is a file created by former IB students who achieved exceptional scores in IB. This guide provides you with the fundamentals of English A Language and Literature course and how to answer each paper.
  13. IOC Notes - The Things They Carried

    The highlighted titles are what I believe (and what my teacher noted) were the main stories. 
  14. Political, Historica, Socio-cultural Context-A Doll's House.docx

    Political, Historica, Socio-cultural Context-A Doll's House.docx
  15. Hamlet | Feminist Theories and Ophelia

    This document provides a concise study guide, great for use in your IOCs, with an abundance of feminist readings of the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet. A range of perspectives are shared, including that of prominent literary critics and psychologists such as Jaques Lacan.
  16. PART 3- A Dolls House-TEXT analysis (1).docx

    PART 3- A Dolls House-TEXT analysis (1).docx
  17. Foil Characters.docx

    Foil Characters.docx
  18. a_dolls_house.pdf

    Multifaceted analytical points for ADH.
  19. Doll's House Motifs.docx

    Doll's House Motifs
  20. FW__RE__Symbols_&_Motifs_in_'A_Doll's_House' (2).zip

    File with notes on symbols and motifs in A Doll's House.

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