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  1. Bonding notes

    Some notes I made on Chapter 4 during my IB Chemistry HL course.
  2. Measurement notes

    Notes about uncertainties and graphing.  Doesn't contain the spectroscopy stuff.  
  3. Sn1 vs Sn2 reactions comparison (not mine)

    Just a really good summary sheet I found online comparing the SN1 and SN2 reactions.  Link to place is below:
  4. unnamed-2.jpg

    second part of solution
  5. unnamed-1.jpg

    first part of solution
  6. Chemistry Study Guide

    Study guide for IB Chemistry HL chapters 
  7. Stoichiometric Relationships

    This is a note package my school gave us for the topic, hope it can be helpful for others too 
  8. Organic Nomenclature

    Organic Nomenclature notes
  9. Option D - Medicine and Drugs SL

    SL chemistry notes for option D - medicine and drugs
  10. Ib chemical bonding ppt.

    ib chem topic 4 chemical bonding powerpoint
  11. Notes for all SL and HL Chemistry Objectives

    Objective structured notes for SL topics 1-10 and HL topics 12-20
    Note that these were created for 2011 exams and does not precisely cover everything from 2016 exams and beyond.
  12. Nomenclature "Cheat Sheets"

    These two documents are helpful when it comes to naming compounds, especially when you're first learning how to.
  13. Topic 1 to 7 Chemistry

    This is Chemistry notes from topic 1 to 7 this will be very useful in your study for the IB It took me a long time for me to do this also if some parts you find unclear you can look at RICHARD THORNELEY Videos which is on youtube he teaches chemistry Sl and HL from 1-18 and also does choices A and D for chemistry.
  14. Chemistry SL core topics notes

    This is my chemistry SL notes which consist of all the core topics. I hope it is useful for people taking SL chemistry
  15. Topic 1-7 Chemistry notes using Richard Thorneley Videos

    This is my notes I made of topic 1-7 I have added the assessment criteria each time and will be helpful in your studies !
    If you don't understand some assessments i recommend you look on youtube Richard Thorneley Videos they are great for revising chemistry and entertaining !
  16. CHEM Medicines and Drugs

    COMPLETE SYLLABUS NOTES for Medicines and Drugs SL and HL! Includes diagrams and equations. One stop shop, all you need in one document.
    From an avid chemistry student and a predicted 7, so very detailed and thorough.
  17. Chemistry Periodicity Notes

    These are notes my teacher hand-wrote on Topics 3 & 13 (Periodicity). They're pretty useful. They're from the old syllabus but I don't think much has changed (besides the reaction of silver chloride with halides) but cross-check to be sure
  18. Chemistry Bonding Notes

    These are hand-written notes by my teacher on Topics 4 & 14 (Bonding). It's from the old syllabus, I don't think much has changed. Cross-check with the current one but they're very useful
  19. chemistry terms definition

    here are some definitions of chemistry terms
    hope can help!
  20. Chemistry Organic Chemistry Notes

    Here are my notes on Organic Chemistry for Chemistry.
  21. Chemistry Oxidation and Reduction Notes

    Here are my notes on Oxidation and Reduction for Chemistry.
  22. Chemistry Acids and Bases Notes

    Here are my notes on Acids and Bases for Chemistry.
  23. Chemistry Equilibrium Notes

    Here are my notes on Equilibrium for Chemistry.
  24. Chemistry Kinetics Notes

    Here are my notes on Kinetics for Chemistry.
  25. Chemistry Energetics Notes

    Here are my Energetics notes for Chemistry.

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