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Notes, sample essays and other useful information for IB Economics

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  1. Foundations of Economics (Chapter One) Notes

    these were my notes i took during chapter one of economics this year. they're a bit messy but i think it's a pretty good summary of the chapter. 
  2. Price Floors

    This is just a presentation that I've made that summarises price floors and its consequences
  3. Data Response exercise

    Quick exam practice exercise.
  4. Economics Definitions

    Definitions covering all 4 parts of the course.
  5. IB Economics IA Portfolio Guide

    Economic IA Portfolio Guide, for both SL and HL students.
  6. Demand for Dummies

    I have explained Demand in Economics as simply as I could. There is some content that our teacher told us.
    Hope it helps. This is my first time, so I apologise beforehand for any mistakes I have made, or if it is not clear enough.
    And the stuff in Red are definitions.
  7. Deadweight welfare loss

    Digram of Deadweight welfare loss
  8. Evaluate the decision made by the Australian government to reduce the total market share of the three largest supermarket chains to 75%

    Evaluation of the decision of the Australian government to decrease the power of the supermarkets's oligopoly
    Level 7
    Marked internally
  9. Competitive Markets Practice Exam Questions Paper One + Assessment Advice

    A few essay questions for part A, paper one. Also includes assessment advice for Paper 1.
  10. Economics Portfolio Checklist (May 2013 and later)

    This helped me to check for what I'm missing from the economics guide, so I made a checklist, like they used to have for older examination years, where you can check off as you meet a requirement.
  11. IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 tips and samples

    Contains a section on how to succeed on IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 and another section with three sample responses to examination questions. All three sample responses have grades at end of each response. Enjoy!
    Now...random jumping smilies:
    :sam: :sam:
  12. price control

    price control and ppt
  13. Economics Equilibrium And PPF Worksheet

    Economics worksheet on Market Equilibrium and PPF
  14. Theory of the Firm notes (Chapter 6 Cambridge Book)

    notes on chapter 6 in the ib economics book by ellie tragakes, HL material. Theory of the firm part 1
  15. Economics evaluation: a guide

    A guide on how to achieve effective evaluation in IB Economics be it the Internal Assessment or exam papers. Written by an IB teacher. Enjoy!
  16. Economics Notes on Market Supply and Market Demand

    Notes on Market Supply and Market Demand. Includes information about equilibrium market price, utility and marginal utility
  17. 500 economic definitions

    500 economic definitions
  18. Coversheet of Economics Commentary

    All of the information that should be included in a coversheet before every commentary. Not necessarily in that order.
  19. Economics Guide 2013

    new economics guide
  20. Economics - TIPS for IA

    some tips to follow while doing your Economics IA
  21. Demand and Supply Notes

    great explanations and graphs!
  22. Advice from the IBO For Commentary

    Advice from the IBO about writing Economics Commentaries
  23. IB Economics Assesment criteria

    The assesment criteria for Commentaries, paper 1, paper 2 and paper 3. For both SL and HL
  24. Economics IA Commentary 4

    This is the 4th IA that I did, and I liked the subject matter so much that it became the basis of my EE topic!
  25. Economics IA Commentary 3

    this is the third one I did....

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