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Sample SL Internal Assessments

Sample Mathematics Standard Level portfolio

31 files

  1. Maths SL IA: Mathematical Exploration on Roller Coasters

    This is my Mathematics SL Internal Assessment, which scored a 20/20 in the May 2014 exam session. It is a project centering on the modeling of the segment of a roller coaster. It was a real pain in the ass and it took a lot of time. Take into account it is way over the page recommendation IB imposes, but was not sanctioned. Please review!
  2. Math SL IA- Logarithms

    Teacher gave me 19/20 , IBO gave me 18/20.
  3. Math IB SL - BMI Portfolio

    This received full marks (20/20) from my teacher, who also remarked it was "without a doubt a "7" if marked by IB"
  4. Population Trends in China

    This is a sample IB Math IA
  5. Type II: Sunrise over New York

    This type II math portfolio is about modeling the sunrise over New York. It was awarded 16/20.
  6. Type II: Modeling the Amount of a Drug in the Bloodstream

    This type II math portfolio is about modeling the amount of a drug in the bloodstream. It was awarded 18/20.
  7. GPA IA

    Sample IA
  8. SL Maths Portfolio - Stellar Numbers

    Maths IA on stellar numbers.
  9. Sample Math SL IA - Time Dilation

    This is my maths SL IA from last year. It received a score of 6.
  10. Type I: Continued Fractions

    This math portfolio is on continued fractions.
    Practice portfolio from around the 05/06 time period.
    Received 19/20.
  11. Type II: Stopping distances

    This type II math portfolio is about modeling stopping distances. It was awarded 18/20.
  12. Type I: Matrix Powers

    This type I portfolio is on matrix powers. It was awarded 19/20.
  13. SL Portfolio Type I problem (2012)

    Our task for Portfolio Type I involving relationship between circles. It was given on 2012.
  14. Fatma Akcay

    This was the Math SL IA for 2010-2011. It is Population trends in China.
  15. Matrix Powers and Stopping Distances IAs Math SL

    This pdf has two IAs. First one is type 1: matrix powers and the second one is type 2: stopping distances.
  16. Matrices SL math portfolio

    Matrics Sl portfolio for 2010 graduates
    Has criteria and this work is graded by them.
  17. Sample Portfolio

    Sine/Cosine portfolio Math SL
  18. Type I: Matrix Powers

    This type I portfolio is on matrix powers. It was awarded a 7.
  19. Type I: Infinite Surds

    This type I math portfolio is on infinite surds.
  20. BMI -- Data about many countries

    BMI data required for the BMI maths portfolio
  21. BMI portfolio notes

    Regression notes helpful for BMI portfolio
  22. Type I: Matrix Powers

    This math portfolio is on matrix powers. It was awarded 17/20.
  23. Matrix Binomials

    Sample Essay
  24. Type 1 Matrix Powers--Exemplar

    The Matrix Powers IA
    Grade: 6
  25. BMI portfolio - Calculator notes

    Regression notes that are useful for the BMI maths portfolio, dealing with how to use the calculator

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