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  1. 科技口语

    Chinese B Technology Oral
  2. Arabic B--Islamic Architecture

    Translation of Title: Islamic architecture and the traces of it in Jordan
    Grade: B
  3. Danish B

    Civilisationskritik og Utopisk Pegning i Kvinden og Aben af Peter Høeg
    Problemstilling: De Filosofiske og Ideologiske Implikationer i Kvinden og Abens Opstillede Moralske
    Grade: A (36/36)
  4. English B--Consequences of Brit media

    To what extent is British media picturing a correct image of football hooligans and what consequences does this image bring about?
    Grade: A (36/36)
    IBO Example Essay, by a student from Växjö Katedralskola (Sweden)
  5. Mandarin B: Youth and Taiwanese Cinema

    (Traditional Chinese Characters Version)
    Research Question:
    How has the portrayal of Taiwanese youth society in Taiwan cinema differ from the 1990s until present?
    Grade: A
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