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  1. BIology Notes. Topic 1 Cell Biology

    Topic 1. Cell Biology. Follows the syllabus strictly, hence, containing everything you need to know. The info was taken from Bioninja and some times from my book.
  2. Option D : Nutrition

    Note for D1 - Nutrition!
  3. Genetics Notes

    IB bio genetics notes
  4. Cell Biology Chapter Notes

    The notes attached include all sections from c\Cell Biology (1.1-1.6)
  5. HL Biology Notes

    PDF scans of handwritten HL Biology notes
  6. Topic 1.1

    Topic 1.1 Notes
  7. Business Gantt Chart

    It shows how to make a gantt chart for the organisational tools part of Business HL. 
  8. Unit 6 Human Physiology: Digestion Notes

    Biology notes on topic 6.1 Digestion, from Unit 6: Human Physiology.

  10. HL BIO CH 5 study guide.pdf

    HL BIO CH 5 study guide.pdf
  11. biology study guide

    this is a IB oxford book study guide, hopefully it will help and contribute a lot to your study 
  12. 1. Cell Biology REVIEW.docx

    1. Cell Biology REVIEW.docx
  13. 2. Molecular Biology.docx

    2. Molecular Biology.docx
  14. 6. Human Physiology.docx

    6. Human Physiology.docx
  15. Cell biology, molecular and human physiology notes

    Notes for exams, based on syllabus points, 2018
  16. Stem Cells.pdf

    Stem Cells Notes
  17. Surface Area to Volume Ratio.pdf

    Surface Area to Volume Ratio Notes
  18. The Evolution of Multicellular Organisms.pdf

    The Evolution of Multicellular Organisms Notes
  19. Unicellular Organisms.pdf

    Unicellular Organisms Notes
  20. Use of Stem Cells to Treat Diseases.pdf

    Use of Stem Cells to Treat Diseases Notes
  21. Microscopes and Magnification.pdf

    Microscopes and Magnification Notes
  22. Multicellular Organisms From One Cell to Many.pdf

    Multicellular Organisms From One Cell to Many Notes
  23. Cell Theory.pdf

    Cell Theory Notes
  24. Ethical Issues of Using Stem Cells.pdf

    Ethical Issues of Using Stem Cells Notes
  25. HL biology notes on topic 3 & 10

    These are just some notes that I made to prepare for my end of year exams. It's missing linkage but everything else should be there!

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