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Business and Management

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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Business and Management

30 files

  1. operations management notes

    introduction to business management 1.1.pptx
  2. 1.2 Types of Organisation Notes

    Notes on 1.2: Types of organisation.  Notes taken from Business and Management text book for the IB diploma.
  3. IB Business Management Notes

    The following document is a 65-page comprehensive document that covers all aspects that one needs for IB Business Management especially the MYP course. It covers all business management concepts required at this level thoroughly and is organized neatly to ensure an amazing reading experience.
  4. Business Internal Assessment Guidebook

    A helpful guide for the business and management required internal assessment.
  5. Maria

    Simple introduction to IB Marketing
  6. Case Study 2014

    The Case Study (titled The Imperial) that will be used for paper 1 exams, both SL and HL, in May and November of 2014.
  7. Business and Management Topic 1-5 glossary

    Business and Management Topic 1-5 glossary.
    Sorry for the really bad layout and also some of the sub topics are missing :/
  8. Bus. & Man. NOTES

    I think this note has helped me pretty much for the first chapter.
    It contains the summary and important things you should study.
  9. 3. Finance- Investment appraisal study guide

    This is a study guide I created from my Business and Management Studies book and my teacher's class notes.
  10. The Bare Necessities Guide to HL/SL IB Business and Management

    Revision for business students. Very helpful and includes from topic 1-6
  11. BM Case Study May and November 2013

    This is the May and November 2013 Case study for paper 1
  12. Business and Management Internal Assessment Guide

    A teacher-written guide on how to successfully write a Business and Management Internal Assessment. Contains information on preparation, research, the writing process and finally, the marking criteria.
  13. Helpful IA Guide for HL Business Students

    Helpful IA Guide for HL Business Students.
  14. BM section 1 unit 1 Powerpoint

    this is a powerpoint on the first unit of the first section
  15. BM section 1, unit 1.1 key definitions

    the file has some key definitions on the first section, unit 1.1, nature of business activity.
    the definitions would help one get a jist of the unit and understand the unit better with
    technical terms.
    some questions in ib also ask to define certain things.
    it may even help in that.
  16. Business & Management IA Guide for HL

    A guide for how an IA for B&M for HL students should be written and what's to be included etc.
  17. 50 Questions on 2012 Case Study

    Business 2012 Case Study, 50 Questions Great for revision!
  18. BM case study 2012

    For the may 2012 exams.

    Questions prepared for the new BM case study 2012... very helpful...
  20. Business and Management Unit 1.7 notes

    notes os Unit 1.7 Bus & Man HL
  21. Business and Management notes

    Business and Management module 3 notes
  22. B&M IA HL Checklist

    A checklist to ensure you meet all criteria required. For Higher Level only.
  23. Types of Business Ownerships notes

    This file briefly describes the general pros and cons of different business ownerships, their liability and responsibilities of decisions.
  24. BM HL and SL ASSESSMENT Criteria

    This is the ASSESSMENT criteria for Business and Management SL and HL.
    Important for all BM students.
  25. Research project BM HL/SL

    File where almost whatever is needed to make/prepare a research project HL & SL is needed.
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