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  1. English Lit A HL 5

    This is an example of a well structred essay that recieved a 5 grade for ENGLISH lit HL this is a commentary


  2. Lord of the Flies Paper 1 Practice Commentary

    Hi all, I just wanted to share my response to an extract of the novel Lord of the Flies as a practice for IB English A Lit paper 1. 


  3. Paper 1 Brief notes for revision

    Contains terminology, structuring essay, sample paper...


  4. Contextual Summary of Othello

    Contextual summary of Othello with pictures.


  5. Rebecca essay:narrator stand .docx

    got a C Rebecca essay:narrator stand .docx


  6. Mina's essay Dracula

    Mina's essay Dracula...here the essay i wrote for my practice unseen paper got a B/5


  7. DraculaThesis Statement.docx plan

    DraculaThesis Statement.docx this is my essay plan 


  8. IOC Mrs Aesop

    An Example IOC on the poem Mrs Aesop by Carol Ann Duffy in her collection of poems "The World's Wife"


  9. Wit Essay

    These are some practice IAs from Chemistry and English. This Wit essay is a 1000 word essay about Chronicle of a Death Foretold because we're not into our final stages of the final draft yet. Same goes for Chemistry and is a practice IA


  10. Essay on nature in "Macbeth" - Yr 1, Lvl 6

    This is an internally assessed essay I wrote on nature imagery in Macbeth in 2018 during my Year 1 English Lit course. 


  11. "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Practice Commentary - Yr 1, Lvl 7

    This is a practice commentary I wrote for an in-class evaluation (internally assessed) on the book The Picture of Dorian Gray. 


  12. Old Man Goriot Character quotes

    A LONG list of quotes and significant passages about the three main characters in Old Man Goriot: Goriot, Eugene and Vautrin.


  13. Old Man Goriot Quotes

    A LONG list of significant quotes and passages from Old Man Goriot, arranged in categories.


  14. Tips and phrases for how to write your Reflective Statement

    Here are some helpful phrases and tips for writing your IB literature Reflective statement which is worth and overall of about 3% of your IB grade. I am a level 7 IB literature student.


  15. Commentary pointers

    Important pointers to keep note of when writing your commentary.


  16. Commentary - Ethan Frome

    This is my essay which I used for my IOP in 2014. It is titled " How are the themes in Wharton's Ethan Frome constructed through her use of imagery?"
    When I started IB, I found English Literature to be very difficult (and I still do) so I thought I would share this essay with whoever is struggling to analyze Ethan Frome or thinking of doing IB.
    I do not know the grade of my IOP, but my teacher told me I did a good job and my peers told me it was insightful as well.


  17. World Literature Paper 2013 ("Family Ties" By C. Lispector)

    This essay was an analysis of Clarice Lispector's use of narrow settings in her work, "Family Ties". "Family Ties" is the title of the collection of short stories we covered in class. In this essay, I attempt to analyse four stories.
    Although I think I offer some acute observations, some ideas are left undeveloped (granted, 1500 words isn't enough to say something significant) and some ideas do not mesh together with the essay prompt very well. The essay also sounds a bit verbose, and I think I used too many big words or used inappropriate words because it is quite hard to understand at times.
    I didn't get the mark breakdown, but based on my final mark, I would guesstimate that this essay received a mid 6 ~ low 7.


  18. Comparative Paper 2 on Drama (Beckett, Shakespeare, Miller)

    Prompt: "Visual Action can be as important as speech on stage". Discuss with referencing at least two works that you have studied.
    I chose to write my essay on Beckett's Waiting for Godot, Miller's Death of a Salesman, and Shakespeare's Hamlet. We only got 90 minutes to do this essay, so it's a bit unfinished near the last point/conclusion.
    Received a 6.


  19. Emma by Jane Austen - Mr. Woodhouse's Quirks - Level 6

    An "open topic" paper on Emma by Jane Austen, in which I wrote about the character of Mr. Woodhouse and his absurdities.


  20. Grade 7 paper 2 essay (drama)

    A Paper 2 english literature essay on a past drama topic about stories and their effect in plays.
    The texts used were A Streetcar Named Desire, Death of a Salesman and very briefly Waiting for Godot.
    This was marked by an IB examiner and received a 7 (23/25).


  21. Written assignment.

    English A: Literature Written Assignment on the work Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca.


  22. Poem Commentary

    Paper 1 practise


  23. Prose Commentary

    Paper 1 Practice


  24. Notes on Theme of gods in Antigone

    Some notes on the theme of the gods in Antigone


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