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  1. Physics notes

    Some notes which I have made during IB1 on some of the chapters, based on the 2016 IB Tsokos Cambridge book.
  2. Chemistry help

    This is useful for any chemistry high school exam.
  3. Physics Option D: "Relativity and Particle Physics - Problem Set"

    Practice problems for IB Physics SL Option D : Relativity and Particle Physics
  4. HL Physics Study Notes - Part 2 (Core)

    This is my notes for physics HL, taken during my IB years. Part 2 (this part) covers the topics of Force & Fields, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Physics, and Digital Technology. Hope this is useful for people who take Physics HL!
  5. HL Physics Study Notes - Part 3 (Options)

    Here is my detailed IB physics HL notes that I took during my IB years. This part contains notes for 2 HL options (Astrophysics & Relativity). Hope it is useful for those taking physics
  6. HL Physics Study Notes - Part 1 (Core)

    This is my notes for physics HL, taken during my IB years. Part 1 covers the topics of mechanics, thermology, & waves. i will also upload Part 2, & Part 3, which cover the rests of topics in the syllabus. Hope this is useful for people who take Physics HL!
  7. Physics Topic 4 & 11 Notes

    These are hand-written (and colourful, if I may add) notes on Topic 4 and 11. There are a few errors (the wavelength of visible light is more of the order or 10^-7, and there is no 2nd harmonic for pipes closed on one end, it proceeds to 3rd and 5th etc). Hope this helps !
  8. IB Internal Assessment Guide Physics

    these notes are very useful as it guides in structuring a proper Physics IA.
  9. All physics definitions hl/ sl marksheme

    All the physics definitions asked on the exam topic wise.
  10. Circular motion notes

    Circular motion notes. Hope this is helpful!
  11. Newton's laws

    ppt by a current IB physics teacher
  12. Physics notes

    Notes on: Astrophysics, Circular motion, electric currents and fields and forces
  13. Chapter 7 Atomic & Nuclear Physics Notes

    My friend and I made this as a review for Atomic & Nuclear Physics.
    It is meant to be a general review - there are not a lot of specific examples used (because it is to be accompanied by practice problems).
  14. Physics Notes

    I upload here some notes of Physics.
    Notes are in english.
    I did not created the notes; I downloaded them some time ago from notevuelvaslocoporelbi.blogspot.com, but I don't know if the link still works, so I decided to put them here.
    It includes all the topics!
    (Topics included are written in a resumed way for an fast & easy study)
    Enjoy them!
  15. Notes on magnetism topic

    Notes on the topic "Magnetism".
  16. Physics HL notes topics 4 through 6

    A collection of notes for topics 4 through 6 via the internet
  17. Oscillations and waves, universal gravitation and wave phenomena notes

    Notes on the areas mentioned in the title. They include solved examples and rehearsal tasks.
    I find them very useful since they're made according to the Physics syllabus and are concise and precise.
    Excellent for revising before the exam or just catching up with the curriculum.
    Hope they help!
  18. Physical measurement

    A helpful measurement PPT (converted into a PDF format).
  19. HL Physics core + AHL definitions

    This should be quite a comprehensive list for all HL physicists. I'm currently predicted a Level 7 and these are the definitions that I have been memorising!
  20. Scalars and Vectors

    Notes on Scalars and Vectors. Hope this might be of some help.
  21. Physics SL Core Definitions

    A collection of IB physics SL definitions for the core syllabus (topics 1 - 8), plus option A: sight and wave phenomena.
  22. Org Key - Energy, Power and Climate Change

    HL Physics org key. Pretty much the whole topic's notes
  23. Gravitational Force, Field, and Potential

    This is the notes that I wrote down for the Physics HL topic "Gravitational Force, Field, and Potential". It might be a little amateurish, but I thought it might be helpful to a few people out there.
    It is in PDF format.
  24. Option I: Medical Physics Revision Powerpoint

    Great powerpoint (not made by me), which refers back to the syllabus, and is pretty much the whole of Option I. Nice tool for visual learners
  25. Physics Course Definitions

    Once again, I have found these notes on the internet so I'd thought I'll share them here.
    Definitions for every topic in the syllabus.
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