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  1. aqueous solubilities of homologous series

    very good .scored a 6 or 7
  2. Rate of clotting

    Received a 6
  3. Chemistry data booklet and Periodicity question bank

    hey Fellow IBians i have attached the chem data booklet and periodicity data booklet
  4. Worksheet 3 Limiting Reagent.pdf

    This is ha worksheet that I do with my students to help them understand Limiting Reagents and stoichiometry.  It uses a BCA chart, if you are not sure what it is, take a look at the key and you should get it.
    If you need more personalized help, feel free to send me a note or to visit my site.   (4to7.net)
  5. 07_ws 3-key.pdf

    Here is the key to the previously submitted Worksheet on Limiting Reagents.
  6. IB Chem worksheet

    IB chemistry HL topic 4 worksheet
  7. Stoichiometry notes

    Stoichiometry notes, one page summary.  
  8. Chemistry Syllabus 2016

    Syllabus for IB Chemistry, from 2016.  
  9. Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria

    Chemistry IA 2016 Analysis criteria
  10. 58ccd880a62d5_2016CommunicationCriteria.pdf

  11. 58ccd881e63ba_2016EvaluationCriteria.pdf

  12. 58ccd88333dbe_2016ExplorationCriteria.pdf

  13. 58ccd8847fa56_2016PersonalEngagementCriteria.pdf

  14. Chemistry Syllabus Content

    The differences in the 2016 syllabus from the 2009 content to make studying a tad easier
  15. Topic 6 Kinetics.pdf

    Topic 6 Kinetics.pdf
  16. Topic 9 Oxidation & reduction.pdf

    Topic 9 Oxidation & reduction.pdf
  17. Topic 4 Bonding.pdf

  18. Topic 5 Energetics.pdf

    Topic 5 Energetics.pdf
  19. Topic 11 measurements & Data processing.pdf

    Topic 11 measurements & Data processing.pdf
  20. Topic 8 Acids & bases.pdf

    Topic 8 Acids & bases.pdf
  21. Topic 2 Atomic theory.pdf

    Topic 2 Atomic theory.pdf
  22. Topic 3 Periodicity.pdf

    Topic 3 Periodicity.pdf
  23. Topic 7 Equilibrium.pdf

    Topic 7 Equilibrium.pdf
  24. Topic 1 Stoichiometric relationships.pdf

    Topic 1 Stoichiometric relationships.pdf
  25. Mr Chem's Top 15 tips to get your Chemistry IA to Level 7

    Top 15 tips to get your Chemistry IA to Level 7
    Mr. Chem’s Top 15 tips to get your Chemistry IA to level 7 - IBS.pdf


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