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  1. Psychology Guide

    2011 psychology guide
  2. Discuss two errors in attribution

    I memorized this essay and it received a 17/22 (marked internally). If you memorise it completely you might get a higher mark. Hope this is helpful! I added extra studies just in case, not all are necessary to memorise. As long as there is enough detail with the studies it should be okay. 
  3. To what extent does genetic influence beharior 17/22

    To what extent does genetic influence behavior, a long answer from the BLOA. This was marked as 17/22 a level 7 answer. It is an essay divided into chunks to help you memorize.  
  4. Psychology Guide 2017-2018

    Good luck!
  5. Biological level of analysis

    Really really helpful
  6. An Integrative Look at Criminal Behavior – Socio-cultural Level of Analysis

    Summary of socio-cultural aspects of criminal behavior (from the biological level of analysis- An Integrative Look at Criminal Behavior). It was done as coursework by a few of my classmates and I ^^. I hope someone finds this helpful!
  7. IB HL Psychology Study Guide

    It has all the syllabus points and a good amount of information for each point. Hope it helps!
  8. Revision notes (bullet point)

    Bullet point revision notes, done point by point from the syllabus. Only meant for quick revision. Studies only listed. Whole core plus 2 options: Human Relationships and Sports
  9. SL Psychology - IB Exam Study Guide

  10. Tips for taking an exam on Abnormal Psychology

    Very helpful on how to structure long essay answers for learning outcomes within the abnormal psychology section.
    Edit by Jirashimosu: I have removed the file entitled "Intrusion of a thematic idea in retention of prose" because it is copyrighted.
  11. Theory of Forgetting: Displacement

    (concerning STM)
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