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  1. basic energy transformation questions + answers

    Here are questions about basic energy transformations. Good for anyone starting physics SL/HL. Answers also included!
  2. Mechanics

    The file consists of a PowerPoint presentation on Mechanics, IB Physics topic 1.
  3. Physics IA

    Sample Physics IA. Good for a comparison (it's not perfect). Will update with moderated mark soon-ish. 
    Honestly, you don't need to have anywhere near as much detail, and it's always best to keep things concise where possible. I probably could've cut out a fair portion, in retrospect, without losing any marks. 
  4. Physics Guide 2016

    Guide to the whole physics syllabus.  
  5. Physics 2016 syllabus change outline

    This is an outline of how the physics syllabus has changed, starting from May 2016. It is divided into topics taken out, topics brought in for SL and HL. Hope this solves confusion of any test takers.
  6. Waves & Oscillations

    This is a web of terms and definitions based on waves (topic 4)
  7. Physics HL definitions and formulas

    Hi guys. So i made physics HL notes which helped me a lot while revising. Have uploaded the same. These include definitions of every core chapter + 2 option chapters as well as formulas of the same. Open to suggestions. Let me know if this helped even a bit. Happy studying!
  8. 2009_IB_Physics_annotated_equations.pdf

    Useful for revision
  9. Physics Data Booklet 2016 edition

    The IB Physics data booklet, first examinations in 2016.
  10. SL Terms/Definitions

    I went through all the markschemes for the official IB-sponsored responses to the questions asking to define terms in the current (2009) syllabus. Good luck to everyone on their exams!
  11. Design lab- 6/6

    The design aspect of a HL physics Lab report on the falling velocity of a balloon. This was moderated in the November 2013 exam session and received full marks.
  12. Writing a Design lab

    This is the Design Sample that I did for my Physics Lab. This document can be used as a reference on how to build up a Design Experiment.Â
  13. Physics SL formulas - given and not given

    I do physics SL, so this document only has the formulas (both given and not given, and presumed knowledge) relevant to SL. You can of course add in more and edit the document yourself.
    It also has my chosen option topics but again you can add your own.
  14. Physics Lab Report Collection

    Contains a lot of different Physics SL/HL lab reports, both design and DCP/CE-labs.
  15. How to write a physics internal assessment lab report

    Some words on how to structure your lab report.
  16. binomial theorm

    this is a file on the binomial theorem.
    it explains the binomial theorem in detail.
    the explanation is a a little more than needed in ib
    but would help in building up the concepts even more.
  17. Mechanics - questions and answers for revision

    Tasks from mechanics for revision
  18. Kinematics tasks, exam practice

    Kinematics questions and tasks.
  19. Graph tasks

    Just some tasks and questions considering graphs.
  20. Physics Sample Lab

    This is a sample physics lab which received full marks in each criteria. If you follow this format you should be good.
  21. Medical Physics Summary

    Hope you will benefit from this file .. it include everything for the Physics Hl option " Medical Physics "
  22. Powerpoint about Nuclear Power (topic8)

    Powerpoint including specifics about nuclear power, which is a section in Topic 8 for IB SL/HL Physics

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