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  1. 22/24 Marks Practice Chemistry IA on Ethanoic acid in vinegar

    This is an IA I did for HL Chem in DP1, we were pretty much given the topic and I don't think it would be enough for a final IA, but my teacher said it was probably the best she read. I can't remember where I lost the two marks but the main issue with the assignment was that I didn't really have a literature value to compare to, or a scatter graph (which my school requires).
  2. Lab Report Guide

    lab report guides
  3. Chemistry HL IA Level 7 (23/24) – 2017 Syllabi

    My Chemistry HL IA focusing on mathematical kinetics with an unexpected twist. Score breakdown are as follows:
    Personal Engagement: 2/2
    Exploration: 6/6
    Analysis: 6/6
    Evaluation: 6/6
    Communication: 3/4
    Total: 23/24 (7)
    Personal proudest written work from high school. 
  4. Chemistry IA 22/24

    Testing the concentration of ethanoic acid in vinegar comparing colored and colorless vinegar. 
  5. IA (DCP+CE) Determining Molar Volume of Hydrogen gas

    This is my DCP+CE Practical Design determining the volume of Molar Volume of hydrogen gas.
    This has not been graded by the IBO. However, my teacher has given me good remarks about it.
    The document is in a pdf form to discourage plagiarism.
    Feel free to leave any comments or advice. I am constantly trying to improve my IA writing skills
  6. DCP and CE Gas Laws Lab

    5 and 6. Pretty good lab.
  7. Aspirin LAB

    Aspirin LAB, done in chemistry HL as part of option meds and drugs. Enjoyed a good grade.
  8. Factors affecting the rate of reaction

    Received 18/18 for this IA and a chemistry internal assessment score of 48/48 as moderated by the IB.
  9. A factor influencing the solubility of a salt

    Received 18/18 for this IA and a moderated mark of 48/48 by the IB.
  10. Hess' Law Practical

    A practise IA that I did for chemistry
    my teacher gave it full marks for CE and DCP
  11. Sample IA lab

    Sample IA lab - received a 6
  12. Chemistry design lab - IBO Sample

    Factors affecting light absorbed by transition metal. Sample produced by the IBO as chemistry teacher support material.
  13. BMI vs. Fitness Graph

    BMI vs. Fitness Graph
  14. Fluctuations in Deer Populations Numbers

    Fluctuations in Deer Populations Numbers
  15. Design Lab - Kinetics (DCP, CE sections)

    I'm not sure the exact score I received on this, but I scored a 6 overall on HL Chem. My unmoderated IA scores were projected 5-6s from what I remember.This has only the DCP and CE sections, as we submitted the Design part separately and I have no idea where it is.
  16. chem lab copper and silver HL

    To determine the equilibrium constant and free energy for the redox reaction between iron and copper at different temperatures.
    grade 7
  17. Electrolysis

    The effect of voltage on the rate of copper purification
    My best friend's lab report, she got very good on it.
  18. Voltaic Cells

    The effect of electrolyte composition on voltage values.
    This is my best friend's lab, she did really good in IB.
  19. Using Hess law to calculate enthalpy change

    grade = 7
  20. HL - Determining the number of moles of water of crystallization in one mole sodium borate

    Determining the number of moles of water of crystallization in one mole sodium borate
    graded = 7
  21. CHEM HL The concentration of ethanoic acid in vinegar

    grade = 7
  22. Dissolved Oxygen in Water when adding Magnesium Chloride

    Before I quit chemistry IB SL I had to do quite a few internal assessments. Since i am not in the program any loner, therefore my IA will not be turned it, I decided to put it to good use and upload it here. It was, according to my teacher, worth an IB 6. I received a 95% in the regular grading system. Students can feel free to use this idea, seeing as since it will not be turned into the IB, it will just disappear into my files on my laptop.
  23. The Effect of Concentration on the Absorbance of Light by Nickel Sulfate

    Beer-Lambert Law Investigation: using NiSO4 and colorimeter equipment (.PDF VERSION)

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