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  1. Stem Cells.pdf

    Stem Cells Notes
  2. Surface Area to Volume Ratio.pdf

    Surface Area to Volume Ratio Notes
  3. The Evolution of Multicellular Organisms.pdf

    The Evolution of Multicellular Organisms Notes
  4. Unicellular Organisms.pdf

    Unicellular Organisms Notes
  5. Use of Stem Cells to Treat Diseases.pdf

    Use of Stem Cells to Treat Diseases Notes
  6. Microscopes and Magnification.pdf

    Microscopes and Magnification Notes
  7. Multicellular Organisms From One Cell to Many.pdf

    Multicellular Organisms From One Cell to Many Notes
  8. Cell Theory.pdf

    Cell Theory Notes
  9. Ethical Issues of Using Stem Cells.pdf

    Ethical Issues of Using Stem Cells Notes
  10. HL biology notes on topic 3 & 10

    These are just some notes that I made to prepare for my end of year exams. It's missing linkage but everything else should be there!
  11. IB Biology Unit 1 Audio Recordings

    These are the audio recordings for Unit 1 in the IB Biology textbook.
    Unit 1- Introduction   http://vocaroo.com/i/s0z580wG8UnK
    Unit 1- 1.1               http://vocaroo.com/i/s0geKAhTjZFI
    Unit 1- 1.2               http://vocaroo.com/i/s0xqnrXml8CG
  12. Biology Unit 1

    These are audio recordings of unit one in the ib biology textbook.
  13. Brief notes on genes

    These are brief notes on 3.1 Genes for the SL Biology Course
  14. Topic 5 Evolution and Biodiversity

    Notes on Topic 5 
  15. 10.3 Gene pools and Speciation

    10.3 Gene pools and Speciation
  16. 6.2 The Blood System

    some notes on the blood system
  17. 5.4 Cladistics

    Notes on Cladistics
  18. 5.2 Natural Selection

    Here are some notes on Natural Selection
  19. HL & SL Biology - DP1, Genetics - Summary / notes

    A summary / notes suitable for revision of the Genetics unit (covered in DP1, HL Biology with core elements that are covered in SL Biology too). The document was made with help of in-class notes, various websites and presentations from Bioknowledgy, but all information should have been rephrased at least slightly.
    The entire part of the syllabus (for the Exams in May 2017) that was covered in this unit is discussed; all statements have been explained, skills and applications are not mentioned however.
  20. Study Guide

    Biology study guide - cells
  21. HL Bio Notes (Partial)

    General notes for most of the HL Bio curriculum. These are incomplete as they are missing the units that have not been covered yet. Hope this helps!
  22. Biology Notes HL New Syllabus

    Detailed Biology Notes with a lot of diagrams on:
  23. IB biology 4.2 notes

    notes on the energy flow unit
  24. IB Biology Notes- Statistical Analysis

    helpful notes i found on statistical analysis
  25. Topic 2: Cells notes

    Topic 2cells notes with diagrams
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