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  1. Practice SL Physics IA

    We were given the topic for this, and there is no personal engagement, so don't take it as a format for a final IA. But I did get 18/18 marks for it so the rest should be good.
  2. Example SL IA: Power Output of Solar Cell

    This lab has been submitted and graded by IBO. It received a perfect score in all categories.
    Research Question: How does changing the angle of incidence of light affect the power output of a solar panel?
    Includes calculations, graphs, steps to linearize data, and a conclusion to an inconclusive lab. Good example for when you don't get your predicted results from the lab.
  3. Density of Metal and Non-metal--annotated lab

    Density of Metal and Non-metal
  4. Universal Gas Content

    Physics teacher support material
    Identifying different components with numbers
  5. Physics Lab Report Tips

    How to write up a lab report, from the planning stage.
  6. Aluminum

    Identifying whether Aluminium foil is made of pure Aluminium
  7. TSM Exemplar Lab w/ markscheme

    Physics teacher support material
    Lab with marks and details.
  8. Heat of Vaporization

    Investigating the latent heat of vaporisation of water
  9. Period of Pendulum

    Investigating one factor which affects the Period of a Pendulum
  10. Circular Motion

    Circular motion Lab
    Purpose: To find a relationship between the period of rotation (T) and the length of the string (L)
  11. Resistance of Circuit

    Investigating one factor which affects the resistance of a circuit
  12. Assorted Full Labs

    Snell's Law Lab, Water Falling Lab, and Spring Lab
  13. Pulley Lab

    Purpose: To find the relationship between mass and the acceleration of a pulley system;
    to study aspects of Newton’s second law
  14. Motion Down an Incline Plane

    Motion Down an Incline Plane--Phys SL
  15. Bunjee Jumping

    Investigation of one safety aspect of bungee jumping
  16. Projectiles

    Sample lab for physics
    I got a 2 for Data collection and processing. This was my first lab.
  17. Design Lab: Squash Ball

    Physics Standard Level Design Lab
    Investigation: Demonstrate the relationship between the function of a squash ball and the ball’s temperature.
    Grade awarded: 6/7
  18. Inverse Square Law Lab

    Physics Standard Level Lab Report
    Investigation: Determine the relationship between the count rate and distance using a laboratory gamma radiation source.
    Grade awarded: 5/7
  19. Design Lab, Rate of Outflow

    Practice Design: an investigation of how the size of leak affects the rate of outflow.
    Predicted Grade: 7 (internally marked)
  20. Design Lab: How does the velocity of an object affect its momentum.

    Practice Design: how the velocity of an object travelling a specific distance affects that object's momentum.
    Predicted Grade: 7 (internally marked)
  21. Stair Climbing Lab

    Practice Lab: an investigation of how the velocity of a stair climber affects that the power generated by the person.
    Data Collection & Processing, Evaluation and Conclusion.
    Predicted Grade: 7 (internally marked)
  22. SL Physics IA Level 7

    Collection of a few of my labs from my SL Physics class. I ended up receiving a 44/48 was which the highest mark out of about 50 - 60 students.
    If you have any questions about anything relating to IB, feel free to send me a message.
  23. Hooke's Law Lab

    Typical IB Lab, perfect for DCP with a good Conclusion
    DCP: 6/6
    CE: 5/6
  24. Design Lab - Cantilever Deflection

    I'm not sure the exact score I received on this, but I scored a 7 overall on HL Physics. My unmoderated IA scores were in the projected 6-7 range from what I remember.
  25. Sample Physics Design Lab (IA)

    I'm not sure the exact score I received on this, but I scored a 7 overall on HL Physics. My unmoderated IA scores were in the projected 6-7 range from what I remember.
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