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  1. Notes for all SL and HL Chemistry Objectives

    Objective structured notes for SL topics 1-10 and HL topics 12-20
    Note that these were created for 2011 exams and does not precisely cover everything from 2016 exams and beyond.
  2. Option G - Further Organic Chemistry notes SL&HL

    OPTION G SL&HL 2009+

  3. NOTES: Option B Human Biochemistry

    Some notes on the topic Human Biochemistry for Option B Chemistry.
  4. Chemistry Mole concept practice questions

    these are some of the practice questions in mole concept that you guys can practice..bye
  5. Option D - Drugs and Medicine

    Notes from the Drugs and Medicine Option D in IB Chemistry.
  6. Notes on all Chemistry topics [SL&HL]

    Stoichiometry, Atomic Theory, Periodicity, Bonding, States of Matter, Energetics, Kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids and Bases, Redox, Organic, Option E--CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES
  7. Super Chemistry Review Notes

    A Revision package(Bullet pointed) created for IB1 end of year exams.
    Review of (in order)
    Topic 1: Stoichiometry
    Topic 11: Measurement and data processing
    Topic 2: Atomic theory
    Topic 12: Atomic structure
    Topic 4: Bonding
    Topic 14: Bonding
    Topic 3: Periodicity
    Topic 13: Periodicity
    Topic 5: Energetics
    Topic 15: Energetics
    Topic 6: Kinetics
    Topic 16: Kinetics
    Topic 8: Acids and Bases
    Topic 7: Equilibrium

  8. Topic 1 - Quantitative Chemistry

    Notes from Quantitative Chemistry Topic 1 in IB Chemistry.
  9. Topic 10 - Organic Chemistry HL

    Notes from Organic Chemistry Topic 10 in IB Chemistry.
  10. Option E - Environmental Chemistry

    Notes from the Environmental Chemistry Option.
  11. Topic 1 to 7 Chemistry

    This is Chemistry notes from topic 1 to 7 this will be very useful in your study for the IB It took me a long time for me to do this also if some parts you find unclear you can look at RICHARD THORNELEY Videos which is on youtube he teaches chemistry Sl and HL from 1-18 and also does choices A and D for chemistry.
  12. Electrochemistry

    Includes Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Voltaic Cells, Cell EMF, Spontaneity of Redox, Batteries, Corrosion, and Electrolysis
  13. Topic 6 - Kinetics

    Notes from Kinetics Topic 6 in IB Chemistry.
  14. Option E (Environmental Chem) Review [SL + HL]

    An objective-by-objective review of Option E (Environmental Chem), including both SL and HL topics. Designed for review and cramming, rather than primary instruction. Provides a brief overview of key points. All objectives are listed, and most are elaborated on briefly. Prepared using the IB syllabus and the IB Chemistry Study Guide (green book).
  15. Chemistry - HL Food Chemistry Notes

    notes on food chemistry (HL)
  16. Environmental Chemistry Option Studynotes (by the syllabus!)

    You'll see the syllabus bullet point and then the information in answer to that bullet beneath. These notes are compounded from the textbooks and study guides by John Green and Sadru Damji and Geoffrey Neuss. There are "blanks" left where you can insert the correct equations as part of your study. These really must be learned.
  17. Practice Questions on entropy and free energy

    these are some questions which you all can practice...
  18. Chemistry Cram Packet

    This is actually a cram packet for AP, but it is equally helpful for IB
  19. Reduction-Oxidation Notes HL

    NOTES: Oxidation & Reduction HL 2009+
    Deducing Oxidation number, Naming with Oxidation numbers, Deducing Redox (reduction/oxidation) half-equations, Deduce a reactivity series based on chemical behaviour of OX and RED agents, How does a redox reaction produce electricity in a VOLTAIC cell?!, SHE--What it is, EMF, Electrolysis
  20. Topic 10 - Organic Chemistry SL

    Notes from Organic Chemistry Topic 10 in IB Chemistry.
  21. Damji and Green: Chapter 2 - Atomic Structure

    For your reference:
    Damji and Green IB Chemistry Textbook [Chapter 2 - Atomic Structure)
  22. Thermochemistry

    Notes incomplete. Only an outline. Includes first law of thermodynamics, enthalpy, Hess's Law, and Calorimetry
  23. Option B (Human Biochem) Review

    An objective-by-objective review of key ideas in Option B. Designed for review of previously learned topics (or, as is generally the case for IB students, cramming), rather than primary instruction. All objectives are listed. Compiled using class notes, IB syllabus, and IB Chemistry Study Guide.
  24. Varied notes and worksheets

    Includes balancing equations worksheet, enthalpy change and calorimetry, formulas, Hess's Law, Maxwell Boltzmann, Option B [Diet] study guide, and energetics review problems
  25. Topic 2 - Atomic Structure

    Notes from Atomic Structure Topic in IB Chemistry.

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