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Sample essays

Sample essays in IB History that are not past paper questions.

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  1. 10. Compare and contrast the causes and nature of the two 1917 Russian Revolutions.

    Essay question from May 2010 paper 3. It got 16/20 points (if I recall correctly) from my teacher.
  2. Alexander II's reforms: causes and consequences

    This file summarises all of Alexander II's reforms, why he made them and their consequences. It has a list of references for further research
  3. Analysis 1 - Hayden Harper.docx

    Analysis 1 - Hayden Harper.docx
  4. Analysis 2 - Hayden Harper.docx

    Analysis 2 - Hayden Harper.docx
  5. Analysis 3 - Hayden Harper.docx

    Analysis 3 - Hayden Harper.docx
  6. Analysis 4 - Hayden Harper.docx

    Analysis 4 - Hayden Harper.docx
  7. Analysis 5 - Hayden Harper.docx

    Analysis 5 - Hayden Harper.docx
  8. Argument that Weimar Republic had chance for survival (chance that Hitler will not take power).

    An essay giving arguments for the chance of survival of the Weimar Republic in that Hitler would not gain power.
  9. Bismarck's Domestic Policies

    Written on the question: "Bismarck's domestic policies from 1871-1890 were failures." To what extent do you agree with this statement?
    Time Limit: 60 minutes
    Grade: 15/20 (6)
  10. Civilisation Essay

    This is an essay that points out the mistakes major civilizations have made in the past and how there are three common factors that lead to the destruction of many civilizations. The factors create traps called 'progress traps'. The essay received a level 7.
  11. Compare and Contrast Hitler's and Stalin's Roads to Power.

    A compare and contrast essay about Hitler's and Stalin's roads to power. This essay was awarded a 6.
  12. Compare Mussolini’s and Hitler’s methods in acquiring power in Italy and Germany respectively

    A comparison of Mussolini's and Hitler's methods in acquiring power in Italy and Germany, respectively.
  13. Discuss the objectives of Bismarck's foreign policy between 1871 and 1890

    I got a 12/15 on this essay, which is a low 7. 
  14. Essay on militarism as a cause of WW1

    Militarism as a cause of WW1 is evaluated
  15. Evaluate Mussonlini’s rule in Italy between 1922 and 1940.

    An evaluation of Mussolini's rule in Italy between 1922 and 1940. This essay was awarded a 7 (96%).
  16. Examine the Causes of WWI (7 essay)

    Essay exploring the causes of WWI
    paragraphs split thematically: Nationalism, Militarism and Alliances
    Essay argues that Nationalism was the most important factor
    Includes Historiography from AJP Taylor

  17. Explain why the Weimar Republic survived during the 1920s, but collapsed during the 1930s

    An explanation of the reasons as to why the Weimar Republic survived during the 1920s, but collapsed during the 1930s.
  18. For what reasons and with what effects did Tsar Alexander II emancipate the serfs?

    This is an international paper 3 essay on Alexander II's emancipation of serfs.
    I got an ib grade 7 for this essay.
    Hope this helps!
  19. Fourteen Points Failure

    An Essay on the reasons for the failure of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points
  20. Grade 7 Lenin essay

    A history essay on Lenin.
    Marked by an actual IB examiner which received a 7 (17/20)
  21. Grade 7 Stalin essay

    An essay on Stalin's rule and how he developed the Soviet Union into a major industrial power. This was marked by an actual IB history examiner and received a 7 (16/20)
  22. Had Russia chance for democracy in 1917?

    An essay discussing whether Russia did have a chance for democracy in 1917. This essay was awarded a 6.
  23. History essay on the rise to power of Hitler

    A history essay on the rise to power of Adolph Hitler which obtained a 7. 

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