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Sample Maths Studies Internal Assessments

Sample Mathematical Studies Standard Level projects

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  1. Does money buy success in English Premier League football?

    This mathematical project investigates whether money buys success in English Premier League football. This mathematical project was awarded a 7.
  2. Underage Drinking: Are Parents to Blame?

    This mathematical project investigates underage drinking and whether parents are to blame. This mathematical project was awarded a 7.
  3. Competitive Cars: An Investigation into Assessing the Adequacy of Sports Cars

    This mathematical project is an investigation into assessing the adequacy of sports cars.
  4. Height difference

    Math Studies project titled "At what age do height difference between the sexes appear?" Received a 7, 19/20.
  5. Chinese Numerology and The Lotto

    My fInal Mathematics Studies IA on "Chinese Numerology and The Lotto"
    Grade = 20/20
    Overall Studies Grade = 7
    Perfect guide into mathematical creativity, as my IB Coordinator and teacher said.

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