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  1. English A - May 2018 EE Report

    Annual examiner's report which comments on the errors and general tips based on May 2018 English Lit EEs
  2. English A1 EE examples

    some samples ive been collecting during the summer break! they have all received an IB grade A so I thought it would be helpful
  3. Chinese EE19.pdf

    Chinese EE19.pdf
  4. 50 Best English A1 EEs

    I completely forgot I had these lying on my computer. They are 8 of the 50 Best extended essays in English A1. I only ever read one of them on Lord of the Rings, which was awesome!
    Use these for inspiration, but emulating them will dishearten you. They did that to me.
  5. Polish A Literature Extended Essay

    This is my EE in Polish A Literature. The topic is Wpływ pamięci o życiowych doświadczeniach na konstrukcję psychiki bohaterek „Cudzoziemki” Marii Kuncewiczowej i „Persepolis” Marjane Satrapi. It got 32/36 and an A grade. Enjoy!
  6. German--Andorra Woyzeck

    In welcher Weise bildet in Max Frischs Theaterstück „Andorra“ und Georg Büchners Drama „Woyzeck“ die Außenseiterproblematik ein zentrales Element der Darstellung?
    Grade: A
    By Scarlet Haag
  7. Arabic--Al Khansa Fadwa Toukan

    Al ratha: A study of the past and the present. To what extent did Al Khansa and Fadwa Toukan use language to portray issues of emotion and thought?
    Grade: A
    By Bio-Aqua
  8. English--An Imaginary Life

    What is the lliterary function of the dialogue between language and nature in David Malouf's 'An Imaginary Life'
    Grade: A
  9. Bell Jar and The Yellow Wallpaper

    How and why have Syliva Path in 'The Bell Jar' and Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 'The Yellow Wallpaper' used inanimate objects as motifs for female madness?
    Grade: A
    By Alice McBurney
  10. English--Feminine empowerment in LOTR

    The empowerment of the feminine in JRR Tolkien's 'The Lord Of The Rings'
    This extended essay received an A.
    This extended essay was written by unknown
  11. English--Biblical influence on Wordsworth

    The role and nature of Biblical influence on Wordsworth's poetry
    This extended essay was written by unknown
  12. English--Austen

    A exploration of Jane Austen's use of outdoors in Emma
    This extended essay received an A.
    This extended essay was written by unknown
  13. English--CSLewis Rowling

    An examination of goodness and evil in children's popular fantasy fiction with specific reference to C. S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.
    This extended essay received a B (28/36).
  14. English--Goethe and Marlow

    Attitudes towards human spirituality in Goeth's 'Faust' and Marlowe's 'Dr. Faustus'
    This extended essay received an A.
    This extended essay was written by Signy Gutnick Allen
  15. English - Challenge of Social Expectation

    My EE in English A1, title "How do Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte use their heroines in Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice to challenge social expectations?" The EE received an A, 34/36.
  16. English--Toni Morrison

    A cardiogram of love and the search for identity.
    EE in English. Awarded an A, 30/36.
  17. English--Golding and Ibsen

    Techniques used by Ibsen and Golding to depict characters and their drives to construct structures with phallic overtones.
    EE in English. Awarded an A, 36/36.
  18. English A1 EE; T.S. Eliot poetry

    ‘How does T.S. Eliot use the motifs of abnormality and dysfunction to illustrate the loneliness and inadequacies of his characters in selected poems?’ Received an A (34/36)
  19. Exemplar English EEs marked A, B and C with respective mark schemes

    You can get a good idea of how you will be marked on your A1 EE with exemplars of different grades.
  20. Miscellaneous EE Group 1

    I found these documents very useful when I first started writing my EE. It took me quite a while to dig it up through Google, so I thought it might be a good idea to upload it here too.
  21. To what extent can the actions of Medea be justified and averted?

    IB world Literature essay - Grade 7
  22. Sample Extended Essay - Grade A

    This is a sample extended essay that was supplied by my school. It received a mark of 33/36 and was externally moderated. The examiner's comments are also attached.
  23. Sample Extended Essay - Grade C

    This is a sample extended essay provided by my school. It received a mark of 21/33 and the examiner's comments are attached.
  24. English A1 Extended Essay - Tragedy and the Common Man

    My final extended essay on the theme "Tragedy and the Common Man" by Arthur Miller, exploring his three plays: "Death of a Salesman", "All My Sons" and "The Crucible".
    I got an A for this Extended Essay, i hope it guides you well
  25. Antigone files

    this is overall info of the book Antigone

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