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Sample HL Internal Assessments

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Sample Mathematics Higher Level portfolio

26 files

  1. Relationship between continued fraction theorem and Euclid's Algorithm

    This is not a good IA. Only receive 8.
  2. friendship

  3. Sample Math IA

    Sample Math IA. I'll add the moderated mark sometime. 
  4. Type I: Sequences

    Grade awarded: 18/20
  5. Type II: Tide modelling

    Grade awarded: 16/20
  6. Type I: Roots of i

    Grade awarded:18
  7. Type II: Bloodstream

  8. Type II: Radiometric dating

    Grade awarded: 20/20
  9. Type I: Cubics of zero

    Grade awarded: 6
  10. Type II: Flow rate

    Grade awarded:17
  11. Type II: Radiometric dating

    Awarded: Grade 6
  12. Type I: Series and induction

    Grade awarded: 17/20
  13. Type I: Series and induction

    Grade awarded: 17/20
  14. Type 2 Logistic Model--Exemplar

    Creating a logistic model
    Grade: 6
  15. Portfolio Type I - Investigating divisibility

    I've already received my IB results, so I suppose it's fine to share my assignments now.
  16. Portfolio Type II - Viral illness

    Viral illness portfolio. I think it got a 19/20 or 20/20, can't remember right now.
  17. portfolio guide

    maths hl portfolio guide..
  18. Logarithm bases portfolio

    My first Math IA on Logarithm bases- task 1
  19. Math HL IA Type 2 - Modelling a functional building

    Received 19/20 prior to moderation. Not sure what happened afterwards, but a 7 for math overall.
  20. Math HL IA Type 1 - Patterns within a system of linear equations

    Received 19/20 prior to moderation. Not sure what happened to it afterwards, but a 7 for math overall.
  21. Math HL Parabola Portfolio

    Practice Math HL Portfolio
    Parabola Investigation
  22. Math IA

    Math IA- How many pieces?
  23. Maths HL IA Type 1: Parabola investigation

    Mathematics HL Type 1 IA: Parabola Investigation
    Grade: 19/20

  24. Math HL internal assessments May 2014

    Explorationibs: the exploration I did for IB, got 17/20 (unmoderated) with full marks on use of mathematics and mathematical presentation
    Projectibs: a project done for another class, but did it according to the IB rubrics, should include all necessary components although personal engagement and reflection is most probably lacking a bit, and this one is actually about IB!
  25. HL Math IA (Resonance & Differential Equations)

    This is my HL math IA which models the resonance phenomenon of an old-fashioned airplane wing using differential equations (2nd order linear inhomogeneous). To be honest, i'm quite satisfied with it. However, there were a few stuff that I felt like i didnt do my best; such as the technology criteria. I did this IA in exactly 2-week time (at the risk of being kicked out of class for not being done), so i couldn't have time to expand a little bit on my use of technology in the IA........ Anyhow, I got 17/20 (moderated mark), which is basically equivalent to a 7. So i'm glad about it.
    PS. For future candidates: I strongly recommend you to choose calculus as your IA topic. It's incredibly fun and rewarding
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