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Guidelines and Notes

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  1. Writing a TOK essay

    Writing a TOK essay by Richard van de Lagemaat
    From the book Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma by Richard van de Lagemaat
    Source: http://www.cambridge.org/
    Brilliant guide for the essay.
  2. Writing a TOK essay

    Cambridge University publication dictating how to formulate the TOK essay
  3. Vvi definition of some ToK terms

  4. Understanding of KI

    Understanding of knowledge issue, in case you don't have it already
  5. Understanding Knowledge Issues

    For those of you who are not quite sure what "knowledge issues" are, except the fact that you are told that it should be seen in your TOK essay, as well as your presentation
  6. TOK: knowledge and belief + perception and emotion notes

    here are some summary notes of some conceptions and ideas regarding knowledge and belief + perception and emotion
    Hope this helps you all
  7. TOK: Ethics Test Notes

    A brief summary of a TOK Ethics test. This the summary from the ib TOK book.
  8. TOK Workshop Notes

    Nicholas Alchin's notes on a TOK Workshop given to TOK teachers from IB schools - contains insights about the subject, the essay and presentation and tips of how to do well in TOK.
  9. TOK Presentation Advice by Eileen Dombrowski

    my teacher got this TOK Presentation Advice from Eileen Dombrowski, the author of a TOK textbook.
  10. TOK knowledge routine+defintions: Perception

    Here is a knowledge routine including connections to other AOK and WOK and definitions for the TOK AOK of perception. These notes scored full academic marks.
  11. TOK knowledge routine+defintions Natural sciences

    Here is a knowledge routine for the Alchin TOK chapter of natural sciences. It includes defintions and valuable TOK connections. This routine scored full academic marks.
  12. TOK Key Course Concept

  13. ToK guide 08

  14. TOK Essay Guidelines

  15. TOK Candidate User Guide

    Steps for Submitting TOK Essays
  16. TOK Assessment Guide 2015

    What the title says basically.  It's 2015, so should be relevant.  
  17. TOK - How Language shapes reality

    Here is a very helpful - getting started - TOK Presentation on the topic 7: How language shapes reality.
    Use it as a reference material!
  18. The mouse who ate the cheese

    Excerpts from the book Theory of Knowledge by Nick Alchin
  19. Planning Sheet ToK Essay

  20. N09/M10 TOK reports

    ToK Examiner Report from the May 2010 / Nov 2009 essay questions.
    TOK grade boundaries, statistical summary and KI samples for each prescribed title.
  21. Language As a Way of Knowing [Notes]

    Notes over Language as a Way of Knowing
  22. Knowledge Issues

    explanation and examples about Knowledge Issues (KI)
  23. Introduction to TOK notes

    Here are some TOK reading notes for Nicolas Alchin's Theory of Knowledge textbook. These notes scored full marks.
  24. Final Assessment Guide

  25. concise and to-the-point TOK essay criteria

    This is the criteria used in our school. It is very short yet very very good at giving your what the examiners expect.
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